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Pharmacy 24/7 Pharmacies

Pharmacies in Minsk, Belarus

Taking care of your health is the main priority of any person. It is good when you go to the pharmacy to buyonly vitamins, but there are other cases when the medicine is needed urgently. We may not always remember the address, so we have compiled a list of 24/7 pharmacies that will help you stay calm in any situation.

Pharmacies in Belarus

On the streets of any city in Belarus you can find a fairly large number of pharmacies, can you trust everyone, will you lose money for overpaying and where is it better to go if you need to buy medicines? Below are the top pharmacies that are always ready to serve you.


Belpharmacia today is a developing network of pharmacies throughout Belarus, which includes 221 stores, 18 of which work around the clock.

Pharmacies carry out timely sale of medicines and other goods of the pharmacy range to the population.

In the event that a pharmacist does not have a drug available, he can make it to an individual doctor's prescription or an application from a healthcare organization.

Since 2013, Belpharmacia pharmacies have built an electronic queue system, which makes it possible to increase the efficiency of employees' work and receive advice in strict confidentiality. The system is already popular in other pharmacies, as it reduces the service time, which pleases customers.

You can call the information pharmacy network in Minsk by phone 169.

Planet Health

Today it is the largest private pharmacy chain in Belarus, which has more than 200 pharmacies throughout the country. A wide range of products allows clinic patients to purchase medicines, dietary supplements, cosmetics for hair and face care.

The stores feature global brands of pharmacy cosmetics Rilastil (Italy), Eucerin (Germany), Pharmaceris (Poland), L'Erbolario (Italy), VICHY (France), La Roche-Posay (France) and other brands.

You can find out all the details about the desired product by calling:

• 8 (801) 100-50-50;

• + 375 (17) 543-00-58.

The call is absolutely free.

Green pharmacy

"Green Pharmacy" is one of the most famous pharmacy chains in Belarus, the main priority of which is natural products for health and beauty.

Customers can choose from the assortment: from natural and medicinal cosmetics, vitamins, essential oils to dietary supplements, herbal teas and many others. other. All products have strict requirements, so you can be sure of the quality.

You can call 7822 and they will tell you the nearest pharmacy to you.

Residents of Minsk can order goods with home delivery through the online store. And residents of other cities - delivery by mail with cash on delivery.

Capital pharmacy

Stolichnaya pharmacy, with extensive experience in sales and qualified specialists, provides high-quality pharmaceutical services. Every year, the pharmacy dynamically and systematically improves not only its appearance, but also the quality of service, while maintaining a positive attitude towards the customer in its work.

By phone +7 499 500-89-03 (Help) and +7 499 767-00-00 (Reception) you can ask a confidential question and be sure that the pharmacist will treat your case professionally.


Kompharm is a reliable pharmaceutical distributor in Belarus. The specialists working for Kompharm are distinguished by their tact and professionalism.

Medicines in Kompharm pharmacies are presented in accordance with all requirements and in compliance with all sales rules.

Compharm not only strives to sell drugs, but also takes an active position in the fight against diseases, thanks to the funds it offers. The high quality of medicines today is often the key to a full-fledged human life. Therefore, you can be sure of the quality of goods purchased from Compharm.

For more information call +375 17 216 19 39.

Pharm market

Pharm market is more than 7000 pharmacies and 75 pharmaceutical companies, direct purchases from manufacturers and a loyalty program. The purpose of the Pharm Market is to improve the quality of life of people all over the world. The company strives to make health products more affordable by helping pharmaceutical market participants reduce costs and increase efficiency at all stages of product sales.


ADEL is the largest pharmacy chain in Belarus. Today, the ADEL pharmacy network has more than 100 pharmacies throughout the country.

There is a system of discounts in ADEL pharmacies. Promotions are held monthly, which allow you to purchase medicines at affordable prices.

If you have any questions, experienced specialists are already waiting for you on the pharmacy website or by calling 683-87-87.

24-hour pharmacies in Minsk

Write down the addresses of the 24-hour pharmacies that will provide you with the required pharmaceutical product at any time of the day:

• Belfarmacy at the address Minsk, Pobediteley avenue, 75/1, pom. 17H;

• Duty pharmacy at the address Minsk, Independence Avenue, 172;

• Belpharmacy №101 at the address Minsk, st. Yakubovskogo, 32, pom. 2;

• Belfarmacy №58 at the address Minsk, st. Karolinskaya, 2, pom. 177A;

• Belfarmacy No. 4 at Minsk, st. Prushinskikh, 1, pom. 115;

• Belfarmacy №25 at the address Minsk, st. O. Koshevoy, 10, pom. 5H.

Search for medicines in pharmacies

You can often come across a case that the pharmacy does not have the medicine you need or you are not satisfied with the price of the product, then the drug search services will help you. is a drug search site, the system of which tracks drugs from all pharmacies (cooperating with it) and provides up-to-date information on the availability and cost of a particular drug in the city's pharmacies.

The site works in all cities of Belarus and has practically no analogues.

In addition to helping in the selection of a medicine, there is a question / answer section where users can ask when a particular drug will appear in pharmacies, and where they can buy it.

On the website are frequently asked questions with answers, for example, ‘transporting medicines across the border of the Republic of Belarus’, ‘how to dispose of spoiled or expired medicines’.

An analogue of the previous site, the advantage of which is a free application in the play market / Appstore.

The project has been operating since 20133. This is a Belarusian portal and mobile application with the most complete catalog of medical institutions, a drug search service in pharmacies and useful content about health and beauty.

Goods and medical equipment that can be bought in pharmacies

In addition to drugs, many pharmacies have medical equipment available. The stores sell blood glucose meters, inhalers, nebulizers, crutches, canes, walkers, medical clothes and shoes, stethoscopes, thermometers, tonometers, and massagers.