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Pharmacies in Minsk, Belarus

Health care and welfare of the Belarusian nation is a problem that concerns both the government and citizens. Medical care in Belarus is free in all state clinics and hospitals, although there are some procedures, such as ultrasound, a full medical examination of a driver's license, which must be partially or fully covered by the patient.

Medical services

The most important direction in the development of the social sphere in the Republic of Belarus is to improve the health care system, which should guarantee the citizens of the Republic of Belarus quality and affordable medical care. This is actively promoted by the informatization of the health care sector, the widespread introduction of medical information technologies and systems, and the large-scale development of electronic services for citizens.

The most promising way to promote e-services in health care now is to implement the "e-recruitment" technology. The introduction of such a technology has the following advantages in comparison with the issuance of a paper prescription:

  • effective and safe drug treatment - eliminates illegibility or incorrect interpretation of prescriptions, allows to see all medications prescribed to the patient, therefore, it is possible to avoid incorrectly specified dangerous doses, unwanted interactions between medications;
  • excludes duplicate dispensing of drugs to one patient;
  • eliminates the falsification of prescriptions for prescriptions of prescriptions for prescriptions of prescription drugs, as well as prescriptions for registered medicinal products;
  • saves time for a doctor to write prescriptions;
  • avoids unnecessary visits to the outpatient clinic in order to extend the prescription;
  • is the basis for the introduction of automation of the calculation of reimbursement for prescriptions for preferential medicines and so on.

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Public health facilities

In 2017, state medical institutions urged citizens to introduce plastic cards. The plastic card is used for prescription drugs, but it will also be useful when buying drugs without prescription. Holders of plastic cards of RUE "Belfarmatsiya" receive discounts - 10% for domestically produced drugs and 2% for imported medicines and medical products.

In most polyclinics, plastic cards are issued at the registration office upon presentation of a passport. The cards are ordered for all patients living in the service area of the medical institution, i.e. attached to them. On the backside of the card, the owner's data and the number of 16 digits with a barcode are written in words. If lost, it is not restored. A person is made a new one.

Med centers and clinics

Private medical centers and clinics in Belarus conduct paid consultations and procedures, but doctors there also have the right to prescribe a drug.

Antibiotics and hormones should not be dispensed without a prescription, as well as most blood pressure relief, heart disease treatment and others. The list of drugs that can be dispensed without a prescription includes more than a thousand items. It was approved in February 2010, noted the Ministry of Health. In total, about 6 thousand trade names of medicines are registered in Belarus.

Pharmacies and pharmacy

Minsk pharmacies are located in every major shopping center, public place and district. Pharmacy is a new industry in Belarus, which is rapidly growing and actively developing. Two major national pharmaceutical plants produce medicines for hospitals, clinics and citizens. Numerous joint ventures in this field appear every year. Belarus is cooperating with the Netherlands, India, Germany and France and is conducting experiments to develop new methods to alleviate pain and suffering of people in need.

Prices in many pharmacies in Minsk are conservative and there are usually discounts for elderly people and loyalty card holders. People with serious illnesses receive medicines for free, which is also part of the national health policy.

Medical goods and equipment

In pharmacies in Minsk and Belarus, you can buy any medications and equipment. Pharmacists can give you advice based not only on knowledge gained from manufacturers, but also on the number of complaints and claims from buyers.

Availability of medicines

You can find out where the nearest pharmacies in Minsk are or whether they have the necessary medicine by visiting special websites such as and

Night pharmacies in Minsk

There are a number of pharmacy chains in Belarus, while more than 30 pharmacies are open 24 hours a day in Minsk.


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Pharmacies on a map of Minsk

The best Minsk pharmacy chains and their addresses can be found on this page.

A pharmacist can give you advice about which medicine to buy if you suddenly have a cold, sore throat or headache. In addition to medicines, pharmacies distribute vitamins, bio-shampoos for body and skin care, scrubs and cleansing gels.

Use the list of pharmacies in Minsk on this page and be healthy and happy!