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borders Crossing the border of the Republic of Belarus in COVID-19 conditions

Crossing the border of the Republic of Belarus in COVID-19 conditions

There have been some changes in the world due to the pandemic of the COVID-19 virus. The most discussed were trips abroad, because now they have some restrictions. We have collected complete information for those who are planning travel in a pandemic and want to play it safe.

Crossing the border through ground checkpoints in 2022

Entry to the Republic of Belarus

Belarus is a developing country that has always been famous for its hospitality, but under the sad circumstances of the pandemic, even Belarus introduced its own rules for entry.  

The presence of entry restrictions largely depends on the status of the arriving individual. Thus, entry restrictions (such as the presence of a PCR test) do not apply to citizens of the Republic of Belarus and to foreigners with temporary/permanent residence permits in Belarus. Also, Belarusian citizens and foreigners with residence permits are allowed to enter Belarus through both air and land checkpoints.

The situation is different when it comes to foreigners who do not have a residence permit in Belarus. Firstly, currently they are allowed to cross the border only through airports. Secondly, upon arrival in the country, they have to present a negative PCR test or the certificate of vaccination. 

Currently there are no rules about mandatory self-isolation after arrival neither for Belarusians nor for non-citizens.

At the customs area, you may be asked for a document confirming the purpose of the trip. This document must be translated into Russian / Belarusian and certified by the notary's seal.

Departure from the Republic of Belarus

Customs prohibits Belarusian citizens from leaving the territory, as well as foreigners who have received a residence permit.

Travel is allowed only for reasons confirmed by a notary. That is, those citizens who can present documents or a visa to leave. Foreign citizens can freely leave the territory of the country.

Crossing the border at air checkpoints

Entry to the Republic of Belarus

There are no restrictions on the entry of foreign citizens for the purpose of permanent / temporary residence.

We remind you that there is no mandatory self-isolation regime.

If you cross the territory of the country for transit purposes, the PCR test is not required. These rules are nullified only when traveling through the territory of the country for more than 24 hours. In this case, at the border, you will be asked to show a negative PCR test.

For Russian citizens crossing Belarus for transit purposes, a PCR test is not needed.

Departure from Belarus

Foreign citizens can freely leave the territory of our country.

Transit travel through the territory of the Republic of Belarus

The list of entry restrictions has its own exceptions. For example, the Russians who cross our country through land and air checkpoints in transit to Russia. Customs control does not ask them for a PCR test.

Transit to Belarus for foreigners is carried out only through air checkpoints.

What does transit mean?

1. Crossing the border of our state by a foreigner. Its route starts from the airport and ends with crossing the border of Belarus at a road or other checkpoint

2. Crossing the border of our state by a foreigner by air flight from one country, and his departure by air flight to another country. The rule works subject to the following condition: a foreign citizen is prohibited from leaving the borders of the flight zone.

3. Crossing the border of our state by a foreigner using an air flight, and its fastest departure to the territory of the Russian Federation.

If you can confirm that you will not stay at the border of the transit zone for more than 24 hours, you will not be required to have a PCR.

These documents include:

• Airplane ticket, transit visa of our country, official invitation of the authority;

• An invitation sent by a medical clinic and certified by the seal of the country of flight, etc.

If you do not have such a document on hand, you will be obliged to fill out a visitor's questionnaire. It will stay with you during your stay in the country and must be handed over to the appropriate authorities upon departure. Thus, in the case of staying in the country for more than a day, departure is possible only with the presentation of a certificate with a negative PCR test result.

Self-isolation and PCR test in Belarus

Who needs self-isolation and PCR test

Foreign citizens without temporary/permanent residence permits in Belarus should have a PCR-test. This rule does not apply to transit. There is no self-isolation in Belarus.

Russian citizens and peculiarities of crossing the Belarusian-Russian border

As an exception, Russian citizens are allowed to pass at all borders without imposing restrictions only in the case of transit for transit purposes.

Russians entering Belarus from developing countries are required to present a negative coronavirus test at the border.