Geography_and_climate Geography, weather and climate in Belarus

Geography, weather and climate in Belarus

The Republic of Belarus is located in the central part of Eastern Europe. The location of the Republic of Belarus is very favorable from the point of view of the trade way transit what undoubtedly makes this country so interesting to deal with it in the sphere of business. Crossing Belarus by car foreign nationals should remember that toll roads have appeared in Belarus since 2015, in particular, electronic system of payment for using such roads is known as “BelToll”. Therefore, before the departure it is better to familiarize yourself with all the necessary information on the specialized websites.
The country covers 207,595 square kilometers and borders on Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. Belarus is divided into 6 regions. These are Minsk, Brest, Vitebsk, Gomel, Grodno and Mogilev regions.
Belarus has a temperate-continental climate with warm summers and cool winters. Thanks to moderate climatic conditions it is comfortable in winter. Average temperatures vary from -4 °C to -9 °C in winter and +20-25 °C in summer. Such temperature conditions are the reason for the development of meat and dairy production, agriculture.
In winter such ski resorts as Silichi and Logoisk which are located within 30 km from Minsk, are in great demand. Some guests will be interested in visiting the residence of Father Frost in “Belavezhskaya Pushcha”. Quad and snowmobile biking through the woods and on the frozen lakes, the celebration of holidays and other winter entertainments are also widespread.

Belarus is called “blue-eyed” and “lungs of Europe” because of the large number of lakes and forests.
Foreigners often visit the country to have a rest in a huge national park called “Belavezhskaya Pushcha”. The national park is known for the rare woods located on the territory of the whole Europe. The trees with more than 400 and 1000 year old history grow here and distinct, endangered representatives of fauna live on its territory. Here you can meet the bisons, who are the animals, which are considered to be the distant relatives of the American buffalo.