Local_currency Money in Belarus. Local currency of Belarus

Money in Belarus. Local currency of Belarus

The official currency in the Republic of Belarus is the Belarusian ruble. The Belarusian currency is not freely convertible, so it cannot be purchased before arriving in the country. In 2016 the denomination was carried out and the international designation of currency was changed from BYR to BYN. The largest banknote is the banknote in 500 Belarusian rubles; the smallest one is a coin in 1 kopeck. Banknotes of the old (not denominated) money and money of a new sample are used until the end of 2016 in the country. The currency exchange in the Republic of Belarus is resolved only in banks and bank offices which are located in hotels, casino, airports and shopping centers as well. Currency exchange offices at the railway stations work around the clock. The currency exchange in a private order is strictly forbidden by the judicial power of the country and pursued according to the law of the Republic of Belarus. While exchanging large sums of money from one currency to Belarusian rubles it is possible to agree about more favorable rates of currency exchange in banks only. Official exchange rate of Belarusian ruble is defined by the stock exchange. The National bank of the Republic of Belarus fixes this rate on the base of daily trading on the stock exchange. This is the official website of the National bank of the Republic of Belarus: www.nbrb.by. Then after the National bank fixed the exchange rate commercial banks define exchange rates on this base. You can cash out at one of the ATMs that can be found in every store, hypermarket and shopping center. Using a debit card you can purchase goods in the store and pay for any services. The most useful international debit plastic cards in Belarus are Visa and MasterCard. If you are traveling to Belarus you can easily exchange here British pounds, US dollars, Euros as well as some other currencies.