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Commercial property websites

Commercial property websites in Belarus

When choosing commercial real estate in Minsk, one should adhere to a number of recommendations: consider premises that are most suitable for the planned activity; roughly estimate the average traffic of the proposed premises, if you plan to open a retail outlet; make sure you have your own telephone line; clarify issues related to heating during the cold season; agree on the approximate amount of utility bills; give preference to offers from owners and developers (renting real estate in Minsk on a sublease basis, from real estate agencies and intermediaries will cost a little more); carefully inspect the premises before concluding a lease agreement and discuss with the tenant each clause of the terms of the transaction. Also, the advantageous characteristics are the presence of parking, video surveillance systems, round-the-clock security, convenient transport links, a separate bathroom, etc. - all these bonuses are an indisputable plus for your business.

Rent of offices and commercial real estate in Minsk

When looking for an option for renting an office or commercial real estate, it is important to pay attention to the following characteristics of the room: area, interior, layout features, maximum load on the power grid, nearby territory, availability of hoods, parking, Internet access and the number of dedicated telephone lines. Only then should you look for a suitable property.

Registration of a lease agreement

It is recommended to consider several options at once. Even if the first premise partially meets the criteria and is suitable for the price, it is better to take your time and compare it with other offers. The main point for those who plan to rent a building for a cafe: all documents must be studied very carefully, literally reading every word. If necessary, it is better to contact realtors, who will help you understand all the details and not miss anything. Be sure to study the following: the purpose of the rental space ‒ sometimes it may not be suitable for establishments, for example, catering. Remember, small print is the most common trick, so you need to read it carefully, paying attention to the ambiguous clauses about canceling the lease; utility bills - you need to figure out what exactly needs to be paid and in what amount; rental vacations - are they available, what is their duration.

Websites for renting offices and commercial real estate

In general, the Internet space in Belarus provides a very wide range of information in the field of commercial real estate. These are real estate agencies, independent projects that exist only online, and news portals offering a wide range of information in the field of advertising and not only. Let's consider the most popular resources in more detail.

The site specializes in the provision of services in the field of transactions with commercial real estate, namely: warehouse rent, office rent, retail space, industrial space and cafe and catering rent, outdoor space rent. All ads contain a photo of the object, footage, cost in euros per 1 square meter. The search results of ads can be ranked by the increase or decrease in the price tag, by the area (first large or vice versa), by the popularity of the ad.

The portal was created by Colliers International, a professional international company in the field of commercial real estate. The site is adapted for foreign users, specializing only in office real estate. There are the following sections «Longlist» ‒ shows all relevant offers in one presentation; «Office Expert» ‒ allows you to compare options; «Test Fit» ‒ allows you to order a free trial seating arrangement for employees in the selected office option; «Project Management» ‒ option to accompany the entire process of moving to a new office.

These are current announcements for the sale and lease of commercial real estate in Minsk and the regions for the needs of the growing business of Belarus. A huge database of commercial objects and premises sold by owners and agencies, here you can find offers, both for rent and for sale. All ads are grouped according to the functional purpose of the property, including photos, price, area, distance from the ring road and even floor material. If desired, they are ranked by date of placement, price, supply or demand category. The portal also contains offers for related services ‒ financing, leasing, and appraisal, news from the world of real estate, analytical articles and other useful information.

This site belongs to the state institution «Main Economic Administration» of the Administrative Department of the President of the Republic of Belarus. With its help, premises are rented in the administrative buildings of the capital and regional centers of the country. Here you can leave a request to conclude a lease agreement online, there is a convenient search for premises by city, area and cost per square meter in rubles. In addition to offers for rent, the site allows you to find assembly halls with hourly rent, in the category «Special offer» information about premises with special characteristics is grouped: with a large rental area (more than 100 meters), premises with water, halls and auditoriums, premises for which the rental rate has been reduced. A big plus is that with the help of the site by the number of your lease agreement, you have the opportunity to track online information about your debt bills for rent, which saves time.

The «commercial real estate» section is very diverse. It offers retail space, logistics centers, buying and renting as separate categories. The site is a free classifieds board where anyone can post information. The search when selecting an option offers such criteria as an office in a business center, in a residential building, in an office building, in a shopping center. You can sort it at once by price per meter and for the whole area, by district and city. Each ad can be added to favorites, viewed in more detail, complained to the administrator, and viewed on the map. The site also contains a section «questions for a lawyer», the answers to which are published in the public domain.

One of the very first news and advertising portals in the country. Of course, the site cannot boast of a large number of functions, novelty and visibility, but it collects offers in all possible categories in the field of buying and selling both goods and services. In the property section, we see an array of information presented in the form of a table, on one page of which there are about 20 ads. All of them are divided in the first line into interactive categories: everything, sell, buy, exchange, rent, and services, closed. Each ad has a designation of the publication time, when it was updated, price, and photo.

One of the oldest sites, created as a continuation of the printed version of the newspaper of the same name «Iz Ruk v Ruki». When you open the home page, you are offered a choice of category from an array of all ads. In the section «Real estate» we find the subsection «Commercial real estate», where you can immediately see the number of all ads in this category, published at the present time. When you click on the link, the entire array of ads opens, which can be filtered using a special search line by address, city, area, functional purpose, price per square meter and total cost in different currencies, proximity to the metro, availability of a separate entrance and floor. Posting on the site is free, but with the possibility of premium features for a fee. The site contains information throughout the republic, not only in the capital.

The site of the company CJSC «Beltyazhmash», the company is engaged in the construction, management, leasing and maintenance of commercial real estate. For tenants, there is a 24-hour call center for accepting service requests (if a door handle breaks, something leaks, a window does not close, an outlet stops working, and so on). The company prefers own staff in the maintenance of premises. There are you can find offers for rent offices, retail premises, warehouses, production facilities, open areas. When choosing an option, you can immediately set the total rental amount per month in dollars using the slider; the issuance result itself is presented in the form of a map located on the half-screen with interactive marks on it and next to large windows with photographs of premises and brief characteristics-signatures that can scroll down. Issuance can be ranked in ascending or descending order of price, relevance of publication, number of stores, and number of rooms. In general, the site contains information only about its own premises.