Best places in Belarus to visit TOP-10 places to visit in Belarus

TOP-10 places to visit in Belarus

TOP-10 best places to visit in Belarus

Places to visit in Minsk

Developing, moving, interractual. Concentric zonal structure of the city makes it easy for tourists to find the best areas to stay and spend their time – simply tend to the city center, making circles around the main October Square, the Svisloch River promenade, the Old Town, Opera and Ballet Theater, city parks, bars and terraces all around Nyamiha and Verkhny Gorod. Best advice one could follow coming to Minsk, unless they have a passion for riverside promenades, affordable local cuisine cafes and European-style shopping malls – which is also quiet a reason to visit the city, – look up the events announced for the dates of your arrival. Interractual art shows, weekend street performances, clubbing events, local goods fairs, sports game events, open-air festivals, charity events and daylight lakeside parties – the city has so much to offer, if you dare to ask. Absolutely all tourists coming to Belarus will say that Minsk is one of the best destinations in the world that is why we included Minsk in the list of best and top places to visit in Belarus.