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Taxi Taxi services

Taxi in Minsk, Belarus

Taxis are the most convenient and fastest way to get from one place to another in Belarus. Numerous taxi carriers offer their services 24/7 and can be extremely helpful, especially in the evening and night hours when public transport is not working.

Taxi services

Despite the fact that taxis are available in Belarus, this is not the preferable means of transportation among Belarusians. Belarusians are trying to follow a savings approach. For the majority of the population going by taxi on a regular basis is tantamount to the loss of all wages, so taxis remain the preferred option only when there is an urgent need.

Passenger transportation

Taxi minivan

Passenger transportation by minivan is a popular service, as there are situations when the capabilities of a private car are not enough. A minivan is usually ordered if you need to transport a group of 5-9 people. A minivan is the most economical for moving around Minsk, when a large company, with or without luggage, makes the trip.

Taxi station wagon

The universal can accommodate 4 passengers and is suitable for those who cannot or do not want to order a sedan. It also has a large trunk and can hold your luggage if needed.

Minibus with driver

The minibus with driver is suitable for large companies or excursions. If you need to pick up a delegation from the airport or train station, this car will be fine for you.

Taxi around town

Carriers usually set a fixed landing fee, which includes waiting time and 3 km of travel. Then the calculation is made for each kilometer or minute on the way.

Intercity taxi

Intercity taxis go from Minsk to Warsaw, Bryansk, Moscow, Vilnius, Kiev and others. The cost will depend on the type of car and the number of kilometers.

UBER taxi

In order to order a Uber machine you need to install the application on your phone from the App Store or Google Play. There is no fixed price from the airport to Minsk, but before confirming the order, you will see the exact price. The cost depends on the distance, availability of cars and the workload of the service.

Yandex taxi

The system here is the same as Uber. Uber has teamed up with Yandex Taxi, so you can book a trip using both applications and pay for your trip with cash or card.





English-speaking driver

If your delegation does not know Russian or prefers an English-speaking driver, then when ordering a car, pay attention to the dispatcher and if possible such a driver will come to you.

Driver woman

There are very few women drivers, but if it is essential for you to have a woman driver, please inform the dispatcher or specify it in the comments to the trip.

Smoking salon

Most taxi drivers drive private cars, so you should check with the driver or the service about smoking in the cabin.

Taxi to the airport

Meet me at the airport with a sign

Some taxi services provide a surcharge to meet city guests with an airport sign.

This service is in great demand among both individuals and legal entities. The plaque can display any information that will allow a person to accurately find the taxi driver. For example, the company logo, flight number, customer name and surname, mobile phone number, or other information. When placing an order, inform the dispatcher of what should be on the plate and where the driver should expect it.

Taxi to the station

Meeting the sign at the station

The service of meeting the sign is also available at the station. If you are worried that you may get in the wrong taxi or lose your driver, then register this service.

Children's taxi

Taxi from the hospital

To book a taxi from the hospital, you need to specify the time and place of arrival. To make the hospital's discharge special and festive, you can decorate your car. It is worth reporting this in advance when you call a taxi to get a discharge from the hospital.

Taxi with baby seat

If you are going to travel with a child, please indicate in the comments or tell the taxi dispatcher that the car should have a child seat.

Transportation of animals. Zootaxi

Zootaxi in the city of Minsk carries out transportation from 14 BYN. In the Zootaxi comfortable special transport, premium-class equipment, dog handlers staff and disinfection of all contact surfaces after each transportation.

The Zootaxi provides the following services:

  • transportation of pets in Minsk and outside of it;
  • transportation of pets together with the owner;
  • transportation of pets without a host;
  • urgent call;
  • delivery of food and accessories and absolutely any purchases for the pet;
  • transportation of pets at night.

Private Driver per hour

With a personal driver, you will no longer need to look for a parking space, pass the MO itself and contact the DPS staff. Such a person drives a manager or other people at the employer's request. The driver is responsible for the technical condition and appearance of the vehicle - it can be a car wash, repair, maintenance and other. Thus, the driver must do everything to ensure safe and comfortable movement of his employer.

Courier services

Taxi with a big trunk

If you need to send some oversized cargo, when ordering a car, inform the driver or dispatcher, so that you will find a suitable car and you will not have any problems.

Towing the car

If you're stuck in a snowdrift or a puddle, calling a taxi can save you. The driver will help you get out of the pit with special tools.

Taxi services on a map of Minsk

This page contains the best taxi services in Minsk and Belarus and their numbers.

A taxi in Minsk is not only a smooth ride, but also a fascinating way to get to know the city. You can order a taxi by phone or through the website. Tracking your car and leaving a review is also available.

Some drivers offer their services at the exit of clubs, train stations and other places, but please be careful and order a taxi through the official carrier, as only then will they ensure that all safety requirements are met.