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Taxi in Minsk, Belarus

Taxi is the most comfortable and fastest way to go from one place to another one in Belarus. Numerous taxi carriers offer their services 24/7 and can be extremely of hand especially in the evening and night hours when public transport is no longer operational.

Although taxi in Belarus is affordable, it is not the most preferable means of transportation among the Belarussians who try to stick to the saving approach. For the majority of the population to go by taxi on regular basis equals to spending the whole salary on transport, that’s why taxi stays a preferable option only when there’s a necessity to get to the airport or railway station, at night or when there’s an urgent need of reaching a place fast.

Taxi in Minsk is affordable with some carriers setting a fixed price for the rides in the city. Uber has merged with Yandex Taxi, so you can order a ride using both applications and pay for the ride in cash. The list of the most reliable and popular taxi in Minsk is represented on this page.

Taxi drivers are carefully selected and have both large driving experience and good knowledge of the city. For your route to be the fastest they use a navigator to be able to reach the destination point in the shortest period of time.

Taxi in Minsk in not only about a smooth ride as it can also turn into a fascinating experience of getting to know the city and having a friendly chat with a driver who in their majority can speak English and are eager to share their view on the current political and economic state of Belarus as well as introduce foreigners to Belarussian culture and traditions.

You can order a taxi either by a phone call or through a website. Tracking your car and leaving feedback is also available.

Some drivers offer their services at the exit of the clubs, railway stations and other places but, please, be cautious and order a taxi through an official carrier, as only in this case they guarantee that all the security requirements will be met.