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Telephone and Internet in Belarus. Buy a SIM card in Belarus.

Telephone and Internet in Belarus. Buy a SIM card in Belarus.

The first mobile operator in Belarus started working in analog format NMT in 1993. Now it’s hard to believe, but you had to carry a device weighing some kilograms, connection cost several thousand dollars, and a minute of conversation inside the network was USD 2. For the first year 320 subscribers were connected to the network, and a year later they were 1725. At that time people were spending more than 30 minutes to buy a SIM card in Belarus.

The arrival of MTS in 2002 was a powerful impetus to the development of the mobile market. At the same time, in fact, the mobile market began to develop. Today there are 3 main mobile operators in Belarus:

Today, the Republic of Belarus mainly operates 3G and 4G networks. At the same time 5G networks are being tested and installed.
Each mobile operator offers a variety of tariff plans that are suitable for long conversation lovers and for the Internet surfing. The cost of each tariff plan varies from the package of services it provides. Each mobile provider has a website where you can get all the necessary information about tariff plans and find out their cost.

These are the websites:;;

In order to connect to one of the mobile operators you shall go with your passport to the mobile phone shop or mobile operator center, ask to issue a SIM card and choose a suitable tariff. You can get all details and conditions of all tariffs on the official websites listed above. It will take you between 5 and 10 minutes to buy a SIM card in Belarus.

The previously mentioned mobile operators offer a wide selection of tariff plans for foreigners. For example, VELCOM offers the tariff plan called “Tourist”, which is designed specifically for foreigners. This tariff plan includes 2 GB of Internet traffic and one hundred minutes to all networks.

If you come to Belarus and you need access to the Internet – it is also not a problem! Almost every shopping center, every cafe, as well as the railway station has Wi-Fi. In order to connect to a wireless network, you just need to find an available network in your phone and connect to it. Please note when you connect to the network, you may be asked for your mobile phone number and name – do not worry, this is just a way to authorize. If you want to connect your home Internet (for example, you live in an apartment), there are many Internet providers in Belarus that supply the Internet services. Today, the Internet service providers offer a wide range of tariff plans for connecting home Internet, including digital TV. These offers vary depending on the purpose of using the Internet at home.

In order to connect to the home Internet you need:
– to choose the Internet provider;
– to go to the service center with your passport.

Today the most popular Internet providers are:;

If you need help and you cannot switch on the equipment for the Internet access the Internet provider representatives will send some service technicians who will fix everything – it will take no more than an hour.