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телефон и интернет Telephone and Internet in Belarus

Telephone and Internet in Belarus

Today it is difficult to imagine a person's life without a mobile phone and the Internet. Moreover, mobile phones are used not only by young people, but also by the older generation. And this is not surprising, because it is really very convenient when you have the opportunity to contact another person within a minute or even a split second. After all, there are situations when it is simply vital. In the 21st century, people are increasingly chatting on social networks and using various instant messengers. All this became available to us thanks to the presence of the Internet. In fact, we can talk for a long time about the advantages of having an Internet connection in the modern world. However, in this article we will focus on the mobile Internet and services provided by mobile operators in detail.

Mobile operators in Belarus

Using your phone, you use communication services, that is, the services of mobile operators. At the moment, there are three mobile operators in Belarus: MTS, Life, A1.

Services of mobile operators

SIMiD is a service that allows you to use an electronic digital signature using a SIM card and sign electronic documents that have legal force on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. The service is provided to the clients of Unitary Enterprise “A1” - individuals, legal entities and individual entrepreneurs - residents of the Republic of Belarus, users of SIM-cards with support for the SIMiD service (except for subscribers of tariffs of the Telemetry and Data transmission lines). The service is not available to subscribers whose numbers have been ported from other networks.

Business rates and rates for individuals

There are 4 business tariffs with different conditions in the MTS cellular salon.

Tariff “Smart Business 1”:

• 250 megabytes of mobile Internet

• unlimited calls to colleagues

• 250 minutes for calls in the MTS network

• subscription fee 6.07 BYN

Tariff “Smart Business 2”:

• 750 megabytes of mobile Internet

• unlimited calls to colleagues

• 750 minutes for calls in the MTS network

• 50 sms messages

• subscription fee 11.13 BYN

Tariff “Smart Business 3”:

• 1500 megabytes of mobile Internet

• unlimited calls to colleagues

• 1500 minutes for calls within the MTS network

• 100 sms messages

• subscription fee 17.34 BYN

Tariff “Smart Business 4”:

• 3000 megabytes of mobile Internet

• unlimited calls to colleagues

• 3000 minutes for calls within the MTS network

• 200 sms messages

• subscription fee 31.13 BYN

The most popular tariffs for individuals are Unlimited +, Super 10, Super 25. You can read more about the conditions and benefits of tariffs here.

Getting a belarusian SIM card

In order to get a Belarusian SIM card, you need to go to one of the mobile phone stores: MTS, Life, A1. Next, you need to select a tariff and install a SIM card in the device (phone, modem, tablet). Wait until the SIM-card is activated - when contacting the MTS Communication Salon it will take a few minutes, when contacting the MTS Communication Salon - no more than 24 hours. After activating the SIM card, it will automatically register with the network. If automatic registration does not occur, restart the device and manually select the MTS network.

Getting home Internet in Belarus

Home high-speed Internet is divided into two types: for a city apartment and for a private house. There is a good bonus for both the house and the apartment: TV and antivirus included. For example, in MTS, there are several favorable rates of home internet for an appartment. There are also tariffs with attractive conditions for houses. You can also connect to Beltelecom's Byfly high-speed internet. You can familiarize yourself with the tariffs for business services, as well as with tariffs for individual entrepreneurs here.

Payment for telephone and Internet services

In order to pay for telephone services you need to contact a bank or a branch of “Belpochta”. In addition, you can use an infokiosk or pay for services at an ATM. Thanks to modern technologies, it has become very convenient to pay for communication services online using the application of your bank. To carry out a financial transaction, you can use cards of the international systems VISA (all types), MasterCard (including Maestro), issued by any bank in the world, including those issued by ATM Belarusbank, as well as BELKART cards issued by ATM Belarusbank.

To pay online:

1. Go to the Beltelecom website.

2. Enter the required information:

Select a paid service:

- byfly, ZALA, Maxiphone, Smart Home, Packages;

- Home telephone;

- One-time payment on receipt.

Select: Your Region

Enter the requested information: phone number, Application number.

Enter (or confirm): payment amount

Enter the payer's data: Name, Surname, e-mail address (E-mail) to receive a payment receipt.

If you want to pay using the bank application through a registered bank card, then the following algorithm will suit you:

1. go to the application (for example, “Belarusbank”)

2. select the “Calculation” system

3. select “Internet, TV, Telephony”

4. further select your operator from the list

5. enter your details

6. and click the “pay” button

Refusal from telephone and Internet services

In order to refuse telephone and Internet services, you need to come to a communication salon or Beltelecom and say that you want to refuse the services provided. To do this, you will need to say your personal data, such as the contract or application number and surname, name and patronymic. Or, for example, in Beltelecom, you can set a voluntary blocking for a month or more in your personal account. In order to enter it, you will need to know your username and password.

Technical support

Each mobile operator has its own support service. In order to use the technical support services, you need to go to the website of the mobile operator and leave a request for assistance in accordance with your problem.



For getting more information follow the link.


For getting more information follow the link.