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Cleaning companies: cleaning of apartments and premises

Belarusians always take care that the house is cozy, and cleanliness in the apartment is one of the components of coziness. Today, not all people have time to clean, because many people work late, and want to rest after work, so cleaning companies come to help.

The cleaning services market

The services provided by cleaning companies in Belarus are still quite new. If in Western countries, professional cleaning has long and firmly entered into use; in our country cleaning is still just beginning to gain momentum. Despite the fact that this service is at the initial stage of development, we can already say that cleaning services are in demand and popular. Cleaning companies in the market every year there are more and more, but not all the level of service and staff training is at an advanced level, so it is better to use only proven companies.

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Provision of cleaning services

Today you can order the following services in cleaning companies:

  • Daily cleaning of the premises
  • Cleaning of apartments
  • Cleaning of entrances and apartment buildings
  • General cleaning of a country house
  • Window and loggia washing
  • Dry cleaning of rugs, sofas and upholstered furniture
  • Cleaning after a fire
  • Cleaning after construction and repair
  • Office cleaning
  • Cleaning
  • Cleaning of industrial premises
  • Cleaning the pool
  • Garbage and snow removal
  • Facade cleaning, showcases, signage, sidewalks.

Cleaning services to legal entities

The office is the face of the company, and in order to remove it you need to have certain knowledge. Specialists with professional knowledge and use of special technologies provide office-cleaning services. For example, this service includes a procedure for removing smells by ozonizing the air with special equipment. Windows are also cleaned using a special method that allows achieving high quality with significant savings. It is a prerequisite for cleaning office premises:

  • cleaning of a carpet or carpet by an industrial vacuum cleaner;
  • removal of gum, glue and traces of spilled liquids by special means.

Also included in the cleaning service is:

  • dry cleaning of upholstered furniture;
  • general cleaning;
  • window cleaning;
  • cleaning after repairs;
  • dry cleaning of carpets.

Contract for cleaning services

The provision of any cleaning services must be accompanied by a contract. It is important to prescribe all the subtleties and nuances to avoid unpleasant situations. The contract for cleaning services is necessary not only for customers, but also for performers. Correctly spelled out responsibilities of the parties is the key to the success of any transaction.

The contract for cleaning services of offices, apartments or any other territories, in fact, is an ordinary contract for the provision of services, simply it specifies the nuances of cleaning companies. Cleaning can be one-off, daily, periodic, only in the morning or all day. It is important to specify which wet or only dry, using special equipment, at what time will be made. In terms of time, it is better to specify the period - from 8 to 10 am or from 19 to 20 hours.

The clearer the duties of the parties in the contract of cleaning services, the easier it will be to resolve disputes. If it is specified that the windows should be cleaned twice a week, you can entrust the secretary with monitoring the performance of the duties.

It is important that the contract contains nuances of control of the employee, that is, that valuable things are not left in rooms or premises, and cleaned in the safe, because no one can guarantee the integrity of 100% of the staff.

Картинки по запросу "клининг"

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Order cleaning services

It is best to order cleaning services from proven companies. A list of the best cleaning companies can be found on this page.

List of cleaning companies

List of the best cleaning companies.

  1. Chistogolik
  2. Zabot Net
  3. Chistolub
  4. Chistoe reshenie
  5. Greencleaning
  6. Megastart Service

It is believed that those who keep order from the outside have purity in their heads. Following this logic, Belarusians are considered organized, responsible, hardworking and caring. They really care about what's going on around them, and even if tight work schedules, especially office workers in the capital, do not allow them to clean up, they turn to one of the cleaning companies in Minsk to keep clean and comfortable in the house, office or any other premises.