Culture Culture places in Minsk, Belarus

Culture of Belarus

Belarus is the country with reach historical and cultural heritage, renowned for its medieval castles, World War II battlefields and talented artists, poets and writers, scientists and religious saints. Culture in Belarus is not defined only by its history, it’s developing with new personalities emerging in the cultural space.

Modern artists exhibit their works in the specially designed places for new and unknown paintings to be seen by the public. Minsk culture abandons with singers and musical instruments players who practice in the streets and gain both publicity and money by entertaining passers-by. Graffiti art is appearing on the walls with thought-provoking pictures made by Belarusian and foreign artists.

Belarus’ culture was and is influenced by many cultural tendencies from East and West. Having absorbed international mainstream trends and with the history thought over Belarussians have invented their own unique style, which sets them and their culture apart.

Belarussians are often seen as a nation steeped in history. This is true, people in Belarus value their past, trying to preserve the evidence of those times not only as a learned history lesson but also as a way to transmit culture to the next generations.

Some of the historical sites in Belarus are put on the UNESCO world heritage list as outstanding examples of an architectural ensembles illustrating a remarkable period of the history of humankind. Among them are medieval Mir and Nesvizh castles which are of utmost cultural importance to the Belarussian nation and serve as a reflection of history, culture and traditions that survived till our times.

In Belarus there are a lot of museums, theatres and art spaces and galleries to visit if you want to touch culture and way of life of both ancient and modern civilizations. Museums differ in their objectives and are mainly oriented to cover some specific sphere of human activity. Theatres are famous for staging plays by both local and world-famous playwrights and are a great success during all theatrical season. Belarussian opera and ballet theatre can bravely boast of the best voices, dancers, orchestra, costumes and decorations in Belarus.

Classical music can be heard at annually held musical evenings near the city hall, which take place to promote culture to the citizens and guests.