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Theaters in Minsk, Belarus

Cultural life in Belarus gives plenty of opportunities to spend an evening in a peaceful, joyful, dramatic or cheerful atmosphere. The choice is up to you. You can go to a concert hall, listen to classical music by famous composers in Minsk Philharmonic or you may choose to visit one of the numerous museums in Belarus.

Theatrical art in Belarus takes its roots in medieval times when first puppet theatres appeared in Dukes’ mansions. Puppet theatres became extremely popular and the crew travelled from manor to manor with their performances. First staged puppet plays reflected ordinary people’s way of life and their worships to God. With the advent of human staged plays, which amplified the variety of topics the plays were written on, the theaters became stationary. At those times to maintain a theatre was considered highly prestigious for any noble family.
Love for theatres has been transmitted through generations, that’s why theatres in Belarus can be found in any town. They stage plays written by Belarusian modern playwrights and keep staging historical plays written at different periods of Belarusian history. Both professional and amateur theatres operate in the Republic, so if you’re looking for new faces and modernistic plot, costumes and decorations you can choose to be a spectator in the less pompous atmosphere.

The most renowned theatres in Minsk are Opera and Ballet Theatre, Yanki Kupaly Theatre, and Maksim Gorki Theatre. Opera and Ballet Theatre boasts the best orchestra, dancing and singing troupes in Belarus who travel all over the world and have great success at every performance. Russian Ballet school is appreciated across the globe, so do Belarussian ballet dancers who are the evidence of grace, beauty and inhuman struggle with their own body and mind.

New ideas are being successfully introduced into the plays and repertoire with many novels being adapted to the stage. Both dramas and comedies played in the Belarussian theaters are thought-provoking, so an evening spent in the theatre is not just mere entertainment. The aim of any Belarussian theatre is to draw spectator’s attention to important in every human’s life issues like preserving peace, being tolerant, sincere and honest.

By choosing to enrich both your mind and soul in any theatre in Minsk represented on this page you won’t spend the evening in vain.