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Puppet_Theater Puppet Theater
Puppet Theater

Puppet Theater

History of the Puppet Theater

The Belarusian State Puppet Theater opened about 80 years ago in Minsk next to the Kupalovsky Theater. The theater shows puppet shows for children and adults. Initially, the theater opened in Grodno and only in the 50s moved to Minsk.

Schedule of the Puppet Theater

The puppet theater schedule can be found on the official website. Performances take place throughout the day. Spectators are offered both modern performances and performances staged on the works of local and foreign classics.

Museum and festival

In addition to performances, the Puppet Theater organizes the International Festival of Puppet Theaters. The theater building also houses a museum of theater puppets, open to all visitors. The museum contains dolls that have been on the stage of the theater for the last 25 years.

Tickets can be purchased at the box office of the Puppet Theater.

Closed on Mondays.