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Buy new car in Belarus. Car showrooms in Minsk, Belarus

The model of the car tells about the status and cash income of the owner, as the car requires constant investment of money.

Belarusian roads are repaired on time: there are no potholes or bumps on them, so Belarusian motorists do not worry about the car during a trip, but enjoy a comfortable driving.

New cars

Salons of world automobile and motorcycle companies are located in Minsk. Those who are interested in buying a car should visit car dealerships. Attentive managers and sellers will help you choose a car that will meet the needs and budget of the buyer.

In Minsk car dealerships, you will find new models, and if you have not made up your mind yet, visit the presentation of recently produced cars.

Cars with mileage

As soon as a new car leaves the salon, it immediately loses at least a third of its value.

Not everyone has the finances to buy a car from the salon. In this case, the car is bought in the secondary market. There you will find an inexpensive car that will suit your taste, and the former owner will tell you how the car behaves on the road.

Cars on credit

Car dealerships in Minsk offer clients credit programs that will allow them to drive a car on the day of the loan, rather than save money for a long time.

Porsche center

The motor show offers both new cars and cars with mileage.

The Porsche center has special offers for customers:

  • for cars older than 5 years we offer a 10% discount on works and original spare parts;
  • for cars older than 8 years - 20%;
  • for cars older than 15 years - 30%.

The car showroom provides complete repair and renewal of the car for clients.


The Audi center presents the brands of cars of the past years and cars that have recently come off the assembly line.

In the car showroom on prior request will assess the car, apply hard wax on the body or update the navigation to the latest version.

The service sells additional original Audi accessories and a collection of clothes dealer.

Atlant-M (Volkswagen)

In the Atlant-M service center, customers are offered to create a Volkswagen car according to the desired parameters. They will also test-drive the car and appreciate the advantages of the brand's cars on the road.

The dealer offers free and prompt assistance to customers on the road, regardless of whether the car was involved in an accident or breakdown.


Mercedes-Benz offers car preparation for a long journey, tire service, tire hotel, interior washing and cleaning, oil change in the automatic transmission and car body protection.

At the service center, customers receive a 50% discount on electrical work, 70% discount on tire service and 20% discount on Sunday repairs. The promotions apply to free washing, filling and disinfection of the air conditioner, and diagnostics of the car before purchase.


Salon offers to take a test drive of the car, leave a request to trade in and get a special offer from the dealer.

The website of the service center publishes promotions and discounts on maintenance and repair and offers lifetime discounts for regular customers.


Belarusian-Chinese carmaker Geely offers to buy a new locally produced car and loyalty program for new clients of the company.

You can buy a car dealer on credit or lease and insure the car with a guarantee.


The salon offers the following financial services:

  • insurance;
  • crediting;
  • leasing.

Buyer in the salon will be helped to evaluate the car for trade in and will test drive. They will also tell you about the availability of cars with mileage or new cars in stock.

Clients will be offered a bonus program, which implies the calculation of points for each spent dollar. Accumulated points are converted into money that customers pay for services.


The company offers the liquidation of last year's car warehouse. In the center of Lada extends installments for services.

The dealer offers free of charge repair of faults caused by a manufacturing defect on the car, purchased from the official dealer network.


On a site of auto salon accept the order on a car: you leave the application, and the manager will call you back, will specify details of the order and will inform on further actions.

Owners of Nissan cars in Belarus have the opportunity to use the Nissan Assist system during the warranty period for a new car. In other words, they can receive assistance in evacuating the car to the nearest official Nissan dealer if the car cannot be delivered for warranty repairs on its own.

The program includes services:

  • technical and information support: emergency call and on-site services;
  • legal advice in case of an accident;
  • evacuation of the car to the nearest official Nissan dealer;
  • technical assistance at the breakdown site: fuel delivery, wheel replacement, engine start and unlocking of the car doors.


Renault offers a 3+ service that allows car owners over 3 years old to buy original parts at below market prices and get a reduced price for repair and maintenance.

Renault, like Kia, offers car owners to receive bonuses and pay up to 100% of the cost of services and goods.

In the official service, the inspection of the suspension of any Renault car model costs 23 kopecks. Diagnostics at a discount of 99% is carried out for any repair and maintenance work that requires lifting the car.


Official Ford dealers develop credit programs together with Belarusian banks. Each of these programs provides the best conditions for clients who have chosen the Ford brand. Ford also gives a 2-year warranty on new cars.


The Hyundai car is guaranteed for 5 years or 100 thousand km of mileage.

The Hyundai dealer network in Belarus has lending and leasing programs with favorable terms and interest rates. Choose your financial instrument and get expert advice from the nearest dealer center.


Skoda Motor Show in Minsk gives its customers the opportunity to take new and used cars on credit and lease, offers to take out insurance or get service for old cars at a favorable price.


The auto idea is an official BMW dealer in Belarus. Here you can buy new cars and cars.

The car dealer offers:

  • service by certified specialists, who are as knowledgeable about the car as possible;
  • car diagnostics and service with the help of the most modern and innovative equipment, which has no analogues in Belarus;
  • use of original BMW spare parts with a two-year warranty;
  • service "Tire hotel" - seasonal tire storage in optimal conditions;
  • regular service actions and so on.


You can buy or sell used cars of famous brands at the Autodom.

Nowadays, for most people, having a car is not a luxury but a necessity, because it is simply impossible to perform daily work and family duties without a reliable and fast car.