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Education in Belarus

Education in Belarus

Today, having education is more a rule than an exception. It has become more accessible to get secondary or higher education than ever, since centralized testing every year becomes easier according to the students words. The staircase on which each person must climb is pre-school, school, secondary and higher / secondary special education. But how to do it, where to go, and whether it is worth completing 11 classes. You will find the answers to all these questions below.

Preschool education

Preschool education in the Republic of Belarus is not a mandatory step, but is provided according to the requirements of parents. It is represented by a kindergarten. Children from the age of three are admitted to the younger group of the kindergarten, and children under three attend a day nursery.

School education

When children reach six years, in the absence of contraindications for health, they can start attending school. But according to the statement of the parents, the founder of the educational organization has the right to permit the admission of children to school for training in educational programs of primary general education at an earlier or later age.

Elementary education

Primary education is the first stage that children face. For 4 years of primary education, children acquire the first knowledge about the world, communication skills and solving applied problems.

Secondary education

The degree of education is between primary and higher, lasting 7 years (from grades 5 to 11). In the Republic of Belarus secondary education is provided free of charge.

Higher education

The next stage of education is higher. Depending on the results obtained at the Centralized Testing, applicants may receive a paid or free education. The university, faculty and specialty is chosen exclusively by the student, and their variability will help in choosing the right option.

Specialized secondary education (colleges)

After 9 classes of secondary education, the student can apply to college, where he can receive secondary special education. In the modern market of educational services, the college is successful, competitive, and is constantly expanding the range and volume of educational services.

Higher education (undergraduate)

The bachelor is the student who graduated from university. Belarus is now on its way to the Bologna process, therefore, the standards of higher education are now also European. Frankly speaking in Europe the usual 4–5-year higher education is just the basis for obtaining a complete higher education and building a successful career.

Second degree

In Belarus, the opportunity to receive a second higher education is provided, however, it is often received by those students for whom the first higher education was unjustified. The second higher education can be obtained both face-to-face and extramural. But with a significant minus, education can only be obtained on a paid basis.

Post-graduate education

If nevertheless the first higher education turned out to be quite interesting and relevant for the student, you can consider the option of continuing education in this specialty.

Graduate school

This is the first stage of postgraduate education aimed at training specialists for scientific qualifications. They enter graduate school only if the student’s goal is to defend a candidate dissertation and obtain a candidate’s degree.


This is the second stage of postgraduate education, aimed at the formation of knowledge, skills of scientific and pedagogical and research work, at improving the professional level of training, providing a master's degree.

Doctoral studies

Doctoral studies are also the second stage of postgraduate education, the purpose of which is to prepare and defend a Qualification development

Qualification development - additional education for adults, which provides a deepening of professional knowledge. It is aimed at obtaining relevant and sought-after competencies. It is confirmed by the certificate of professional development of the established sample.

Additional education

Not all students and graduates want to spend time getting higher education, but the modern world does not oblige to have a diploma in order to become a good specialist. Today, there are a large number of courses for the training of specialists in the field of manicure, hairstyles, cosmetic procedures, tutors and many others.

Free education in Belarus

Secondary education in Belarus is free for all students. As for higher education, it is free subject to a competitive victory.

Paid education in Belarus

But according to statistics, 64% of university students study on a paid basis. The amount of payment in each university is discussed individually, and depends on the form of education.

Education in Belarus for foreigners

Today, about 20 thousand young people from different countries live and study in our republic. Most of all, citizens of Turkmenistan, Russia, China come to us for a diploma, many students from Tajikistan, Iran, Lebanon and African countries.

Language of education

It is worth knowing that training is mainly conducted in Russian, therefore a foreign applicant must know Russian at a level sufficient to master a higher education program in a particular specialty.

The Bologna Process

On May 14, 2015, our country on the second attempt joined the European Higher Education Area. That is, the Bologna process is an attempt to make higher education systems of European countries understandable to each other, to make education and, subsequently, work in different countries of Europe easily accessible for everyone.

Compulsory education in Belarus

Compulsory education in Belarus is only general basic education (grades 1–9). All other steps are each's personal desire to open new horizons.

Popular areas of education in Belarus

In Belarus, there is a rather extensive list of destinations where everyone can find their calling. Now we will get to know the most popular of them.

Medical education

Medical higher education in Belarus can be obtained in four cities: Gomel, Minsk, Vitebsk, Grodno. Paid higher medical education is expensive, especially when it comes to the dental faculty. Our education is appreciated not only within the country, but also abroad, as valuable specialists graduate here.

Legal education

About 30% of students currently receive economic and legal higher education. After graduating from the law faculty, graduates can count on high earnings in this area.

Linguistic education

Students of linguistic majors in Belarus have window of opportunity, as the number of majors is growing, so is the demand for them. The most demanded university is MSLU, where students are graduated with knowledge of the following languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, French, German, Romanian, Korean and many others.

Economic Education

Economic specialties are popular with applicants from year to year. If you have an analytical mindset and are like to attend the mathematics classes, then here you are. This education covers many specialties, such as accountant, auditor, economist, logistics and others.

IT Education

Since today the IT sphere is very popular, the demand for IT-specialists has increased several times. Belarusian IT specialists are considered one of the best in the world, and have consolidated their positions by developing applications such as Viber, Happy color, World of tanks games, and offline MAPS.ME cards.

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