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Average wages in Belarus

Average wages in Belarus

Each applicant before entering expects to become a specialist and receive a decent salary. The article will tell you which spheres are the most profitable and what salary Belarusians can count on in Minsk.

What are Average Wages in Belarus?

Average salary is an economic indicator that is calculated using the formula for the average salary of a certain group of the working population.

When it comes to national income, its average is calculated by comparing the salaries of the entire working population, divided by the number of working people.

Do not think that the average wage is the minimum that the employer should provide you, because in his calculation they take both very high salaries and very low ones.

At the same time, the average wages are calculated with the calculation of the normalized schedule of the employee. Thus, the average worker should not exceed 40 hours of work per week.

The period during which the employer calculates wages is usually limited to one month, unless a longer period is specified in the employment contract.

The calculation of the average wage includes wages, bonuses, additional payments stipulated by the Law "On Labor".

Salary does not include days of temporary disability, vacation days, etc. These payments are discussed with management separately.

Average hourly earnings are calculated by dividing the total wages for the last six months by the number of hours worked during that period.

Average salary in Minsk

Belarus is part of the former USSR, so residents of neighboring countries are often interested in the life of the average citizen of the Republic of Belarus. Many people are interested in the real life of the Belarusian people for the prospect of moving or an adequate assessment of the situation in the country.

In Minsk, you can meet many Russian citizens who have found their place in a more closed country, but the same situation occurs in Russia. The thing is that citizens of both countries do not need to obtain a special permit to work. But many are interested in whether it is worth going to work in Belarus, and how much they pay there.

According to the leader among financial portals,, the average salary in Belarus is 1290 BYN. However, we all understand that the average wage usually means the amount paid to the average worker. And this real amount is in most cases less than the published average salary.

Average salaries in the IT sector

Information technologies are actively developing, and at the moment the sphere is considered the most promising and profitable on the territory of Belarus.

The task of programmers is to develop websites and programs for sale to foreign clients. The amount of salary per month depends on the work experience and capabilities of the specialist.

Thus, young specialists earn no more than $ 500, and the salaries of experienced programmers with a good portfolio can reach $ 3,000 or more.

Some companies in Belarus make research of IT salary market yearly. One of the examples - Here you can buy a research of average salaries in IT in Belarus, Georgia and Poland.

Average salaries in medicine

Physician is one of the noblest professions, and during the pandemic, medical professionals have become even more appreciated. Over the period of 2020, the salaries of doctors working with patients of the COVID-19 department have been raised several times.

As for the employees of ordinary departments, their work is estimated at an average of 1000 BYN. The Minsk authorities are actively encouraging applicants to enroll in medical specialties due to a shortage of personnel, but salaries in this area are not increasing.

Average salaries in education

The sphere of education is one of the lowest paid in Belarus. In comparison with the average earnings in the regions, Minsk has the highest salaries in the country.

On average, a teacher receives 450 BYN per month. Educators in Minsk earn about 300 Belarusian rubles. rub., tutor's assistants - 240 BYN. rub.

The current President promises to increase the average salary of teachers by 7-26% in 2021, depending on the length of service and professionalism of the employee.

Average wages in the construction industry

The construction sector is not developing as actively as other areas. Employees of construction companies can safely claim a salary of 1500 BYN in Minsk, and about 1000 BYN in other cities of Belarus.

According to statistics, the largest number of construction vacancies in the country is in Minsk, followed by the Grodno region, and the third - by the Minsk region.

Average salaries in management

A good management specialist will be well appreciated in any company. At the same time, the average salary in management in the country is 1020 BYN.

According to statistics, the largest number of managerial vacancies in the country is open in Minsk, followed by the Vitebsk region, and the third - by the Minsk region.

Average wages in industry

As in all spheres, industrial workers earn large sums in the capital of Belarus. Average salary in this sphere is 1300 BYN.

Average wages in agriculture

Agriculture is the leading sphere of earning money in Belarus, but, unfortunately, the average wages in agriculture are noticeably below the “cherished” thousand rubles. In January 2021, the average wage of agricultural workers in Minsk and the Minsk region was 900 rubles, in the regions this figure falls in proportion to the distance from the capital.