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Places for kinds in Minsk, Belarus

Kids are like sunflowers — always bright, happy and smiley. They are active and energetic even at the end of the day, not tired of exploring the world around them and eager to participate in as many activities as they can or allowed to. In Belarus a lot of specially designed places are being opened, for a kid to be able to develop both mentally and physically. Belarussian families care a lot about the health and well-being of their future generation and try to engage their children in various sports activities, enroll them into a music school or develop their mental capacity and creativity by attending specialized clubs.

Places for kids and children are numerous all over the country and their extracurricular activities are what helps them stay involved in a particular society different from their home surroundings. To be involved means to be sociable and interested, to be active and enjoy life around you — this is what marks all children out.
Parents are deeply devoted to their children and try to spend as much time as possible taking them out to museums, exhibitions, sports activities, and cafes. There are also a number of places for kids in Minsk and other cities such as trampolines, mazes, educational museums where children can carry out experiments themselves, sports places, virtual reality rooms. Workshops for the minors are also popular as the kids learn how to cook pizza, make a sculpture, or draw on the sand, thus obtaining new practical skills and getting to know other people and the world.

Children’s activity needs to be organized and supervised but that should be done with utmost care and without impeding them from using their own imagination and creativity. In Belarus, professional teachers and animators know how to keep a child interested and lead him on the path where new and promising ideas are born.
Wherever you are, to be either a parent or a child is pure happiness. Going out together strengthens family ties and numerous activities and places to visit make the time spent by each other unforgettably joyful, full of love and care, smiles and laugh. You can choose any place represented on this page and be sure of receiving only positive emotions from visiting it.