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Elemento Elemento


Elemento is a science museum for children, who are interested in physics, chemistry and other sciences.

Children's camp Elemento

The center organizes camps for children, where they can together with other children have fun and spend time usefully during their holidays. The program includes laboratory work, engineering master classes, excursions, experiments, lectures, quests, scientific show programs and many other interesting activities. During 2 weeks in the camp, your child will be able to find new friends and learn a lot of interesting things about our planet. Classes are held every day, except Saturday and Sunday, from 9.00 to 18.00.

Art-camp Leonardika

Children who are interested in art will definitely love the Elemento Art Camp. Classes are held at the National Center for Contemporary Art. The camp lasts for one week, during which the child will get a role in a play, write a picture, take part in a choreographic performance, and also prepare his own musical number.

Other events from Elemento

Also the entertainment space for children Elemento regularly hold lectures, scientific show programs, meetings of the children's club, as well as educational master classes for school groups.