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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property in Belarus

Intellectual activity is the undoubted engine of progress in the world, so many people look for its protection. In this article, we will reveal the concept of intellectual property and talk about its registration.

What is Intellectual Property?

One of the most discussed topics today is intellectual property. Belarus, like other countries, supports the formation of a market for intellectual products. This is important in today's developing world for the exercise of rights as well as the legal protection of creative ideas.

Intellectual property is a conditional concept, because rather implies a legal relationship that has nothing to do with material objects. But, despite the conventionality of the form of protection, such objects are involved in civil circulation.

The very concept of intellectual property means a combination of rights to the results of creative activity and means of individualization. That is, it is considered the consolidation of rights that are the result of intellectual work in some areas.

Protection of intellectual property rights is necessary for organizations and businesses to prevent its employees or other companies from using new ideas for commercial purposes. After inventing something new, the company gets rid of competitors, which means it becomes monopolists in the market for its products.

That is, having registered his idea, the applicant will be able to punish a person or organization using his idea without approval. To do this, he needs to declare to the state or judicial authorities.

Individual property

Experienced specialists provide services in the field of intellectual property protection in the Republic of Belarus.

The objects of intellectual property are:

• Works of authorship;

• Trademarks;

• integrated microcircuits;

• Computer programs.

National Center for Intellectual Property

The National Center for Intellectual Property is an institution whose specialists are engaged in the protection of intellectual property rights.

The center performs the following tasks:

• Implementation of ideas and improvement of the security system for objects of intellectual property;

• participation in the implementation of national policy in the field of protection of intellectual property rights;

• follows all the rules of the Republic of Belarus on the protection of intellectual property;

• provides quality training for specialists to work in the center;

• cooperates with foreign organizations in order to enforce the law.

Registration of intellectual property

Trademark registration

Trademarks are designations of goods to distinguish them. Trademarks can be represented by names or combinations of colors, numerical values ​​or combinations of such designations. If your property does not fit more than one designation, its registration is possible only with the help of legislative acts of the Republic of Belarus.

To register your trademark, you must collect the following documents:

• a statement detailing the applicant's information on the sample. To continue the procedure, the applicant must give written consent to the processing of personal data;

• a receipt confirming that the duty has been paid in due amount;

• image of the trademark;

• power of attorney when filing an application through a patent attorney;

• documents confirming the legality of claiming exhibition priority.

Registration of a patent

The priority area for a patent in Belarus from foreign applicants is considered to be the field of chemistry, while Belarusian applicants often patent mechanical property.

Registration of a patent in accordance with all the rules and laws takes about 18 months, and is mainly applied to those products that become a breakthrough in the field of inventions, bring something new.

We warn you that there are often cases when the presence of a patent does not protect against infringement. Those. in the case of a description of any process for obtaining a product, it is impossible to identify a violation, there is no way to track how you received the product.

Copyright registration

Belarus has a law “On Copyright and Related Rights”, which applies to the following objects:

• Science;

• Literature;

• Arts.

These works must be the result of a creative process, and can have any form of expression.

The most popular copyright objects are:

• Literary as works;

• dramatic and musical-dramatic works;

• musical with and without text;

• audiovisual (film, television, video, filmstrips, etc.);

• fine arts (sculpture, painting, graphics, lithography, etc.);

• applied arts and design;

• photographic.

The list is not complete, and you should not worry if you did not find your item in it, because works that are unknown to the Law to this day can also become objects.

In many countries, any work presented in tangible form is protected by copyright. The copyright holder has the exclusive right to dispose of his work. For example, in most cases only he can allow other people to use it.

But it is worth remembering that even specifying the name of the copyright holder in a video or book does not give you the right to use the materials.

Registration of computer programs

The same authority is in charge of registering computer programs. But NCIS warns that registration is not tantamount to obtaining copyright, it just certifies the existence of a computer program.

The result of the work of the center will be obtaining a certificate and entering data about the program into the register. In the future, all the materials provided can be used to confirm the circumstances necessary for the copyright holder.

Term of registration of intellectual property

The examination of intellectual property is carried out within 3 months. Then the patent authority makes its decision, and after 18 months from the date of filing the application, the data is published in the official gazette.