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Psychologist in Belarus

Each of us has faced serious problems in life at least once in our lives. Sometimes there is not enough own strength to solve these serious problems. In such cases, there are specially trained people who can help you cope. There are many psychological centers in Belarus. Doctors have different methods of working through your problems, from personal conversation to group sessions where people with similar problems gather and share their stories. Nevertheless, if you do not want or, for some reason, cannot advertise your problems, there are private psychologists. The differences between these specialists will be in the prices for their services.

Private psychologists in Belarus

Private psychologists are usually approached for the following reasons: crisis in relationships, separation, divorce; encounter with treason; love addiction; loneliness and finding a partner; difficulties in relationships with family members; loss of a loved one; problems with self-perception and self-esteem; problems with work and self-realization and much more.

Top 5 most demanded private psychologists:

  1. Alla Kovtunenko

ICTA Certified Practitioner Coach

Master of the Enneagram ICTA

NLP Practitioner

  1. Olesya Budrik

Psychologist, gestalt therapist, supervisor. Practical work experience 11 years. Individual counseling, group psychotherapy, professional assistance to colleagues (supervision).

  1. Shupenko Maksim Iosifovich

Psychologist, medical psychologist, gestalt therapist.

Work experience: 17 years.

  1. Goncharenko Ekaterina Anatolievna

Consultant psychologist. Works with adults.

  1. Tarasevich Elena Vladimirovna

He is a candidate of medical sciences, assistant professor. Has been working in the field of psychotherapy since 1986.

Psychological centers in Belarus

Top 7 psychological centers:

  1. Medical center «Paracels Psychotherapy»
  2. Medical center «Donskie»
  3. Medical center «DomDok»
  4. Medical center «Zdrava»
  5. Trainings, seminars «Square orange»
  6. Medical center «LODE»
  7. Psychological center «The center of successful relationship»

Types of classes with a psychologist

There are a number of types of activities, methods that psychologists use for their work: personal conversations, group sessions, walks and excursions, role-playing games, dramatized classes, reading fiction, experiments and experiments.

Various types of psychological assistance differ in goals, theoretical orientations, underlying them, and areas of application. It is important to understand that sometimes non-professionals, relatives and friends, clergymen and even casual acquaintances who are not indifferent to our condition now, can provide psychological help to us. In addition to such "spontaneous" assistance, specially trained volunteers can purposefully use some of its types. Depending on the main goals of assistance, there are:

  • psychological counseling;

Psychological counseling is focused on helping the client in resolving a certain problem situation, makes it possible to expand his understanding of various aspects of his personality, as well as social environment.

  • psychotherapy;

Psychotherapy is focused on improving the mental state of persons with mental and behavioral disorders, eliminating the symptoms of these disorders by methods of psychological influence.

  • psychological correction;

Psychological correction is a directed psychological impact on certain mental structures in order to ensure the full development and functioning of the individual.

  • crisis of intervention;

Crisis of intervention emergency psychological assistance to persons in crisis (victims of ethnic conflicts, natural disasters, catastrophes; people who have lost loved ones), aimed at preventing the development of mental disorders and behavioral disorders.

  • psychological rehabilitation;

Psychological rehabilitation assistance to the patient, focused on the fullest possible restoration of his abilities, improving the quality of life, improving social adaptation, integration into society, preventing the development of persistent personality disorders and negative changes in life style.

  • psychological training;

Psychological training - developing the client's necessary psychological and behavioral skills: overcoming stress, resolving conflicts, making decisions.

Psychological assistance can be provided both individually and in a group (family, group therapy), as well as within an entire organization (organizational counseling).

  • individual sessions with a psychologist

The goal of individual therapy is to improve and change a person's personality, which are aimed at improving his life and building harmonious relationships with significant people. However, if interpersonal relationships are the main pain point, then it will be easier to understand their patterns in group psychotherapy, the program of which is combined with individual work. With the help of individual work with a psychologist, you can significantly reduce anxiety, become more self-confident and gain the ability to make the right choice, taking into account your true desires, and not the pressure of the environment.

  • group sessions with a psychologist

Group psychotherapy is a form of work in which a number of people meet with a certain frequency and, under the guidance of experienced psychologists, solve their psychological problems. In psychotherapy groups, participants share difficult situations, their experiences and feelings, receiving feedback from each other and from the leaders. Group sessions with a psychologist allow you to completely change behavior patterns, get rid of the burden of unlived emotions and make your future life much easier.

During group sessions with a psychologist, people learn to find a common language with others and talk about themselves in such a way that they can be understood. Psychotherapeutic groups are conducted in the form of conversations with certain rules. During them, the participants understand the causes of existing psychological problems and learn to cope with them by changing their behavior.

For this, the group leader competently builds the lesson, using various techniques. He can offer exercises that activate personal experience, experiments in which you can master new forms of behavior and response, discuss in more detail a moment touched on in a conversation, tell about your own feelings caused by communication.

Attending group sessions with psychologists provides an opportunity to solve many problems, but initially you need to set real and specific goals for yourself. This process is more focused on working out interpersonal relationships than on a thorough study of the mental world of each participant.

The cost of psychologist services in Belarus

The cost of the services of a psychologist in Belarus varies from 15 to 80 dollars. As a rule, the cost of a session with a specialist depends on the type of services that are provided to you. For example, group lessons will be cheaper than individual lessons.

How does classes with a psychologist last?

Classes with a psychologist are held in a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere. The specialist conducts a conversation with the client without causing discomfort, asking questions, listening to the patient. The psychologist does everything to make you as comfortable as possible. The setting is supportive and relaxed for sharing their experiences.

What problems does the psychologist solve?

The psychologist helps to solve problems of a completely different nature. You can share with the psychologist personal problems, problems with low self-esteem, and interactions with family members. A psychologist is usually consulted after severe emotional distress. For example, a breakup after a long serious relationship, a period of adaptation after a divorce, or the loss of a close relative. In addition, families who have a crisis in relationships and need the help of a certified specialist often turn to a psychologist.