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Invitation to a foreigner

Invitation to a foreigner

How often we and those around us wondered how good it is there, in Europe, the United States, England and you never know where else. But statistics say, more and more often citizens of the near and far abroad, stateless persons apply to the competent authorities for issuing invitations to enter and stay in Belarus. The purposes of the trips are, as a rule, similar: these are work visits, visits for the purpose of tourism or health improvement (health care services and sanatorium-and-spa treatment are increasingly popular), visits to relatives and burial places, cultural and educational visits.

Why make an invitation to a foreigner to Belarus?

So that your friend, guest, relative can safely cross the border, apply to any state bodies and institutions, simply carry out a safe stay in Belarus, it is important to correctly draw up a document for such a guest, which is the invitation.

Who can issue an invitation to a foreigner to Belarus?

A foreigner can be invited not only by citizens of Belarus, but also by foreigners and stateless persons officially residing on its territory. Invitations can be single-entry for a stay of more than 90 days (visa type C) and multiple, but less than 90 days (visa type D).

Procedure for issuing an invitation to a foreigner to Belarus

State bodies

In order to issue an invitation for a foreigner, you should contact the Citizenship and Migration Department at the place of permanent residence and receive a special application form. To fill it out, you need to know the last name, first name, year and place of birth, citizenship, national passport number, address, place of work and position of the guest. Invitations for multiple entry to Belarus with private visits are issued only to those foreigners who have close relatives in Belarus: parents, siblings, husband, wife, children, grandfather, grandmother. Family relations are confirmed by providing copies of birth and marriage certificates. These documents must be certified by a notary or by an employee of the Citizenship and Migration Department.

Filling out the questionnaire

To fill out an application form, you need to know the last name, first name, year and place of birth, citizenship, national passport number, address, place of work and position of the guest. The completed application is handed over to the inspector of the Citizenship and Migration Department. Requirements for filling out the forms: handwritten text, block letters. In blue or purple ink, but no corrections or erasures. If you want to quickly fill out the forms with the help of employees, you can contact our typing bureau, paying for the services of filling out the documents.

List of required documents

For all types of visas, the set of documents is common, these are: an application, a passport, a document confirming the availability of funds to cover the costs of the stay of the invited foreign citizen or stateless person in the Republic of Belarus and his departure from the Republic of Belarus, in case of invitation of a foreign citizen or person stateless from a state that is unfavorable in terms of migration; documents confirming the existence of grounds for issuing a multiple invitation to the Republic of Belarus (birth certificate, marriage certificate, adoption certificate, name change certificate); a document confirming the payment (check, receipt).

Cost of issuing an invitation

The cost of issuing an invitation of type C, the total period is within 10 days: 2 basic values, that is, 54 rubles. Expedited order, within 5 days - 2.5 basic units, that is, 68 rubles.

The cost of issuing an invitation for type D, as a general rule, this procedure lasts 10 days - is 6 basic units, that is, 162 rubles. The cost of an expedited issuance of an invitation within 5 days is 6.5 basic, that is, 176 rubles. It is also worth noting that there are cases when, when issuing a document, a citizen is exempted from paying a fee. However, the guest will need to provide a document confirming the right to partial or full exemption from payment.

Grounds for refusing to issue an invitation to a foreigner to Belarus

Formal requirements

On the territory of the Republic of Belarus, documents issued by the competent authorities of foreign states are accepted if they are legalized or an apostille affixed. Documents drawn up in a foreign language must be accompanied by a translation into one of the state languages - into Belarusian or Russian. Also, you should understand that the most important thing is not to forget to notarize the document. In addition to what has been said, this requirement also applies to the inscriptions in the affixed seals. If such requirements are violated, you will face an unequivocal refusal to issue an invitation.

Other reasons for refusing

It is also worth considering a number of cases that, in accordance with Belarusian laws, embassy and consular offices are forced to refuse a foreigner an entry visa. And even if a visa is issued, the border guard officers have the right not to let a foreigner into Belarus under certain circumstances. In order to prevent this from happening, you need to know that a foreigner is denied a visa or entry into the Republic of Belarus if:

  • the foreigner has violated the rules for crossing the state border or customs rules. However, if the violation is corrected, the foreigner may be allowed to enter;
  • the validity of a passport or other document for traveling abroad ends 90 days or less before the intended departure from Belarus;
  • a foreigner has been convicted of a crime in Belarus or another country, and his conviction has not been removed or canceled;
  • during his stay in Belarus, a foreigner was brought to administrative responsibility within a year 2 times or more, while its term has not yet expired;
  • during his stay in Belarus, the foreigner was brought to administrative responsibility, was fined and did not pay the fine in due time;
  • a foreigner cannot confirm that he has the amount of money necessary to cover the costs of his stay in Belarus or cannot provide a guarantee that he will have the required amount later;
  • during the previous visit of a foreigner to Belarus, the period of his temporary stay has expired;
  • the guest has submitted forged or forged documents or provided false information for obtaining a visa;
  • the submitted documents do not meet the requirements of Belarusian legislation;
  • the foreigner is on the list of persons whose entry into Belarus is prohibited or undesirable;
  • a foreigner has been declared by the Republic of Belarus persona non grata - a person whose entry is unacceptable or undesirable;
  • there is information that the foreigner is involved in extremist or terrorist activities or is a member of extremist or terrorist organizations;
  • entry may be prohibited for foreigners involved in the smuggling of goods, the sale of drugs, weapons, ammunition and explosives, also for foreign citizens involved in human trafficking or organizing illegal migration will not be able to enter Belarus;
  • a foreigner does not have insurance issued by a Belarusian or foreign insurance company operating in Belarus;
  • a foreigner suffers from a disease that poses a danger to the life and health of citizens of Belarus.