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Import of cars to Belarus

Import of cars to Belarus

Car imports to Belarus are growing every year. This is due to an increase in the import of cars from the Russian Federation. The article will tell you about the amount of customs payments for import, customs clearance services and all the details of importing cars.

Customs clearance of a car when imported into Belarus

The legislation of the Republic of Belarus allows the import of vehicles into the territory of the country for personal use. Foreign vehicles must be declared in writing using the passenger customs declaration.

The amount of customs payments for importing a car into Belarus

When importing a personal car into the country, the following parameters must be taken into account.

Сustoms fee

The customs duty in Belarus is 120 BYN.

Customs duties

The amount of customs duties is calculated based on the vehicle year and engine size.

There are some benefits for disabled people of the 1st / 2nd group, guardians of disabled children, and parents of large families. The amount of customs duty for these citizens is reduced by 50%. Electric vehicles have a zero customs duty rate.

Recycling collection

If you are bringing in a passenger car for personal use, then the amount of the recycling fee will depend on the year of the car.

If he is more than 3 years old, the amount will be equal to 544.5 BYN.

For cars older than 3 years, the amount rises to 816.7 BYN.

The same system is installed for electric vehicles.

Privileges for customs payments

The legislation of the Republic of Belarus provides for preferential customs clearance for disabled people of I and II groups and parents of large families. Customs clearance of the car will cost them half of the indicated amounts

Moreover, you can declare your right, both immediately when registering for a PTO, and later by writing a request to the customs authorities for the return of half of the full amount of duties paid.

Parents of children with disabilities systematically wrote requests to state bodies for their inclusion in the list of beneficiaries. Their request was satisfied, and now parents and guardians of minor children with disabilities are also entitled to payment of duties with the subsequent return of part of the payments.

Preferences for environmentally friendly engines

The whole world, including the Belarusian state, is interested in spreading the idea of ​​buying electric vehicles. Thus, for the distribution of this type of transport, the legislation of the Republic of Belarus does not provide for customs duties for their import.

Over the past few years, various attempts have been made to make electric cars more attractive to Belarusian motorists. But the ideas were unsuccessful. Electric cars have not found widespread use due to the short duration of the decree on customs payments and the weak infrastructure for servicing such cars.

Now the European countries are planning to resume the strategy, taking into account the mistakes made. The necessity of importing electric vehicles according to the “cheaper scheme” for ordinary citizens was also pointed out, as well as the establishment of the period of validity of zero rates for at least a year.

To date, the legislation of the Republic of Belarus states that until January 31, 2025, there will be a zero customs duty rate for individuals and legal entities of Belarus when importing cars with electric motors.

What is a customs calculator?

If you are planning to drive a car from Europe or the USA, then you need to go through the customs clearance procedure. But today, motorists do not need to independently study the rates of customs duties, because it is possible to use the customs calculator of duties on cars.

A handy calculator is presented on the official Belarusian portal

The procedure for importing a car to Belarus

Car customs clearance is required when buying a car abroad. Import duties on foreign cars must be paid in accordance with all the rules and calculations so that in the future it is easy to move around in a European car on the territory of Belarus. It is necessary to draw up all the necessary documents for the car, and then pay all customs payments:

• customs fee;

• recycling collection;

• customs duty.

Contacting a distillation specialist

The services of a ferry specialist include a whole range of activities that ensure the prompt delivery of transport and its safety.

Contacting a specialist:

• guarantees of delivery of the vehicle you have purchased,

• providing the location of the driver along the entire journey,

• carrying out transportation of equipment from the European Union, CIS countries, and Russia.

Temporary import of a car

Temporary import of foreign vehicles by foreign individuals is carried out without securing the fulfillment of the obligation to pay customs duties and taxes.

The initial period of temporary admission, established by the customs authority at the checkpoint, is 6 months.

Import of a car for permanent accommodation in Belarus

Payment of import customs duties and taxes is ensured by the methods established by the Customs Union.

Recall that according to the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, the payment of customs duties can be ensured in one of the following ways:

• depositing funds;

• bank guarantee;

• surety;

• a pledge of property.

Customs clearance services for cars in Belarus

Car transportation is a complex undertaking, so it is very important to choose reliable partners at every stage of this procedure.

The most important moment of transportation is customs clearance because filling out the documentation incorrectly can cause a lot of trouble.

Highly qualified specialists working in the field of customs services will help to calculate the number of customs duties, fees, and payments, as well as provide the appropriate certificates, licenses, permits, and certificates.

You should not take risks in the issue of customs clearance if you are transporting a vehicle for the first time. Ask for help from specialists, and the car will be transported to you in a short time.