Business_visa_to_Belarus Business visa to Belarus

Business visa to Belarus

Every year tens of thousands of businessmen and representatives of foreign companies come to the Republic of Belarus to develop business cooperation, open a business in the Republic of Belarus, as well as to study the business potential of the Republic of Belarus and explore business opportunities. At present representatives of a large number of countries, including the USA, Canada, the UK and other EU countries, China, Japan and South Korea, Latin America, come to Belarus on business visas. A great impetus for the development of so-called business tourism was the introduction of visa-free regime for foreign citizens of the certain list of countries. Thus, at present time foreign citizens of the countries included in the lists for visa-free entry to Belarus have no need to obtain a visa with a stay of up to 30 days.

When do you need to get a business visa to Belarus?

Thus, a person who comes to the Republic of Belarus on a business visit, it is necessary to obtain a business visa to Belarus in the following cases:

1) If a person is a citizen of a state that is not included in the list of countries for visa-free entry to Belarus;
2) If the period of the planned visit exceeds 30 days.

Documents required

To obtain a business visa of the Republic of Belarus, an individual has to receive an invitation letter from the organization registered in the Republic of Belarus. The invitation letter is usually issued on the letterhead of the organization and signed by its head. In the invitation letter it is necessary to describe in detail the purpose of a person’s visit to the Republic of Belarus, as well as to prescribe the period for which a visa is requested.

Where can you get a business visa to Belarus?

Using this invitation letter, an individual can obtain a visa in two ways:

1) At the Airport in the Republic of Belarus on arrival;
2) At the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus abroad.

Period of validity

A business visa can be issued for a maximum up to 90 days. If an individual wants to stay in the Republic of Belarus for more than 90 days, he will need to obtain a temporary residence permit, which allows him to stay in the territory of the Republic of Belarus for any number of days in a calendar year.

On arrival in the Republic of Belarus on a business visa, the inviting organization is responsible for the registration of such a foreign citizen. In case of deportation of a foreign citizen, all deportation costs will also be reimbursed by the inviting organization.

As noted above, today, due to the introduction of a 30 day visa-free regime for many foreign citizens visiting Belarus, there is no need to obtain a visa to visit the country for up to 30 days.

It should also be noted that from 2018 with no visas (up to 180 days) investors and other persons on the lists drawn up by the Administration of the Industrial Park “Great stone” can enter. In addition, Decree No. 8 “On the Development of the Digital Economy” establishes a visa-free entry procedure for foreign citizens employed by residents of the Hi-Tech Park, as well as for the founders of HTP residents.