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dry-cleaners Best Dry Cleaners in Minsk

Best Dry Cleaners in Minsk

Most laundries and dry cleaners in Minsk offer the best value for money.

Today, most companies and organizations offer dry cleaning of clothes, laundry, cleaning and dyeing of leather goods and sheepskin, dry cleaning of upholstered furniture, sofas, mattresses, dry cleaning of carpets and carpets. All services of the company are provided on the basis of European technologies, which is the main and indispensable guarantee of high quality.

At home, it is difficult to return impeccable purity to your favorite things, preserving the structure of the product, to achieve the original brightness of his drawing and color, as well as to make a delicate care of clothes. That is why offers of professional services and dry cleaning are always very helpful.

Every person faced with the choice of dry cleaning, will be interested in questions: "professionalism of masters", "prompt execution of works", "what means will be used", "where services" and other important details. We will tell in this material about the best dry cleaners and laundries in Minsk.

Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services

Dry cleaning services:

  • laundry and shirts;
  • dyeing of leather, fur and sheepskin;
  • carpet cleaning;
  • dry cleaning of pillows and featherbeds;
  • cleaning suede shoes;
  • dry cleaning of fur coats;
  • dry cleaning of fur products;
  • dry-cleaning of sheepskin coats and leather goods;
  • dry cleaning of coats, suits and cardigans;
  • dry-cleaning of children's things and strollers;
  • dry cleaning of toys;
  • dry cleaning of children's car seats and so on.

Laundry services:

  • cleaning and laundry of all kinds of outer and underwear;
  • cleaning and laundering of down products;
  • cleaning and laundering of shoes;
  • cleaning and laundering of jackets;
  • sheepskin cleaning;
  • gentle cleaning and laundering of laundry;
  • ironing.

Dry Cleaning Services


Dry cleaners offer gentle cleaning, laundry and ironing services for your belongings. Apart from everyday clothes, you can also clean everything from your work uniform to your evening dress.


When it comes to jackets, it is terrible to wash them in the machine, but in the dry cleaners approach this issue thoroughly.

Initially, experts examine the thing and choose the type of treatment: dry or wet washing. Companies follow all the care recommendations specified by the manufacturer. The items are also inspected for damage and their presence or absence is specified in the contract.

The stains are treated with special means and then immersed in a special machine, where the item is in a dry solvent environment. After the item is taken out of the machine, it goes through a drying and finishing process. In the last stage, recovery work is sometimes carried out.


The way you dry-clean your shoes depends on their type:

  • from nubuck;
  • suede shoes;
  • leather shoes;
  • sports shoes, etc.

For example, when cleaning shoes made of nubuck, it must be treated with a special solution, and without this impregnation cleaning has zero efficiency. But leather shoes in the dry cleaning will help to brighten up and remove heavy soiling.


The way the coat is dry-cleaned also depends on its type:

  • demi-season;
  • knitted coat;
  • insulated;
  • demi-coat;
  • half-coat insulated.

Except the delicate approach for a drape, cashmere or woolen coat, fur details: collars, cuffs, edges from natural fur demand special processing.

For preservation of quality of fur at cleaning, use only the modern chemical means supporting its softness and shine.

Down coat

Laundering the down coat at home is an almost impossible mission. The down is knocked down, dries long, loses its shape. And to lose its warm cozy down coat in anticipation of the cold is not desirable at all. In order not to fall victim to domestic tricks and tips on how to clean the down coat by hand, choose a professional approach to washing and cleaning complex products.

Dry cleaning of down jackets requires special technology at all stages of the process. To clean the jacket, preserving its appearance, and get rid of dirt without soaking, use modern detergents that do not contain aggressive alkalis. Washing down jackets and down products with new machines does not knock down the filler lumps, so the jacket will remain warm and light.


Professional dry-cleaning of fur garments, fur coats, half-coats guarantees safety of capricious and expensive clothes. If you decide to clean your fur at home, you risk ruining a fur coat or a fluffy piece of clothing forever. Deformation of elements, disappearance of the natural fat layer of lint, loss of exquisite natural color and even molting - these unpleasant consequences will avoid fur dry cleaning by specialists.


Washing large items by hand is time-consuming, and using a household washing machine easily breaks down the integrity of fine threads. So instead of dry-cleaning curtains, you should not test the fabric in the drum of your home machine. Remember that well-groomed beautiful curtains can transform to unrecognizability even a modest home repair, but neglecting the service of dry cleaning curtains, you can forever spoil the impression of the most exquisite interiors.

Cleaning companies


To clean the sofa correctly, you need to know the specific material, take into account the direction of the fabric pile, its composition and possible reaction to the cleaner. In addition, it is necessary to determine the correct concentration of chemicals, as well as the method of subsequent drying of the surface. In order not to spoil the appearance of the sofa, it is best to contact a cleaning company for assistance.


Palace collects a lot of dirt, dust, bacteria, and dust mites. The higher and thicker the lint, the more potential health problems - allergies, weakened immunity, so cleaning carpets at home should be professional.

Sync by honey bunny

Carpet is a regular in offices and often stains and complex dirt that cleaners can't cope with. In such cases, experts from cleaning companies come to the aid, which special means to remove the pollution.


Modern mattresses have a long life - many years or even decades. When buying a mattress, few people think that it should be cleaned thoroughly and regularly. Dust, pieces of skin, sweat, moisture - all this is absorbed into the structure of the mattress. Eventually, billions of microorganisms can develop in a mattress. Mattress cleaning is a necessary procedure if you care about the cleanliness of your bed and your health.


If the fabric on the upholstered furniture begins to look unattractive, faded or just covered with dirt, it is time to ask help to wet and dry cleaning of upholstered furniture. A professional team of specialists will help remove even the most durable stains from the upholstery:

  • color marker;
  • dirt;
  • oil of hair;
  • lipstick;
  • ballpoint pen;
  • oil and grease;
  • food and beverages.

Dry cleaning addresses

A list of the best dry cleaners and cleaning companies and their addresses can be found on this page.

You can contact any company from the list on this page and be sure that your clothes or furniture will not be damaged, and specialists will do their best to remove stains and contaminants.