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Dry Cleaning "C&D Factory"
Dry Cleaning "C&D Factory"

Dry Cleaning "C&D Factory"

General information about C&D Factory

Life in a metropolis is always accompanied by a lot of things to do and a lack of time for household items, and coming home, everyone wants to feel the atmosphere of comfort and tranquility. CleanDry offers to return your home to its previous brightness and cleanliness.

The main service of the company is dry cleaning of clothes. CleanDry believes that any fabric can be restored to its original appearance, regardless of how dirty it is.

Garment handling involves the use of chemicals that dissolve contamination without risk of damaging the garment. Do not be afraid for the processing of children's clothing, because all products used by the company are tested and safe for clients of any age. The scope of the company includes other services related to the return of the original appearance to clothing and textile materials.

On the official website of the company, you can always find out details about the services, familiarize yourself with the price list, find the current offers of the company, find the nearest collection point and contact the operator.

Services at C&D Factory

The company provides a wide range of services with the ability to deliver ready-made clothes and linen to the customer's site in convenient packaging.

The service catalog implies the following processing:

• Dry cleaning in hydrocarbon, water cleaning, dry cleaning.

When ordering a dry cleaning service, specialists independently select the best way to clean the fabric, based on the type of fiber and the degree of its contamination.

• Laundry.

The service is available not only to individuals, but also to organizations (hotels, children's recreation camps, sanatoriums). The work uses modern equipment and an integrated approach to solving any problems related to linen.

• Clothing repair.

Employees are always ready to deal with defects in your items as soon as possible. You will not notice how your wardrobe will shine with bright colors, as if buying new clothes. Don't rush to throw away your old wardrobe, it's better to restore them in CleanDry. Not only full restoration is guaranteed, but even a change of style, if necessary.

• Shoe repair.

The workshop will cope with almost any complexity of work in the shortest possible time. Do not rush to part with your favorite shoes if the heel is broken or the skin on it is worn out. The craftsman will bring your shoes back to life using durable materials with a long service life.

• Repair of Bags.

The CleanDry team offers professional assistance in case of defects on leather, suede and other bags. You will be provided with high-quality and prompt repairs using modern equipment.

If you have any questions, you can always find out the details and prices on the official website of the company.

С&D Factory contact information

CleanDry's official website offers online help to its customers. After going to the site, in the lower right corner you will see a window "Send us a message". You can ask your question, and the specialist will always be happy to answer.

All details can be clarified by calling +375 17 377-46-46.