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Medical tourism in Belarus Medical tourism in Belarus

Medical tourism in Belarus

Tourists go to Belarus not only to get acquainted with the culture, to learn more about the Second World War, but also to recover. Belarus has endless pine forests, lots of greenery everywhere, clean air and incredible landscapes on the lakes. And what else does a tired body and spirit need?

Any tourism can be considered medical in the most general definition, unless, of course, you are into pub-crawl.

Anyway, it's not recommended to joke with health, so let's talk about it.

Treatment of foreign nationals in Belarus

If you live in Belarus permanently, you have the right to receive medical care on an equal basis with Belarusian citizens. If you are temporarily or temporarily residing in the country, medical assistance is provided at your expense.

The Republic of Belarus has concluded agreements with some foreign states, which regulate the issues of emergency and scheduled medical care.

According to the international treaties of Belarus, citizens of the following CIS member states can receive medical care in Belarus free of charge:

  • the Republic of Armenia;
  • the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • the Kyrgyz Republic;
  • the Republic of Moldova;
  • the Republic of Tajikistan;
  • the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • Ukraine.

Regardless of their legal status, citizens of one of these countries are provided with ambulance and emergency medical assistance in the event of sudden acute conditions and diseases that threaten the life of the patient and the health of others, accidents, poisonings, injuries, births and urgent conditions during pregnancy.

Once the threat to the patient's life has been eliminated and it is possible to transport the patient, medical assistance is provided on a fee basis.

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What kind of medical services are provided in Belarus?

Belarusian doctors perform transplantation of kidneys, bone marrow, liver, heart, stem cells and tissue: cornea, skin and bone tissue. Corneal transplantation, as well as all kinds of vision correction surgeries are the most popular, if such wording is acceptable, among foreign tourists. Plastic surgery has also been gaining momentum in recent years.


The level of demand for dental and prosthetic services in Belarus among foreigners remains constantly high. Try to find out the prices for dental treatment and get ready for a shock! It can actually be cheaper to fly several times from Canada to Belarus for treatment than to visit your local dentist in Toronto.

Cosmetology and plastic surgery

Cosmetology in Belarus is developing every year. Already today with its help it is possible to remove serious skin defects, restore health, correct congenital defects, extend youth and return the former beauty.

Modern surgery services include various types of surgeries. The best doctors of Belarus help a large number of people to cope with their problems. Treatment of trophic ulcers, cholecystectomy, hemangioma removal, videothoracoscopy and much more are all within the competence of surgery professionals.

Orthopedics and Traumatology

Orthopaedic services include: preventive examinations, diagnosticians, treatment of diseases of the motor system, assistance with injuries and fractures.

Ophthalmology - treatment of eye diseases

Treatment of eye diseases, restoration of eyesight, eye examinations, checking eyesight with modern diagnostic methods - and this is not the whole list of possible services available to you. Ophthalmology in Belarus is a worthy alternative to eye treatment in expensive European clinics.

Gynecology - treatment of female diseases

Today the Republic of Belarus is one of the leading countries in the field of examination and treatment of various gynecological diseases. Laser technology and laparoscopy - the range of possible procedures is very wide. Leading specialists have international certificates confirmed by practical activities and presentations at seminars and symposiums. From theory to practice - the motto of Belarusian medicine.

Obstetrics, births in clinics of Belarus

Pregnancy management, diagnostics, laboratory tests, medical consultations, delivery and subsequent rehabilitation - in Belarus you can use all services of obstetrics and delivery.

Rehabilitation of people with addiction syndrome

You can go through rehabilitation in centers in Belarus and forever give up your addiction. All you need is a desire.

Joint endoprosthetics in Belarus

Damage to the joints is not uncommon. This disease has an impact on human activity and significantly reduces the quality of life. It brings with it:

  • the destruction of joint cartilage;
  • disturbance of the congruence of articulating surfaces;
  • constant pain;
  • restricted joint mobility;
  • stiffness.

In Belarus, experienced doctors can solve your problem.

Treatment of oncological diseases

Significant results have been achieved in the treatment of malignancies and hematopoietic diseases in children. The total long-term survival rate of such patients is 74 per cent, according to this indicator Belarus is among the top ten countries in Europe. The Belarusian Medical Research Centre has also developed a drug for treating blood cancer in children.

Pediatrics is the treatment of children in Belarus

Belarusian pediatricians are always attentive to young patients and ready to help each of them. Usually a pediatrician observes a child from an early age and is aware of all the features of his or her body.

Speleotherapy - asthma treatment

In Belarus, you can undergo asthma diagnosis and treatment. Diagnosis includes individual anamnesis collection to identify triggering factors, thorough physical examination, functional tests and much more.

Diagnosis - examine your body

Examination of your body you can pass both in public and private clinics, where prices are much lower than European, and the quality of service is not inferior.

Rehabilitation after illness

In Belarus, you can hardly find doctors with less than 10 years of experience. So if you want to be rehabilitated by Belarusian doctors, you can't even doubt their competence.

Urology - diagnosis and treatment

Urology doctors will help not only men, but also women to identify and prevent diseases of the genitourinary system.


Ear, throat and nose are connected and it's no secret. Belarusian doctors will be able to determine exactly the source of your disease and prevent complications in time. The main thing is not to drag it out!

Pulmonology and phthisiatrics

Pulmonology and phthisiatry is a section of medical science that studies the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of the lungs and respiratory tract, as well as the causes, regularities and mechanisms of tuberculosis, the pathological processes caused by it in the human body and methods of diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of patients. Modern methods of diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of respiratory diseases are being actively developed and continuously introduced in health care organizations of the Republic of Belarus.

Balneotherapy - treatment with mineral water

You can get balneotherapy in any Belarusian sanatorium, the list of which is given at the end of the article.

Endocrinology for adults and children

Specialists annually improve their knowledge in fundamental and applied endocrinology. Belarusian endocrinologists will help both children and adults to detect and diagnose a breakdown, as well as prescribe the necessary treatment.

Advantages of attending Belarusian clinics

According to experts of the World Health Organization, Belarusian doctors are highly qualified, and the country has developed a high level of specialized medical care on a global scale, which in fact leads to the development of medical tourism in Belarus.

Over 15,000 heart surgeries, 7,000 large joint endoprosthetics, 3,500 open-heart surgeries are performed in the country every year. The number of coronary artery bypass surgeries has almost reached 2,000 a year. In terms of the number of organ transplantation operations per 1 million people per year, Belarus is not only the leader in the post-Soviet space, but is also ahead of many European countries.

If you go to Belarusian clinics, you can be sure that you will receive quality treatment and diagnostics at a reasonable price

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Medical tourism in Belarus is developing at a very high rate. Exports of medical services amounted to over $43 million in 2018. Medical assistance is provided to citizens from more than 100 countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Lithuania, Israel, China, Armenia, the USA, the United Kingdom, Turkmenistan, Latvia, Ireland, and others.

To arrange medical examination and treatment in Belarus, you can use the Medical Information Service at national rapid response number 131 or simply search for medical tours on the websites of travel agencies (on Google - Medical Tourism in Belarus, clinics in Belarus).