Medical tourism in Belarus Medical tourism in Belarus

Medical tourism in Belarus

Medical tourism in Belarus

A trip to Belarus is good for your health as often as not: the amount of greenwood and pine wood forests, the level of humidity and moderate temperatures throughout the year, the unique purity of air, long distances between somewhat noisy big cities and inspirational lakeside views – what else does you mind and your sole require to star healing your cheerless body? So any tourism can be considered medical in its most common definition, unless of course you are there to do pub-crawling.

Anyways, it’s not recommended to trifle with your health, so let’s talk figures. 4 major cities of the country have higher medical education institutions with unified curriculum, students study specialties and do practice from the first year of education. The usual term is 5-6 years followed by two years of internship and one year of medical residency. This is how they get the right to practice as a doctor. Most private health institutions hire experienced doctors, so graduates usually start at public healthcare centers and hospitals. If you do the math, you’ll see there’s almost no chance that any doctor who lays hands on you is going to have less than a decade of experience in their field of medicine.

Belarusian doctors perform kidney, bone marrow, liver, heart transplants, transplants of human stem cells and tissues: the cornea, skin and bone tissue. According to experts of the World Health Organization, the performance of such operations attests to a high level of development of specialized medical care in the country on global scale. Cornea transplants, as well as all sorts of vision correction surgeries, are to the most popular, if this is the word, among foreign tourists. Plastic surgery has also gained traction over recent years, and the level of dentist and orthodontics services in Belarus ceases to prove itself with each year of mass demand with the foreigners. Try to look up the prices for denture treatment – and prepare to be shocked! It actually can be cheaper to take several FLIGHTS from Canada to Belarus to hold the procedure there, than visit your local Toronto dentist! (List of dentists you can find here). That is why medical tourism in Belarus is very popular all over the world!

Over 15,000 cardiac surgeries, 7,000 endoprosthetics of large joints, 3,500 open-heart surgeries are performed in the country each year. The number of coronary artery bypass surgeries has almost reached 2000. With the number of 50 organ transplants per year per 1 million population, Belarus is not only a leader in the post-Soviet space, but also ahead of many European countries.

Significant results have been achieved in the treatment of malignant neoplasms and diseases of the hematopoietic system among children. The overall long-term survival rate of such patients is 74%, according to this indicator Belarus is among the top ten countries in Europe. A Belarussian medical research center has also developed a drug for the treatment of children’s blood cancer.

For the arrangement of medical examination and medical treatment in Belarus, you can use the Medical Information Service with the national fast response phone number 131, or look up any medical tours on the websites of tourist agencies (you can search in Google - Mecical tourism in Belarus) Also you can follow this link where you can find the list of all sanatoriums, health resorts and hospitals in Belarus.

The opportunity to get high-quality treatment and diagnosis at a reasonable price, as well as almost lacking possibility to get any contagious diseases in daily life (unless you do pub-crawling), attracts more and more foreigners to Belarus. The export of medical services in 2018 amounts at more than $43 million. Medical assistance is provided to citizens from over 100 countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Lithuania, Israel, China, Armenia, USA, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Turkmenistan, Latvia, Ireland, etc. Nowadays government is interested in development of medical tourism in Belarus.

Rehabilitation and health improvement is another branch of medical tourism in active demand among tourists arriving to Belarus to stay in recreation centers and sanatoriums. 

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