Medical centers

Medical centers and hospitals in Minsk, Belarus

Happiness, success, love and, above all, health — these are the most frequently heard wishes on a birthday or any other celebration in Slavic countries. Healthcare in Belarus is free of charge, and the quality is maintained on a high level. Health is the most precious wealth a person can have, that’s why keeping fit and healthy is utterly important for every human being.
Numerous polyclinics, hospitals, and medical centres are in charge of healthcare in Belarus. To be in the hospital is neither a pleasant pastime nor a recreation, although in Belarussian hospitals there are patients who take their treatment as a holiday —they simply enjoy being attended by caring and attentive medical personnel who moreover improve their state of health.

Hospitals in Minsk boast modern equipment and professional surgeons, general pediatricians, health diagnosing and treating practitioners. Hospitals admit all people in need of medical treatment, and foreigners are taken care of equally with the Belarussians. It’s preferable for the foreigners to have medical and health insurance to have the treatment covered.

As opposed to Belarussian hospitals, treatment and diagnosis in medical centres in Minsk should be fully paid for. Medical centres are a non-governmental institution but the license for carrying out medical operations is granted to them only upon full and in-depth examination by a special Committee under the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Belarus.
Belarus is well-known for its high-quality medical treatment, which is also low-price. Foreigners come to Belarussian dentists to have their teeth whitened, filled or fluoridated. Teeth misplacement treatment is a popular procedure as more and more people nowadays are striving hard to have a Hollywood smile.

Eyesight disorders are cured in specially designed clinics. Laser eyesight correction is extremely popular as it enables people to gain their partly lost eyesight back.
Women medical centers and mother and child clinics are growing in popularity as they perform complicated and subtle operations on artificial fertilization, in vitro fertilization, barrenness cure, and surrogate motherhood. Baby’s and mother’s states are also observed and precautions are taken to make the moment of giving birth to a child truly magic.
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