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Medical Centers
Galina Fedorovna
Therapist, cardiologist of the highest qualified degree. Experience since 1977
Lyudmila Vladislavovna
Cardiologist of the first qualification category. Work experience since 1994.
Alexander Olegovych
Doctor cardiologist, therapist, pediatrician of the highest qualification category. Work experience since 1988.
Tatyana Anatolievna
Cardiologist of the first qualification category. Work experience since 2000.
Medical center «SANTE»
Address Minsk, Trostenetskaya str., 3
  • +375 17 342-82-82
Medical center «Vnuki Hippocrata»
Address Minsk, City Val str., 8
  • +375 (17) 348-03-03
Medical center «RSPC OMR named. N. N. Alexandrova»
Address Minsk district, ag Lesnoy
  • +375 17 265-23-01
Republican Scientific and Practical Center "Cardiology"
Address Minsk, Roses Luxembourg str., 110B.
  • +375 17 222-22-32
Medical center «LUBIMY DOCTOR»
Address Minsk, Matusevich str, 70
  • + 375 (17) 325-55-33
Medical center "Viamed"
Address Minsk, Burdeynogo str., 6
  • +375 17 254-69-37
Medical center "Eksana"
Address Minsk, Mogilev str., 5/1
  • 7802
Medical center «IdealMED»
Address Minsk, K. Tsetkin str., 16
  • +375 29 107-15-84
Medical center "Ecomedservice"
Address Minsk, Tolstoy str., 4
  • 160
Medical center "Kravira"
Address Minsk, Pobediteley Ave., 45
  • +375 17 370-28-61
Medical center «LODE»
Address Minsk, Independence Ave., 58
  • 111
Multidisciplinary medical center «Healthy sleep Center»
Address Minsk, Independence Ave., 72A
  • +375 29 311-88-44
The advisory centre «Professorial treatment-and-consulting center»
Address Minsk, Makaenka str., 17
  • +375 17 265-06-25
Cardiology center «Cardian»
Address Minsk, International str, 10
  • +375 (17) 200-33-45
Medical center "Horizont"
Address Minsk, Kiseleva str., 12
  • +375 17 288-11-41
MTZ medical center
Address Minsk, Stakhanovskaya str., 10A
  • +375 17 266-99-38
Medical center "Novy Lekar"
Address Minsk, Engels str., 34A / 2
  • +375 17 328-35-45
Medical center "Okomedson"
Address Minsk, Pritytskogo str., 91
  • +375 17 224-16-74
Minsk regional clinical hospital
Address Minsk district, agro-town Lesnoy, 1
  • +375 17 265-21-47
Multidisciplinary medical center «Med-Praktika»
Address Minsk, Bogdanovich str., 27
  • +375 29 101 83 83
Medical center "Nordin"
Address Minsk, Surganova str., 47B
  • 159
Medical center "Eleos"
Address Minsk, F. skariny str., 11
  • +375 17 269-25-33

Good cardiologist in Minsk

Cardiovascular pathologies have a leading position in the list of the causes of death around the world. In order to prevent the irreversible complications, you should regularly visit a cardiologist. This doctor is a specialist in the field of cardiology – a branch of therapy and prevention of heart muscle dysfunctions.

If you suspect that you have problems with the vessels or the heart, consult with a good cardiologist in Minsk (usually they have many positive reviews). The doctor will conduct an examination, prescribe additional appointments (if it is necessary), make a diagnosis and prescribe adequate treatment. Competent doctors also give advice on lifestyle and nutrition.


Cardiology in Minsk is represented in many medical centers, hospitals and clinics. You can make an appointment with a cardiologist both on a paid and free basis. In order to choose a doctor, read the reviews of cardiology in Minsk on the Internet.

Who is a cardiologist and what does he do?

The vacancies of a cardiologist are especially relevant in Minsk; both adults and small patients turn to them for help. A cardiologist is a doctor who identifies, treats and prevents degenerative disorders in the functioning of the heart muscle and blood vessels. The doctor also evaluates and eliminates the factors that increase the risks of heart diseases. In addition, the doctor is engaged in the rehabilitation of patients who have undergone cardiovascular pathologies or surgical interventions.

What diseases does a cardiologist treat?

Cardiologists are engaged in therapy:

  • heart defects - valvular and septal dysfunctions, myocardial vascular lesions;
  • cardiac insufficiency, in which the myocardium can not provide sufficient blood flow;
  • ischemia, angina pectoris - vascular pathologies that occur as a result of malnutrition of the body;
  • arrhythmias - tachycardia, bradycardia;
  • myocardial inflammation;
  • disorders of the aortic structures (aneurysms);
  • thrombophlebitis, thrombosis;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • preinfarction conditions, heart attacks;
  • strokes;
  • arterial hypertension, hypotension.

It is not a complete list of the dysfunctions that are connected with cardiac activity.

Make an appointment with a cardiologist

In Minsk, you can make an appointment with a cardiologist both in a clinic and in a private medical center. You can make an appointment by phone or in the Internet.

Cardiologist appointment

At the cardiologist appointment in Minsk, the doctor will examine you and identify the cause of the disease, if it is necessary, the specialist will refer you to an additional examination. A cardiologist carries out an appointment in a separate office, which contains the necessary equipment for the examination.

Cardiologist consultation in Minsk

In Minsk, the consultations with cardiologists are carried out both on a paid and on a free basis. A paid cardiologist consultation in Minsk means that a highly qualified specialist, the best cardiologist in Minsk will accept you, which significantly reduces health risks (you can find out the prices for cardiologist consultations in Minsk on the website of the clinic you need). In Minsk, you can also take your child to a pediatric cardiologist for a fee.

Pediatric cardiology

Many diseases that some people consider as "adult" are very often found in children. There are 3 periods in which the body of babies develops especially intensively:

  • up to 1 year;
  • from 6 to 8 years old;
  • from 11 to 13 years old.

In these phases, the body experiences a maximum stress and reacts sensitively to any external factors. Therefore, the children of these ages often have arrhythmia, hypertension, autonomic manifestations, and fluctuations in heart values.

Note! Any discomfort in the heart requires immediate consultation with a pediatric cardiologist, who will help prevent the pathology from becoming chronic.

Pediatric cardiology in Minsk is represented in a number of medical institutions:

  • Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Pediatric Cardiology, the structural department of which is the Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery of Minsk;
  • center “Lode”;
  • Okomedson;
  • Art-Med-Company;
  • city children's clinics;
  • clinical hospitals - 1, 2, 4 and others;
  • pediatric cardiac surgery center – consultations and polyclinic department;
  • Lubimy Doctor;
  • Cardian;
  • Zdrava.

In the described clinics in Minsk work pediatric cardiologists with high categories and extensive experience in children treatment.

Pediatric cardiologist

You can visit pediatric cardiologists with various qualification categories. The best pediatric cardiologists in Minsk are:

  • Kaleda Angela Georgievna;
  • Bubnova Elena Leonidovna;
  • Strogiy Vladimir Vladimirovich;
  • Chizhevskaya Irina Dmitrievna;
  • Khrustalyova Elena Konstantinovna.

Before making an appointment with a pediatric cardiologist in Minsk, read the reviews about them on the forums.

Cardiologist services in Minsk

Many vascular dysfunctions are asymptomatic, so it is important to take blood tests, detect cholesterol, lipid concentrations, and also identify the markers of a heart attack. In Minsk, a cardiologist offers such services. In addition, the cardiologists in Minsk provide clients with a number of paid services:

  • heart ultrasound (which you can do, for example, in cardiology of the Republican Scientific Practical Center of Minsk);
  • heart rate variability;
  • electrocardiogram;
  • dispersion of the QT intervals;
  • Holter monitoring;
  • daily monitoring of the arterial parameters;
  • determination of the pulse wave speed;
  • late ventricular potentials.

In Minsk, you can get an appointment with a cardiologist immediately, the examination is paid.

Cardiology for foreign citizens

If you are not a citizen of the Republic of Belarus, and you need a consultation with a cardiologist in Minsk, you can be examined on a paid basis. In Minsk, paid cardiological services are offered to foreign citizens.

Cardiology and medical centers in Minsk

There are the following medical centers that provide the counselling and treatment of cardiovascular dysfunctions in Minsk:

  • 2nd cardiology clinic of Minsk, in which the famous cardiologist Moiseenko works;
  • 4th hospital of cardiology of Minsk, the head of the 1st department is the cardiologist Pichugina Anna;
  • 1st hospital of cardiology in Minsk;
  • Ekomedservice;
  • Eleos;
  • Horizont;
  • Viamed;
  • Eksana;
  • Novy Lekar;
  • Med-Praktika;
  • Lode (the experienced cardiologists in Minsk carry out the appointments);
  • Sante;
  • Kravira;
  • Idealmed;
  • Vnuki Hippokrata;
  • Nordin;
  • Cardian.

The most famous institute of cardiology in Minsk is the Republican Scientific and Practical Center "Cardiology". The cardiologists of the center provide assistance in 2 offices on a paid basis. The addresses of RSPC "Cardiology" in Minsk - Roses Luxembourg st. 110B, Fabricius st. 13. In the Republican Scientific and Practical Center “Cardiology” only the experienced highly qualified doctors carry out the appointments. RSPC "Cardiology" in Minsk provides paid services. The prices for paid services in the Republican Scientific and Practical Center “Cardiology” of Minsk can be found on the official website.

Take care of your health and in case of any discomfort in the chest area, make an appointment with a cardiologist immediately. So that you will be able to prevent the complications and live a full life.