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Rules_of_staying Rules of staying and registration in Belarus

Rules of staying and registration in Belarus

As a general rule a foreign citizen should be registered within 5 (five) days from the day of entry. The day of entry is included in this 5 (five) day period. Of course there are a few exceptions from this rule: for example the citizens of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania should be registered if they stay in the territory of the Republic of Belarus more than 30 (thirty) days.

Registration can be done by:
1) Local Migration Office (local means the migration office which is situated in the district where a foreign citizen is staying);
2) Hotel (if a foreign citizen is staying in the hotel or hostel);

3) Online registration.

Registration procedure in the hotel:
If you stay in the hotel or hostel the only thing what you have to do is to provide your paspport to the hotel's reception people. They will take care of it.

Registration procedure in the local migration office:
If you stay in your friend’s house (or flat) or you rent an apartment you have to be registered in the local migration office. The owner of the apartment can help you do that or you have to do it by yourself.
To get a registration you have to fill in a special form and also to pay a state fee. The registration form is not difficult but it is better to have somebody with you who knows the Russian language. In addition to that you have to take with you your passport and valid insurance policy. Sometimes the migration office can request additionally your return ticket.


Staying in the Republic of Belarus
In accordance with the law of the Republic of Belarus a foreign citizen has to stay at the same place where he/she is registered. If you are registered in one place but in fact you are staying in another place – this may cause such problems as fines and deportation.