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electric cars Electric cars in Belarus

Electric cars in Belarus

Back in the early 21st century, electric cars seemed to be the transport of the future. Today they can be found on the roads of all European countries, including Belarus. The article will tell you about the advantages of such transport, the methods and cost of its maintenance.

What are electric cars?

An electric vehicle is a vehicle powered by one or more electric motors. Power to the engines is supplied by batteries or fuel cells.

An electric car has several advantages over conventional cars. These are:

• absence of exhaust gases that negatively affect the ecosystem and human health;

• low cost of operation;

• high efficiency of the electric motor - 90-95;

• reliability and durability;

• the ability to recharge the vehicle from a regular socket;

• low explosion hazard in case of road accidents, etc.

During the existence of a new type of transport, its technical capabilities have grown sufficiently. Thus, today it is possible to purchase an electric vehicle with a fast charging function. This means that in 30 minutes the battery can be recharged to 80% using a dedicated charger.

Another advantage of electric vehicles is the maximum torque that is available from the moment the engine is turned on. For example, the Tesla Model S P85D accelerates to 100 km / h in 3.5 seconds. However, do not forget that in this case the battery power is consumed much faster. Therefore, it is recommended to increase the speed gradually to save energy.

Electric car filling stations in Belarus

Since 2014, a test regime for creating a network of electric filling stations has been introduced in Belarus. For 7 years, owners of electric vehicles have been charging their vehicles absolutely free.

But today charging electric vehicles will cost about 30-40 kopecks per 1 kW / h.

The most popular network of gas stations is Malanka. It works in all regions and on all highways. Today in Belarus there are about 260 EZS. This is enough to service thousands of electric vehicles.

Buying a used electric car

If you are planning to buy an electric car, you immediately have 2 options for purchasing it: buy a used car at a better price or ask for help from companies that are professionally engaged in the selection of electric vehicles from abroad.

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the offers of different resources, and choose the most profitable, based on material capabilities and your desires.

Used electric cars are actively sold on Internet resources:

• Columb trade is a site whose specialists will help you find a car directly from the US auction. The company's managers get access to a closed auction with cars in excellent condition.

• Auto capital is an intermediary company, the managers of which will take all the problems of transporting electric vehicles from the USA on themselves. Depending on the agreement concluded, you will either receive a car at the customs office, which will need to be additionally repaired, or the transaction will be carried out on a turnkey basis and you will only have to pay the presented invoice.

• - a site for the sale of used cars. You are presented with a simple system for ranking cars by make, model, generation and price. Each car has a photo and description, as well as a contact number.

Buying a new electric car

If you are planning to buy a new electric vehicle, check out the offers on the following websites:

• - a company that offers a wide range of services for the selection, purchase, dispatch, delivery and registration of electric vehicles from China to Belarus on a turnkey basis. The company's employees do not involve clients in complex processes of international logistics chains, legislative nuances during export and import, etc. You sign an agreement, and then all issues are resolved for you.

• - a site that sells and delivers both new and used electric vehicles. On the site you will find useful information about electric vehicles, how they work and how they work.

• - provides a full range of services for the delivery, sale, registration, maintenance and rental of electric vehicles in Belarus.

The cost of maintaining an electric car in Belarus

The cost of servicing electric vehicles is gradually approaching zero.

Thus, for four years of Tesla's operation, you can spend about $ 1,200 on its maintenance with a car mileage of 120 thousand km.

When comparing the cost of maintenance with a conventional car, then 120 thousand kilometers is at least 12 oil changes. And each replacement is expensive.