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Postal_services_in_Belarus Postal services in Belarus

Postal services in Belarus

Belarus is a member of the Universal Postal Union. Thanks to the cooperation of the members, it is possible to make postal delivery anywhere in the world. According to the report on the integrated postal development index for 2019, Belarus ranks 21st out of 172 in the global rating of postal services. The sphere of postal services is a subject of state regulation: in order to provide postal services you need to get a license. A number of postal operators work in the country. The widest range of authorities in Belarus have national delivery company – Belpochta.

National Postal Service

The Ministry of Communications and Informatization has assigned Belpochta with the special status of “national postal service operator”. Due to this status, the organization receives the exclusive right to provide the services listed in Section 17 of the Postal Act. Belpochta performs the functions of mandatory provision of universal postal services throughout Belarus.

Belpochta was founded in 1995.

Local transportation

Belpochta provides services for the transportation of goods throughout Belarus to legal entities and private clients.

The transportation conditions for legal entities are as follows. The maximum physical weight of a shipment is 100 kg, volumetric 300 kg. There are also restrictions on the size of the transported cargo, which can be found on the official website of the organization. Shipment terms: day of departure +2 - within the region and the city of Minsk, day of departure +3 - within the country (excluding weekends). In some cases, the deadline may be a day of departure +1. Shipments are received at the office / warehouse of Belpochta.

For individuals, the “On the Way” service is provided when the exact time of departure and the exact time of arrival are known. The maximum weight of the items is 20 kg. If you need to transfer cargo weighing over 30 kg, you can use the service "MAX shipments". In order to send, you must comply with the conditions, a list of which is posted on the official website of the Belpochta. The service is carried out at the same time as for legal entities.

International transportation

International transportation includes transportation of written correspondence and parcels. Belpochta also provides EMS service - an international express delivery method for sending goods and documents. Members of the Universal Postal Union created EMS as part of the UPU in 1998 in order to coordinate the development of postal services worldwide and facilitate international transport. EMS takes precedence over other postal services, therefore, its items take precedence over other types of postal items: at all stages of the passage they are processed first, and after processing they are immediately delivered or forwarded to their destination as soon as possible.

Individual Services

Belpochta provides private individuals with services both in postal facilities and at home. Self-service devices are provided. An individual can take advantage of courier services, goods and parcels delivery services, financial services, gain access to state information resources and others.

Legal entities service

Belpochta offers services to online stores, corporate clients, trade organizations, manufacturers and suppliers, consumer services organizations, roadside service facilities. The range of services is wide: there are offers from advertising to courier.

Courier services of Belposhta

For delivery of parcels weighing up to 30 kg Belpochta offers the service “Postal Courier”. In this case, the deadline for the execution of the application is determined based on the time of making the order, as well as taking into account weekends and holidays. Departure of the courier is carried out on working days. Moreover, Belpochta provide Express delivery service (within 3-4 hours in Minsk or the regional center). The parcel should not weigh more than 7 kg. The companies are provided with a subscription service “Postal Courier Every Day”, the choice of which involves the courier leaving once a day or the courier leaving twice a day.

Advertising services

The advertising services provided by Belpochta include the placement of advertising and information materials in the post offices of Belpochta, the demonstration of advertising videos on the screens of payment and inquiry terminals, as well as direct mail advertising to partners, current and potential customers.

National Automated Information System Services

The National Automated Information System is a system through which people in Belarus can gain access to state information resources. Such a service is provided by Belpochta.

Postal service tariffs

Postal service providers set their own tariffs. Tariffs for the postal items ofBelpochta are available on the official website of the organization. Services can be paid by postage stamps and other signs of postage, in cash or by bank transfer, international return coupons. Departures for the blind are carried out for free.

Weight and size limits for parcels

Requirements for the size and weight of the local postal services are contained in the Decree of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus dated 07.09.2004 N 1111 (as amended on 01/14/2020) “On the Approval of the Rules for the Provision of Public Postal Services” (Regulation No. 1111). The full list can be found on the official website of Belpochta. It should also be noted that the maximum size and weight of international postal services can not exceed the dimensions established in the country of destination.

Shipping Dates

The deadlines for sending and delivering parcels or letters in Belarus are as follows. Between regional centers – a day of departure + 2. Between other cities of the country – a day of departure + 3. At the same time, weekends and holidays are not taken into account. These shipment dates are observed for ninety-five percent of cases.

The delivery times for EMS and international shipments depend on the location of the recipient.

Items prohibited for postal sevices

Rules N 1111 establish a list of items prohibited for shipment through the territory of Belarus. They contain items allowed and prohibited for shipment both for local and international shipments. Thus, perishable products, foreign currency are prohibited for local shipments, and Belarusian rubles are sent only by money transfers. For international shipments, a much wider list is provided. At the same time, it is forbidden to send to and from the country foreign currency, payment documents and documentary securities in foreign currency without declaring value, individuals to send Belarusian rubles and documentary securities in Belarusian rubles to and from the country.

International postal services in Belarus

A number of international postal services deliver to Belarus. Consider the largest of them.


DHL is an American courier service for the delivery of parcels and express mail, which is a division of the German logistics company Deutsche Post DHL. DHL delivers any kind of cargo: from bulky (cargo airplanes) to small but vital cargoes (Parcelcopter drones).


FedEx Corporation is also an American multinational delivery company headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. The company has become known for its overnight delivery service and an innovative real-time tracking system.


United Parcel Service is an American multinational shipping and supply chain management company headquartered in Sandy Springs, Georgia.


TNT Express is an international courier company. It is a subsidiary of FedEx, headquartered in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands. Starting from September 1, 2019, FedEx and TNT have been working together in Belarus.