Postal_services_in_Belarus Postal services in Belarus

Postal services in Belarus

Рostal service is a part of people’s daily lives and it plays a crucial role for the economic and social progress of society. The postal service provides reception, processing, transportation, delivery of mail and money transfers. Belposhta is the main national postal service in the Republic of Belarus. The mail service has started its activity since 1995 and has been successfully operating to the present day. Today Belposhta includes 4,000 postal service units and 11,800 sites for tracking Belarusian mail. The mail service is a guarantee of quality, speed and availability. Belposhta offers a wide range of services: reception and delivery to the addressees of letters, postings, parcels, EMS shipments, money transfers, payment of pensions and benefits, distribution of print media, etc.
Belposhta carries out postal services in the territory of Belarus and on international shipments. Belposhta provides services for businesses and individuals: comprehensive logistics solution for online store owners — E-commerce service packages service for the transportation and delivery of goods / cargo: «MAX» mail online store, service «Easy shopping», Express Courier service, non-mail postage «Self Mailer», unaddressed distribution of promotional materials “Local distribution”, etc.
On the website you can get all the necessary information about the services, as well as use some services without leaving your home: subscribe to periodicals, read the electronic catalog of print media, pay for sending items using electronic stamps, purchase on the Internet – the store postal products, call the Post Courier at home or in the office, issue congratulations on holidays, etc.
There are also international postal services in Belarus: DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT.

DHL is the world leader in logistics. The company specializes in international delivery, courier services and cargo transportation.
Contacts: 5 Pobediteley Avenue, Minsk, tel. 289-30-68; 169 Independence Avenue, tel. 218-13-60.

FedEx is an international express shipping and shipping company.
19 Pobediteley Avenue, Minsk, tel. 226-93-60.

UPS is the world leader in freight. The company exercises complete control over deliveries and it is working on the discovery of new ways of combining cargo flows.
3 Muzykalniy lane, Minsk, tel. 206-55-80);
UPS Minsk-2 Airport office. 279-25-26; mobile: 613 82 49.

TNT is an international express delivery service that offers a number of guaranteed and reliable services for the urgent delivery of documents, parcels and cargo of all types to almost any country in the world.
56a, 4th Zagorodny lane, Minsk, 220073, tel. + 375 (17) 392-85-84, +375 (29) 296-60-91.