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декларирование ценностей Declaration of values and money in Belarus

Declaration of values and money in Belarus

When planning a trip to another country, be careful to comply with all the rules of the Customs Union. This applies not only to personal documents and their validity, but also values / money subject to mandatory declaration. The article will tell you about the rules for the import and export of cash outside the country.

Rules for the import and export of cash

Going on vacation, each person takes with him a certain amount of money, providing himself with a safety cushion in a foreign country. We remind you that the Customs Union must be notified of the amount transported to assess compliance with all rules. Otherwise, each violator will face administrative / criminal liability, the severity of which can reach up to imprisonment for up to 5 years.

Thus, regardless of the planned duration of stay in a foreign country, if the tourist's cash amount exceeds $ 10,000, it must be declared in writing by submitting a passenger customs declaration for the entire amount of imported cash.

The employee is obliged to recalculate the amount at the current exchange rate on the day of departure, in accordance with the laws of the party through whose Customs Union tourists move their funds.

Declaration in writing

Items that are subject to a mandatory written declaration at customs:

• Personal belongings that are moved in unaccompanied baggage;

• Goods / products that are imported into the territory of the country for a limited period, and have exceeded the norms of movement with exemption from customs payments;

• vehicles for personal use moved in any way;

• currency of other states;

• cultural values;

• other goods determined by the customs legislation of the Eurasian Economic Union.

Filling out passenger customs declaration forms

When filling out the forms, the declarant must know the following information:

• The declaration form consists of the main form and an additional form;

• The form of the declaration has the size of A5 or A4 format;

• It is your responsibility to write all values ​​and data legibly. If this is not possible, use an electronic computer printing device;

• Information is indicated in the state language of the respective country;

• You can use as many forms as you need. All subsequent sheets are an integral part of the declaration;

• The information stated in the declaration can be changed or supplemented before the release of goods with the permission of the customs authority;

• Any information in the declaration must be certified by the signature of the declarant;

• 1 copy of the main and additional declaration forms remain in the files of the customs authority.

Documents to confirm the origin of cash

The declaration must be completed and submitted for consideration with the necessary package of documents:

• The passport;

• Documents of adoption or guardianship;

• Documents confirming the value of the declared goods for personal use;

• Documents on benefits for payment of payments;

• Documents confirming compliance with the restrictions;

• Documents for the right to use a vehicle for personal use;

• other documents and information, the submission of which is provided in accordance with the customs legislation of the EAEU.

Declaration at will

A written declaration of cash and traveler's checks for an amount that does not exceed $ 10,000 is not required. But, if a tourist expresses a desire to declare his property, he has the right to do so.

Bringing personal luggage to Belarus

Tourists are not prohibited from carrying up to 25 kg of personal luggage worth up to 500 euros.

When entering the customs territory of the EEC in the Republic of Belarus more often than once every 3 months, the value of imported goods for personal use does not exceed 300 euros, and the weight does not exceed 20 kg.

In the case of transportation of such baggage, you will have to pay a state fee of 30%, but not less than 4 euros for each extra kilogram.

Items prohibited for import into the country

The declaration helps with the import of items and goods with restrictions, but there are items that cannot be declared, and the Customs Union will not let you into a country with such. Check the list of prohibited items before you travel to avoid getting into an unpleasant situation.

The following things are prohibited to import into Belarus:

• firearms

• military equipment

• drugs

• poisons

• radioactive and explosive substances

In cases where there are pets or unusual plant species in the vehicle, the transportation must be accompanied by the appropriate veterinary and medical documents.

Responsibility for illegal import of currency

Before traveling long distances, especially to another country, we advise you to recalculate the amount of money at the current exchange rate on the day of departure. We warn you that the illegal import / export of currency is accompanied by the administrative responsibility of an individual.

The legislation of the Republic of Belarus provides for a fine in the amount of 5 to 50 base units with confiscation of undeclared cash if its amount exceeds $ 10,000.

If you are transporting a large amount of money across the border of the EEA, the liability can be criminal. You can familiarize yourself with the rules and system of responsibility for violators on the official website of the Customs Union of the Republic of Belarus.

Persons who illegally imported / exported goods without proper declaration, or used fake documents will have to bear responsibility for non-compliance with the laws of the Republic of Belarus. The amount of liability will depend on the amount of cash and the transport of prohibited items across the state border.