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MBA in Belarus

Who among us does not dream of a dizzying career and the joys of a comfortable life, which are a remarkable bonus of such a life? Is there a reliable and time-tested recipe, an algorithm of actions, the consistent implementation of which will lead us to the long-awaited result ‒ success?! How often we hear from those around us the magic abbreviation - Master's degree MBA ... But what exactly these symbols mean, and what efforts are required to get them ‒ we will consider in detail in the article below.

What is an MBA degree?

Literally - master of business administration - or master of economic management, qualification degree in management. This education implies the preparation of middle and senior managers. A person who has received an MBA diploma, as a rule, receives deep and universal knowledge, worked out in practice in real situations, skills in business management. The result of such training is the comprehensive development of the student as a manager and obtaining universal management algorithms, carefully worked out on real business models.

Who is the MBA for?

As a rule, such education attracts the following categories of people:

• young entrepreneurs who are developing their own project or planning to start a business from scratch;

• heads of key departments, heads of areas or projects for whom a systematic understanding of the business, career growth and leadership development is important;

• line managers with high motivation for development.

MBA study process

At the beginning, the listeners take a course of lectures on a complex of disciplines in the form of seminars, meetings and dialogues, visiting events at the best enterprises. Then the listener chooses a topic that is relevant to him and is determined with the scientific advisor. After that, there is the stage of preparing the project of the thesis, consulting and checking by the scientific supervisor. Then the listener prepares for the defense of the thesis, pre-defense. The MBA program helps to deal with alternative strategies, including strategies for getting the company out of the crisis, and make a choice of strategy for your specific business. In addition, in the process of passing the module, the student learns to create a business model for his own company. Here, the student develops a unique design of the logo, brand and other attributes of his business, learns the conditions for implementing the development strategy.

Duration of study for MBA

The distance learning MBA in General (including industry and functional specializations) will take you 1.5 years. The crash course of the program, MBA Intensive, in which you can choose a functional specialization, will take you 1 year. The MINI-MBA program allows you to cover the most important aspects of business management in just 6 months. This is made possible by excluding certain general disciplines.

How to Apply for an MBA Program

Conventionally, MBA programs can be divided into programs for managers and programs for top specialists (or those who plan to become them). The first group of programs (MBA General) is aimed at forming strategic thinking and systematizing knowledge of business management. During the training, emphasis is placed on management in a specific industry (industry, construction, services, and others) or a functional area (marketing, logistics, finance, and so on). Relevant special disciplines come to the fore. The student chooses a specialization before starting his studies. The second group of programs (MINI-MBA Professional and MBA Intensive) allows you to choose a functional direction of study, but omits some subjects and gives a more general idea of the chosen specialization. As a rule, MINI-MBA is suitable for those who are just starting their professional path in the chosen field. The undoubted advantage of the program is that you can start studying MBA already in the last courses of the university. The MBA Intensive program will appeal to those who want to receive a comprehensive management education in just one year. Before choosing a course, you must determine which group you belong to, then choose the MBA level and prepare the following package of documents:

• registration form (you can download it on the website of each school);

• photograph (photo for documents);

• a copy of the last pages of the passport;

• a copy of the Higher Education Diploma;

• a copy of the work book or an extract from it;

• letter of recommendation.

For admission, you will also need to pass entrance tests ‒ the test solution and pass an interview.

MBA Tuition Fees

On average, in Belarus, the cost of an MBA education ranges from 10,000 to 1,500 rubles per semester, depending on the teaching school and the availability of trips and meetings with influencers from the business environment, as well as on the method of acquiring knowledge (full-time, part-time, remotely). It is important to know, for citizens of Belarus, that 13% of the tuition fees are returned as a tax deduction in the future.

MBA education in Belarus

In our country, several schools provide an opportunity to obtain an MBA education. Each of the schools has developed its own program, invites foreign and domestic practicing teachers from various industries and services, many programs provide an opportunity to meet or travel to business incubators in Belarus and neighboring countries, so that course participants can personally get acquainted and establish contacts with representatives from different countries and projects. Let's get acquainted with the specifics of each of the schools in more detail.

IPM Business School

Since 2001 IPM Business School has been implementing the Executive MBA program at Kozminsky University (Warsaw, Poland). Kozminski University is the only business school in Poland that has all three prestigious international accreditations. The Financial Times confirmed the high position of Kozminsky University in the ranking of European business schools, published on December 7, 2020. Kozminsky University was ranked 45th, the highest of all universities in Central and Eastern Europe.

City Business School

The MBA program at this school has a clear practical focus, since the main goal of the school teachers is to form the most powerful managerial and strategic skills of students. The main learning tool is modeling situations, where the realities of the CIS market serve as an example. A key feature of teaching MBA programs at City Business School is the distance learning format.

Belarusian State University

The BSU MBA program is intended for those who have work experience (at least 3 years after receiving their first higher education) and would like to accelerate their career growth. The program is designed for the practical application of knowledge. There are no "Soviet" professors-economists among teachers or "green" graduates of Belarusian universities among students. Classes are taught exclusively by practicing teachers with extensive experience in business or consulting. 40% of students are middle managers or heads of leading Belarusian and international companies.

Business School XXI VEK-CONSULT

The MBA program at this school takes place in the blended learning format, combining classroom studies and distance work. The program is larger in content compared to similar programs in other schools. Here you receive a voluminous layer of knowledge about the specifics of management in various industries, models of behavior in crisis situations, based on the practical experience of the course teaching staff.