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Get a pet in Belarus

Get a pet in Belarus

Almost every child wants to get a new family member, which leaves parents no chance to be left without a pet. But desire alone will not be enough, because the legislation requires registration and payment of taxes. The article will tell you in detail about the peculiarities of keeping pets in Belarus.

An animal that can be kept in an apartment

The legislation does not have a separate list of animals allowed for keeping in residential complexes. But still, some points limit the conditions for keeping pets. For example, in Belarus there are rules for keeping domestic dogs, cats, as well as trapping stray animals in settlements. Therefore, no one restricts you to have a parrot, snake or monkey, if this does not interfere with your family members.

But if no one forbids you to breed animals, you are still obliged to comply with sanitary and veterinary norms and rules for keeping animals. Your pets should not interfere and threaten the safety of neighbors. Otherwise, the owner of such an animal may be fined.

To summarize, no one restricts you in breeding exotic species of animals, if their presence does not violate the following conditions:

• Contradict the law on the sale or import of animals into the country;

• Violate the necessary sanitation and veterinary control.

How many pets can live in one apartment

The number of your pets should not exceed two. But there is an exception only for apartments that are divided into shares.

The legislation of the Republic of Belarus allows keeping no more than 1 dog or cat per family with the consent of all adult citizens registered on this living space.

This rule applies only to owners living in apartments. If you have a private home, the law does not prohibit breeding the desired number of pets. The only rule for approval is compliance with veterinary and sanitary standards and the availability of rabies vaccination in all pets.

If you live in a hostel, the presence of pets must be agreed with the administration.

Registration of pets

The legislation of the Republic of Belarus obliges each owner to register his pet. Registration details can be found below.

Registration procedure

If you are a responsible citizen, you are required to register your pets with the housing department at your place of residence. The staff will give you a special ID and a badge that is attached to the collar of the animal.

List of required documents

If you are going to the registration procedure, do not forget to take the following documents with you:

• pet's veterinary passport for entering the relevant information into the certificate;

• a signed document with the rules for keeping domestic dogs and cats, as well as sanitary and veterinary standards.

If you are going to register a dog from the list of dangerous breeds, you will be asked to show proof of training. A list of such breeds can be found on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

Registration deadlines

If your pet is already an adult, the registration procedure will take 3 days.

If you are registering puppies or kittens, the registration procedure will take 3–3.5 months.

Registration cost

The registration procedure will take no more than half an hour.

In the direction for payment, you will see the following amounts:

• for a cat - 1.08 rubles,

• for a dog - 5.4 rubles.

The invoice is paid at the checkout, after which you can pick up the registration certificate for the pet and the tag with the number that is attached to the collar.

Pet tax in Belarus

If your pet is a cat, you do not need to pay tax.

If your pet is a dog, you have to pay tax every 3 months. The amount of tax is determined depending on the breed and height of the dog, as well as on the decision of the local authorities.

If you evade taxes, you will face a fine of up to 15 base. The bill for the maintenance of the dog can be paid along with the services of housing and communal services, as it is issued in the invoice-notification.

Rules for walking dogs in Belarus

The legislation of the Republic of Belarus states that puppies up to 3 months old and dogs up to 25 cm in height can be walked only on a leash, but without a muzzle. All other cases provide for the presence of a muzzle throughout the walk.

If your dog's breed is included in the list of potentially dangerous, it is possible to walk it only when accompanied by an adult owner in a sober state.

It is forbidden to walk pets in public places, including shops, schools and kindergartens, catering and consumer services. You do not need to go out with your animals into the yard; they are allowed to walk only in specially designated places.

If the rules of walking the owners of the dogs are not observed, administrative responsibility awaits. The article provides for different penalties depending on the severity of the consequences of the violation.

Import and export of pets to Belarus

Each country has its own list of rules according to which the owners of animals must comply with the measures when transporting them. Regulations may prescribe quarantining animals, vaccinating against rabies with the vaccine declared by the exporting country, chipping, etc.

In this regard, if it is necessary to import an animal into the territory of the Republic of Belarus, check the information at the consulate or at the places of veterinary control.