Population Population of Belarus

Population of Belarus

The population of Belarus is about 9.5 million people. About 75% of indigenous Belarusians, 15% of Russians, 3% of Poles, 2% of Ukrainians, 1% of Balts and 4% of other nationalities are represented in the country. The mentality of each country varies widely. Location of Belarus in the center of Europe is reflected in the national character of Belarusians. Belarusians are very tidy. If you come to Belarus or any Belarusian city, you will immediately see it: well-groomed flowerbeds, clean streets, painted houses, good roads. The Belarusians are very hardworking people. Since childhood, they are instilled a love of work and efficiency for their work. The Belarusians are very hospitable. They are always happy to receive guests in the house and will always help you just for thanks.

The Belarusians are very patriotic. They love their Homeland and are proud of their history and their origin. The Belarusians are true to their traditions: Kolyady, Radonitsa, Kupala, Dozhinki and other holidays. All these holidays are unique Belarusian holidays that Belarusians carried through the centuries to the 21st century. The Belarusians are religious, but not in the typical sense of the word. Due to the intricate history Belarus has become a multi-religious country, where the representatives of different faiths live side by side without conflicts. The Belarusians honor traditional family values. The Belarusians’ family comes first. The Belarusians gather with their whole family at one big table during the holidays. They honor their elderly parents and do not send them to a nursing home, as it is customary in many European countries.

The Belarusians are very tolerant. It doesn’t matter what colour of your skin, what you believe and where you came from, here you can be yourself. It should be mentioned that according to various social surveys the Belarusian women are the most beautiful women in Europe, leaving behind the Ukrainians and French. Maybe it is caused by the fact that due to the geographical location of the Republic, the assimilation of a large number of different nationalities took place and as a result, so many beautiful and unique women appeared here. The Belarusian women can work and combine their household chores. The position of women in the country is relatively high: they play an important role in public life.

Quick facts about population of Belarus:

Population of Belarus – 9.5 million people;

Men- 4.42 million, Women – 5.1 million;

Population of Minsk – 1,975 million people.;

Employed in the economy – 4.3 million people;

Belarus population is equivalent to 0,12 % of the total world population;

Forecast by 2050 (according to UN World Population Prospects Report) – 8.5 million people.