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Car sharing

Car sharing in Belarus

Car sharing is an actively developing service that recently came to Belarus. The article will tell you about the benefits of car sharing, as well as companies you can trust.

What is car sharing?

In general terms, car sharing is a per-minute rental of vehicles for personal purposes. At the same time, unlike a taxi, car sharing gives the right to control the client himself.

How does car sharing work?

The way of using this service is extremely simple. You need to download the application of the selected company, create your account, and find the car that is closest to you. You come to the selected vehicle and you can start your journey.

Please note that the system will not allow you to start a trip if you do not first link your bank card. This will give guarantees of timely payment for the service.

Opening and closing the machine is only possible using the app. If you want to start a trip, you must press the appropriate button, then the service will give you time to inspect the cabin. You are obliged to monitor the condition of the car, as well as the availability of the necessary travel documents.

In the process, do not forget to control the fuel level, because the system assumes that you decide this issue. The refueling system is quite simple: you drive into a gas station, take a fuel card from the glove compartment, and enter the pin code indicated on the card in the terminal. Take a photo of the receipt when paying. The company will compensate you for refueling with time.

At the end of the trip, you turn off the engine and headlights, and also tighten the handbrake. In this case, you can get out of the car and click the "End lease" button. You will receive a notification about the trip: mileage and bill.

You determine the time of using the car yourself. It can be both short term rentals and weekly rentals. You link your account to your bank card, so the trip will be charged automatically. Once you have reached your destination, you can leave your car in the nearest parking lot where the next customer can use it.

Who can use car sharing?

The conditions for using the car have several restrictions. First, the driver must be at least 19 years old. Secondly, the driving experience must exceed one year. If these conditions are met, you can easily use the system.

Benefits of car sharing

1. Clear calculation of cost.

Compared to taxi services, car sharing has a more affordable payment system. You do not have to overpay for the car delivery, because the service sets per-minute billing. You can choose the car and route yourself.

The tariffs will be indicated in the contract, and if you follow all the conditions, you will not be charged additional funds.

2. Neat driving

Everyone has recently heard about the boorish attitude of taxi drivers and the careless driving style. When using carsharing, you choose your driving style and create comfortable conditions for yourself, avoiding risks.

3. Comfort in the cabin

In car sharing, each client can feel like a car owner. You can set up the air conditioner, conveniently fix the chair, put your phone on charge.

4. Route selection

The service will not dictate the conditions of the trip to you, which means you can independently plan a route and go along any path within the permitted zone.

5. Vehicle fleet

Short-term lease operators offer medium and business class cars, each segment has several different models. You can often change cars, rent for specific tasks.

The cost of car sharing in Belarus

Depending on the system chosen, the fees may vary slightly.

Anytime. The "basic" minute tariff will cost 29 kopecks per minute. You can choose another tariff, where the amount for the trip will be higher. The question immediately arises: what are their differences? In a different amount of a fine for an accident: in the "Basic" up to 1,500 rubles, in the "Fairy Tale" - up to 500 rubles.

WEST GROUP. The basic minute rate is 29 kopecks per minute. The higher the vehicle level, the higher the payment per minute.

"Vezuha". The basic minute fare is 29 kopecks per minute.

Check with the operators of the selected service for all the details.

The best car sharing companies in Belarus


Anytime company was the first in Belarus to offer a car sharing service. It provides rental cars under certain conditions. We advise you to read the terms of use before starting your trip.

The terms of use are quite simple, but still require strict adherence. Download the app and start your first ride today.

West group

The company "WEST GROUP" has been renting cars for 5 years. Experienced managers will help you find the right car, taking into account the requirements and financial capabilities. Additional services of the company are represented by the organization of a prestigious motorcade, meeting at the airport in a business class car, or vice versa - by providing a fast and maneuverable car for city trips.


Another successful car-sharing company in Belarus is the Hello service. All Hello cars are the same - Volkswagen Polo Sedan with 1.6-liter petrol engine and automatic transmission. Complete set - Connect. There is a toning, a rear view camera, a multimedia system, an air conditioner. In the future, the company ambitiously plans to put 500 rental cars on the road.

Vezuha club

Vezuha club is one of the five best car sharing services. His system is as simple as all of the above. You need to download the application, register and use the service.

Responsibility for damage to the vehicle

Each service obliges its customers to follow certain rules. Otherwise, fines will be charged. So, most cars are not allowed to smoke. If the driver violates the traffic rules, the company may charge him an additional fine for violating the terms of the contract.

Therefore, please be careful when reading the terms of use. All the points of the client's responsibility and the rates of his punishment are spelled out there.