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Best low-cost hostels in Minsk

So you came to Minsk, but the hotel is expensive, and you don't want to rent an apartment, then there is only a hostel. We'll tell you where to stay to make it inexpensive.

What is a hostel?

A hostel is a budget hotel. It has rooms for several people. The hostel has all the comforts: bed, bedside tables, wardrobe, bathrooms, showers, kitchens.

But hostels are suitable for those who need a one- or two-night stay.

Hostels near the airport

The closest hostel to the airport is 29.6 km away. Accommodation at Guest House Green Meadow costs from 8$ per night. It is located at Koltsova Lane 2, 52.

There is Urban Hostel at a distance of 31.3 km from Minsk National Airport. The cost of accommodation for one night is from 10$. It is located at the address of Architect Zaborsky, 3.

The third hostel where you can stay is "Hostel New", which is located at 23 Maxim Bogdanovich Street. The cost of accommodation is from 18$.

Riverside Hostel is located at 14 Starovilenskaya Street. The cost of accommodation is from 12$.

Hostels near the railway station

On Kirov Street, 1 in 2 minutes' walk from the railway station and 350 meters from Ploshchad Lenina Metro Station, Hostel Platskart is located. The hostel offers free WI-FI. The bathrooms are shared, and guests can cook in the shared kitchen themselves. The cost of one night's stay at the hostel is from 12$. The hostel also offers a shuttle service from/to the National Airport.

Another Hostel Point is located at Kirov Street, 4. The cost of accommodation in it is from 10$.

Hostel "Stary Minsk" is located at 18, Independence Avenue. The cost of accommodation for one night in it is 8$. The hostel offers free WI-FI, shared kitchen, iron, luggage room, hairdryer, parking, in-room tea and coffee and a TV. There are also non-smoking rooms.

Hostels in the center of Minsk

Trinity Hostel is located at 12 Starovilenskaya Street, minimum room amount is 19$. The hostel has one:

  • WI-FI;
  • payment by card;
  • common kitchen;
  • air conditioning in the room;
  • possible accommodation with animals;
  • refrigerator;
  • 24-hour reception desk;
  • laundry room;
  • safe deposit box;
  • Concierge service and so on.

At 9 Maksim Bogdanovich St., there is a hostel "China Town". You can book a place from 22$ per 1 night. It is possible to stay in the hostel with animals, also available WI-FI, common kitchen, parking, etc.

How to book a hostel for two?

To book a hostel for two you need to go to the site of the chosen hostel or on Then select in the menu "Choose by criteria" and tell the service your preferences: price, facilities, type of accommodation, location of the hotel and the number of people who will stay.

How much does a hostel cost (prices save)

For 24 hours

Daily cost of a place in a hostel in Minsk starts from 3$ per day. For this price, you will be offered a bed in a common room, WI-FI, common kitchen and a shared shower.

In one night

The cost per night is the same as for a day, that is, the minimum amount per night in Minsk hostel is 3$.

For a month

Minimum reservation amount for a month starts from 156$ with standard conditions: bed, WI-FI, kitchen, bathroom, etc.

Depending on the hostel, you can be offered a discount for a long booking, but it is worth clarifying in advance.

Cheap hostels on the map (addresses)

  1. Smile Hostel

The hostel is located at Malinovka metro station. Cozy rooms are made for guests, there is a kitchen with all accessories, fast internet, hot shower, TV, washing machine, hair dryer and iron. Each guest is given a set of bed linen and a towel at check-in.

The cost of accommodation: 6.5$ per person, and when booking from 10 days - 5.2$.

Address: 131 Dzerzhinsky Ave., entrance 8.

Contacts: +375 29 771 94 14.

  1. SmartInn Hostel

It is located near the metro station "Pushkinskaya". There are only three rooms with bunk beds. The rooms are furnished with furniture and one of the rooms has its own bathroom with shower. The other two rooms have a common bathroom and is in the corridor. Guests can use the equipped kitchen, tea and coffee are free of charge. There is WI-FI, cable TV and board games for every taste. Slippers, bed linen, ironing supplies, safe, washing machine and other amenities are all included.

The cost of accommodation: 7.95$ per day.

Address: 2 Pritytsky St., bld. 1.

Contacts: +375 29 342 78 53

  1. The Revolution Hostel

The hostel is located in the business center of the city near the Nemiga metro station. Here you can stay two or three in a family suite, one in a micro suite, and for large companies there are 4-, 6-, 8- and 12-bed rooms with bunk beds. Kitchen, safe, free Wi-Fi, live turtle living in the hostel, and other useful little things.

Accommodation rates: 7.95$ per night in a 12-bad room; 8.95$ per night in an 8-bed room; 9.95$ per night in a 6-bed and 4-bed rooms.

Address: 16 Revolutsionnaya str.

  1.  Viva Hostel.

Another hostel in the center of Minsk, is 800 meters from the station and the subway. It offers three rooms: 4-bed and 10-bed with bunk beds, 5-bed with two bunk beds and an armchair, as well as a kitchen area, two bathrooms with showers and a common room, where you can watch TV, play X-box or just chat. The hostel promises home comfort, slippers, tea, coffee and sweets, an umbrella in the rain, and discounts for students and organized groups.

Cost: 6.65$ - a place per day in a 10-bed room; 11.08$ - a place per day in a 5-bed room; 13.29$ - a place per day in a 4-bed room.

Address: 4, Zhukovsky str.

Contacts: +375 29 627-11-33, +375 33 627-11-33.

  1. Apart-city Hostel

The hostel offers two youth business cottages, from which you can get to the center of Minsk in 10 minutes. The capacity of the rooms is from 2 to 8 people. The hostel positions itself as a good option of accommodation for students. Here the price includes simulators, sauna, table games and tennis, arbors and a barbecue in a spacious courtyard, bike rental, tea-coffee-salt-sugar oil. Previously free breakfasts were daily, now only on Sundays. There's also free training for guests to start a business from scratch. Nearby there's a lake and a park.

The cost of accommodation: from 3$ to 18.11 rubles. 9$ per place per day, depending on the length of stay.

Address: house number 1 - 55 Cherviakov street; house number 2 - 30A Volgogradskaya street.

Contacts: +375 29 302-77-55, +375 25 627-20-00, +375 25 903-93-31, +375 29 627-44-28.

The hostel is the most budget accommodation for a tourist. And also hostels offer entertainment for their guests: workshops, lectures, conversations with the help of which you can meet other guests and find pleasant company.