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Office rent in Belarus

Office rent in Belarus

Commercial real estate lease is a top priority for developing companies. The article will tell you about the competent conclusion of the contract and the best companies for the lease of office space.

Office space for rent

Any business starts with renting an office space. This may be needed both for new companies and for established companies abroad. Remember that clients and partners always pay attention to the appearance of your premises and its location.

Warehouse rent

Warehouse premises are of interest to those companies that need to store their own products, but are still far from buying commercial real estate.

Warehouse rental has its own characteristics. So, companies that need a warehouse are guided by the well-known classification of commercial real estate - according to the letters of the Latin alphabet A, B, C, D. But if you have not heard about it, this is not surprising, because such a classification is rather vague. According to this classification, warehouse space after being used by other tenants may be completely unsuitable for your type of business.

The main types of storage facilities

• heated ("warm"), with heating equipment;

• unheated ("cold");

• freezers with refrigerated storage chambers;

• container;

• for production.

Retail outlets for rent

Retail space is another type of commercial property that is intended for retail sales. Such premises are necessary for business owners to carry out commercial activities.

Retail outlets have areas where the direct sale of goods takes place, their storage, sorting, and areas intended for the consumption of any finished products, for example, cafeterias or buffets, can also be included in it.

The points can be both in separate premises for the implementation of sales, and in shopping malls. If the services are aimed at residential complexes, then the owners are looking at the trading floors on the first floors of residential buildings.

There are several basic requirements for such premises: they must be equipped with an electricity system, bathrooms, heating. In addition, some companies offer the delivery of special trade equipment.

In Minsk, such sites are located throughout the city, including residential areas, large transport hubs, and other places. The largest flow of buyers passes through large shopping centers. Such sites can be used both for a store and for a small beauty studio or a cafeteria, as well as a separate room for a small grocery store.

Conclusion of a lease agreement

The conclusion of the contract must comply with the legislative documents of the Republic of Belarus. According to the law, the tenant and owner must comply with the following conditions:

• the owner of the leased premises must be a legal entity.

• The room must comply with all accepted standards.

• Persons concluding a contract are obliged to record the actual state of the premises in order to assess its appearance after delivery.

• The premises should not be seized.

All interested parties should discuss the terms of the contract:

• Rent price. The amount of rent and the conditions for changing it. At the same time, we advise you to pre-agree on the methods of transferring the rent. If you have agreed on a non-cash payment, you must specify the data of current accounts in the agreement.

• Circumstances. You can prescribe in the contract an algorithm of actions in case of unforeseen circumstances.

• Changes in the appearance of the premises. If you have plans for redevelopment of the premises, write in the contract a prohibition / permission to sublet or change the appearance.

• Do not forget to indicate the rental period and check the accuracy of the documents.

List of required documents for rent:

• Cadastral passport of the object;

• List of tenants who are entitled to use the facility;

• Document confirming ownership of the warehouse.

At the same time, it should be understood that the landlord is obliged to provide any additional document if the tenant needs it. This serves as a kind of guarantee of the legality of the office lease process.

Duration of the lease

One of the most important points of concluding a contract is the lease term. He gives guarantees to the landlord to receive material resources within a certain time, which allows him to correctly plan his expenses.

According to the current legislation of the Republic of Belarus, a lease agreement is signed for a period determined by legal entities. If the duration of the lease is not specified, the lease is considered concluded for an indefinite period.

The legislation may establish the maximum (limiting) terms of the agreement for certain types of lease, as well as for the lease of certain types of property. This means that after such a period, the contract must be re-concluded.

Renewal of the lease

Renewal of the lease is only possible in the case of the initial conclusion of a fixed-term lease. As soon as you renew the contract, it provides both parties with the same terms of cooperation, but for an indefinite period.

To run this system, the following conditions must be met simultaneously:

• The tenant still needs premises for commercial purposes;

• The landlord is willing to continue cooperation.

In the event of unfair fulfillment of the terms of the previous contract, they must be clearly spelled out and reported to the relevant party. The deadlines for reporting certain information in the form of objections are not determined by law.

In case of renewal of the contract, one of the parties can terminate the contract at its discretion at any time. It is necessary to remember only one condition - the interested party is obliged to notify the other, as a general rule, 3 months in advance. Then it will be possible to do without paying compensation.

The cost of renting office space in Minsk

The cost of office space varies depending on the following factors:

• property location. If you rent a room in the largest shopping center in the city, the rental price will be several times higher than on the outskirts of the city;

• class of the building;

• technical equipment of the office;

• area and layout.

Landlords offer favorable conditions for long-term lease of premises. This is easily explained: it is easier for a landlord to negotiate with one client than to look for a new one every month. Therefore, the cost of an annual office rental is usually lower than the monthly one.

What is important to check before signing the contract

Be responsible for signing the lease. This document is your guarantee for mutually beneficial cooperation.

Do not forget to check before signing the contract:

• premises. All accompanying documents must be in order, namely: who exactly owns this premises, certificate of ownership, etc.

• lessor. Make sure that he is the owner of the premises, check his documents.

• Terms of an agreement.

Top 5 office rental companies


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