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Office_rent_in_belarus Office rent in Belarus

Office rent in Belarus

As a rule, any company leases or buys any premises for the implementation of its activities.
In Belarus most of the various companies rent offices. Despite a wide choice of offices, sometimes it is not so easy to find a suitable office. It all depends on its size, location, availability of parking area and cost. More and more various business centers of different classes are being built in Minsk every year.

Office rent costs in Belarus

As a rule, in Belarus the rent price of office depends on the following factors:
1. Office location: as a rule, the offices in the historical part of the city, as well as in the heart of the city will always cost more than the offices on the outskirts of the city.
2. Class of a business center;
3. Number of rented meters, availability of parking area.

Where to find office for rent in Belarus

If you are searching for an office for rent, in fact you have two main options how to find the office for rent in Belarus:

1. Real estate websites in Belarus

2. Office search through a real estate agency.

Real estate agents have their own databases with the rental offers, which can sometimes help you to save your time. It is necessary to know that in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus a real estate agency is obliged to have a license for the right to carry out real estate activities.

Cost of an office rent in the city of Minsk

The cost of the office rent in Minsk varies greatly. We can give an approximate cost of rent of 1 sq. m. in the city of Minsk:
City center – from EUR 18 per sq. m.;
1-2 km from the city center – EUR 12-15 per sq. m.;
Outskirts of the city – EUR 8-10 per sq. m.

The above mentioned figures are a very rough estimate of the rental cost per square meter. In the city center there are premises where for 1 sq.m. rent you will pay about EUR 35 per month, and on the outskirts or near the center there are premises where 1 sq.m. will cost about EUR 20.

Municipal services

As a rule, in the Republic of Belarus the cost of rent does not include the cost of utilities. The landlord usually issues a utility bill separately from a rent bill. The cost of utilities, as a rule, depends on the metric area of your premises, amount of consumed water, electricity, as well as the overall cost of maintaining the building.

Term of lease agreement

Usually, the lease agreement is made for the period that you negotiate with the owner of the premises. A normal practice in the Republic of Belarus is to conclude a lease agreement for 1 year with its further extension. As a rule, during the year, the parties agree that the cost of rent does not change and that the leaseholder has the preferential right to conclude a contract for the next term.

Rent of real estate from the state

In the Republic of Belarus a large number of real estate still owned by the state. So, you can rent an office or other commercial property directly from the state. Very often, the cost of such a rent can be 2-3 times less than the cost of rent from a private person.

Below there are a few websites where you can find information about rent of state property: