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Extension of visa to Belarus

Extension of visa to Belarus

Not all foreigners have time to finish their business before the date of departure back. For this, the customs services provide the opportunity to extend the visa. The article will tell you about the types of visas, the procedure and the timing of their extension.

Visa to Belarus

Belarus invites all foreign citizens, welcoming each of them. Almost all foreigners need to plan a trip in advance, as it is burdensome with obtaining a visa. True, for citizens of the CIS, Cuba, Korea, Macedonia, Mongolia, Vietnam, Serbia and Montenegro, visa-free entry is provided.

In addition to citizens from the above countries, visa-free travel is available to other groups of people. Thanks to this, foreigners who, as a rule, need a Belarusian visa can also visit the country in a simplified manner:

• up to 30 days. If a foreign citizen entered and left the country through the Minsk National Airport, then he has the right to stay for a month without obtaining a visa;

• up to 15 days. In the Republic of Belarus there is a special zone in the western part of the country, a visit to which does not require a visa. A foreign citizen will have to present a document for an individual or group visit to the zone.

Belarus is a country of friendliness and hospitality, therefore all conditions of entry and stay are much easier than in other countries. Thus, children under 16 are exempt from paying the consular fee. All the rest will have to pay for visitor and business visas from $ 40 to $ 80.

We advise you to familiarize yourself with the safety rules and be prepared for increased attention and control, compliance with the rules of self-isolation and other requirements. Check in advance if you need to take a PCR test when traveling to Belarus. In this case, the result document must comply with the following rules:

• The test must be passed no later than 3 days before the date of crossing the border of the Republic of Belarus;

• The document must indicate the initials of the foreigner, the date of the study, the result in one of three possible languages ​​(English, Russian or Belarusian);

• If the submitted document contains data in a foreign language, then it will become mandatory to have information about the last name, first name and test result.

Along with the negative result of the PCR test, foreign citizens from the "red zone" will need to observe the self-isolation regime for 10 days. The need for self-isolation does not apply to foreigners in transit through the territory of Belarus to return to their place of residence. A number of exceptions also apply to businessmen who visit different countries for professional purposes. Detailed information can be found on the official website of the Ministry of Health.

All information about the types of visas and the possibility of their extension is presented below.

Types of visas to Belarus

Short stay visa

Most foreigners are interested in obtaining a short stay visa. It is issued for up to 90 days and is most often used by businessmen, students and other foreigners.

Depending on the case, a short-stay visa can be for single, double or multiple entries.

Long Term Visa

Long-term visas are more often used by those citizens who plan frequent trips to Belarus. The visa is issued for 1 year and provides for multiple entries to Belarus. Most often, such a visa is used by businessmen for frequent business trips or by tourists who wish to stay in the country.

Transit visa

Transit visas are used by foreigners passing through Belarus in transit. It is issued for up to 1 year and provides 2 days for travel through Belarus.

Extension of visa

List of required extension documents for a visa to Belarus

To extend a visa, you must collect the following package of documents:

• letter of application for visa extension;

• the passport;

• migration card;

• medical insurance;

• Belarusian rubles for payment.

The procedure for extending a visa to Belarus

It is necessary to start the visa extension procedure no later than the day of its expiration.

A foreign citizen is obliged to contact the local Citizenship and Migration Department. Beforehand, we will not be able to suggest the mode of operation of the department, since it is different for each department. Details can be found on the official website of the Main Department of Internal Affairs of the Minsk City Executive Committee.

When you contact you will be asked to fill out an application for a visa extension, as well as to pay the fee. The fee is usually between $ 40 and $ 80.

A preliminary consultation on the necessary actions can be obtained from an employee of the Department of Citizenship and Migration by phone +375 17 218-70-25.

Category of visas that cannot be extended

Attention!!! Double-entry, triple-entry and multiple-entry visas are not subject to renewal, but are reissued if there are appropriate grounds.

Terms of visa extension to Belarus

Your documents are officially processed for up to 10 days. If you pay extra, your application will be given priority and will be processed faster.

In practice, documents are processed day-to-day or the day after the application is submitted.