See and Do

What to see and do in Belarus

It is necessary to go to Belarus not only to look at our sights and enjoy nature, but also because every person and even those who came here with their child will be able to find entertainment to their liking.

Belarus is a country with a rich cultural heritage. If you want to get acquainted with the Belarusian culture and enjoy national music, you will not be disappointed.

Most cities in Belarus have theatres, museums and art galleries where you can watch performances or see the creations of national Belarusian groups. However, tickets to the theatre should be booked in advance, as they are bought very quickly.

There are also many restaurants and bars in Belarus, and most of them offer you a menu in English. In addition, you can try out national Belarusian cuisine or go for a walk around the places to taste potato pancakes or mochanka in each of them.

Good restaurants are popular, so we recommend you to book a table in advance or ask for it at your hotel.

Many restaurants also offer pop performances or live music.

Nightlife in our country is no less busy, especially in the capital. The clubs are mostly open all night, and some of them offer live performances in addition to DJ sets. There you can not only dance, but also book a table in the vip-zone with cocktails, food and hookah. In Belarus, nightlife is popular with people of all ages, not only among young people.

If you come to Belarus with children, you can visit a zoo or dolphinarium, as well as take your children on a trip to the planetarium or observatory.

The observatory is located in Gorky Park and there you also find a Ferris wheel, mirror curve rooms, a horror room and other attractions such as roller coaster, centrifuge, racetrack and others. Also you can just walk around, eat cotton candy or drink an oxygen cocktail.

Not far from the Gorky Park there is the Belarusian State Circus. Each show-program of the circus is unique in its own way. The peculiarity of the circus is that the children are always looked after by the circus workers, so that they do not accidentally run out into the arena.

Gymnasts, clowns, trained monkeys, dogs and other animals perform here.

You can also visit the largest water park in Belarus, which is located on the bank of the reservoir "Drozdy", so it is always quiet.

The water park has an outdoor swimming pool, SPA area, thermal zone, swimming pools for surfing, 7 bars, recreation area, waterfalls, hotel complex and much more.

And if you come to the water park on your birthday, you can order its celebration here.

This is only a small part of the entertainment that Belarus offers. And to learn more about them, read this section.