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Entertainment and recreation in Belarus

It is necessary to go to Belarus to not only see our sights and enjoy nature, but also because every person and even the one who came with his or her child can find entertainment here.

Plan a perfect trip to Belarus

Belarus is a country with rich cultural heritage. If you want to get acquainted with Belarusian culture and enjoy the national music, you will not be disappointed.

There are many restaurants and bars in Belarus, and most of them offer a menu in English. In addition, you can try the national Belarusian cuisine or go for a walk to taste pancakes or urine in each of them.

Sights of Belarus

Especially for you, we have collected the top 10 sights in Belarus, so you do not have to plow the expanses of the Internet by yourself.

  1. Mir Castle
  2. Nesvizh Castle
  3. Polotsk National Historical and Cultural Museum Reserve
  4. Palace of the Rumyantsevs and Paskevichians
  5. Augustov Canal
  6. Memorial complex "Khatyn"
  7. Brest Fortress
  8. Belovezhskaya Pushcha
  9. National Park "Braslav Lakes"
  10. Marc Chagall Museum in Vitebsk

Places of entertainment and leisure

Food and drinks

Belarusian cuisine is a pancake, machanka and beetroot flavor with Belarusian sour bread. For dessert, you can taste kulaga, a sweet dish made of fresh berries.

Here are top 10 restaurants with Belarusian cuisine.

  • Kuhmistr
  • Chehov
  • Kamyanitsa
  • Grai
  • Vasilki
  • Litviny
  • Talaka
  • Grundwald
  • Rakovsky Brovar
  • U Francisca

Tips are not included in the check, so if you want to thank the waiter, then leave them separately.


If you have come to Belarus, have seen all the sights, have had enough of teasers before the blade and you have no idea what to do next, do not despair. Every person in our country will find entertainment to his or her liking. Here, for example, gamblers and poker fans can go to the casino and put a couple of hundred or three dollars on black.

Popular casinos in Minsk:

  1. Shangri La Casino
  2. Opera Casino
  3. Victoria Cherry Casino
  4. Casino Royal


Nightlife in Belarus is especially busy in summer. Many institutions work almost until morning. In the city center, on Zybitskaya Street, there is the largest concentration of restaurants and bars for every taste and wallet. If you want to relax with friends or family, skip a couple of shots and listen to street musicians, you'll go there.

Clubs and bars

Nightclubs in Minsk entertain visitors with presenters, DJs and dancers. There you will be offered dishes of European, Japanese and American cuisine. Prices for cuisine in establishments will start from $5. Coffee and dessert may cost cheaper, but not everywhere. Prices for alcohol are absolutely different everywhere, but the average minimum price for a cocktail is $7-10.

You should always pay for entering a night club in Minsk. Depending on the institution, entrance to a nightclub costs from $7. If you order a louder VIP-table, the administrator will warn you about the cost.

The best nightclubs in Minsk:

  2. NEXT
  4. Maxshow club

Тематические музыкальные вечеринки в отеле «Ялта-Интурист»

Picture 1 Photo by

Healing and Beauty

In the capital of Belarus there are beauty salons almost at every step, and you can also visit SPA.

TOP-5 SPA Minsk:

  1. The White Lotus
  2. Planet-SPA
  3. Tamarind Thai Spa
  4. SPAkoy
  5. Aromathetics


Belarus has a Tax free system, while the number of shops operating under it is close to 460. There you can find items of Belarusian designers, souvenirs, jewelry, household appliances, etc.

The list of shops with Tax free:

  • department store "TSUM";
  • department store "GUM";
  • trading house "Na Nemige";
  • chain of department stores "Kirmash";
  • department store "Belarus";
  • chain of shoe shops "ECCO";
  • chain of jewelry stores "Belyuvelirtorg";
  • jewelry store chain "ZIKO" and others.

The full list of Tax free partner shops can be found at


There are more than 20 cinemas in Minsk, where you can see new movies. To see what's going on now and book a ticket, please click here:


The culture of Belarus deserves special attention. Francis Skorina became the founder of the Belarusian and East Slavonic book printing. Monuments have been erected in honor of him in different cities of Belarus.

Also from the 10th to 13th century art and architectural schools were opened, literary and musical creations were created.

You can learn more about the Belarusian culture in the museums of Belarus.


Most cities in Belarus have theaters, where you can watch performances or see the works of national Belarusian groups. It is better to book tickets to the theater in advance, as seats are sold out very quickly for popular performances. You can also find out about the performances that take place in theatres now at


In Minsk you can find the following types of museums:

  • specialized museums;
  • historical museums;
  • art museums;
  • art galleries.

There are days in the year when you can get to the museums of Minsk absolutely free of charge.

Parks and recreation areas

If you want to walk around the park and look at the picturesque scenery, you have a direct road to Chelyuskintsev Park or Gorky Park. In Chelyuskintsev Park you can go for a ride, eat cotton candy and look at the squirrel. In Gorky Park there's a Ferris wheel with open and closed cabins - you can see Minsk from a bird's eye view. You can also visit the planetarium there, and near the park you'll find the Belarusian National Circus.

Places of active rest

If you are a lover of active recreation, you can go skiing a few kilometers from Minsk. Silichi and Logoisk are always happy to receive their guests. Prices for skiing equipment are small, and if you've never been on skis or snowboarding at all, you can hire an instructor.

Quest Rooms

If you don't want to go outside Minsk, but want to have a rest actively, the quest rooms will come to your aid. The quest genre will depend on your ejection: horror, detective, action game or performance.