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Medical center «RSPC OMR named. N. N. Alexandrova»
Medical center «RSPC OMR named. N. N. Alexandrova»
Radiation therapy
Plastic surgery
Photodynamic therapy
Minsk district, ag Lesnoy
Mon: 08:00 - 20:00
Tue: 08:00 - 20:00
Wed: 08:00 - 20:00
Thu: 08:00 - 20:00
Fri: 08:00 - 20:00
+375 17 265-23-01

Medical center «RSPC OMR named. N. N. Alexandrova»

General information about the medical center «RSPC OMR named after N.N. Alexandrova»

Republican Scientific and Practical Center of Oncology and Medical Radiology named after N.N. Aleksandrova is the leading oncological institution of the Republic of Belarus and provides a full range of services in the field of diagnostics, treatment and education. The center is the largest research medical institution in the republic in the field of oncology. The institution is a single scientific, medical and educational complex. It includes 4 scientific departments and 10 scientific laboratories, 20 stationary and 11 diagnostic departments. There are free and paid on the basis of assistance to the citizens of Belarus and foreign citizens.

On the basis of the Center, the Department of Oncology functions. The Center has developed and applied unique methods of treatment. The Center's specialists are proficient in all methods of surgical, radiation treatment and chemotherapy of all forms of malignant tumors used in the world practice. Diagnostic services are equipped with modern equipment that allows you to quickly establish a diagnosis in the most difficult cases. More than 150 patients with tumors of various localizations receive radiation therapy daily in terms of independent, combined and complex treatment. All types of tumors can be diagnosed and treated here.

Services in the medical center «RSPC OMR named after N.N. Alexandrova»

Each of the stages of diagnostic research is extremely important for establishing an accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. What specific examinations are carried out at the center: morphological diagnostics, radionuclide examinations, molecular genetic diagnostics, radiological diagnostics, and interventional diagnostics, endoscopic diagnostics, laboratory diagnostics, ultrasonic and functional diagnostics, early diagnostics of regional lymph node lesions with diseases of the breast.

Laboratory, metrology and dosimetry services

According to the price list in the laboratory: dosimetric certification of the remote radiotherapy apparatus; to calibrate the chamber of the ionization well type, to calibrate the gamma counter, to calibrate the radiometer (calibrator of isotope activity) directly according to the required activity of various radionuclides, and others.

Services for foreign citizens in the medical center «Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Medical Treatment named after N.N. Alexandrov»

To visit by foreign citizens, you must fill out a contract for paid services, which can be downloaded from the link. Consultation of specialist doctors - from 75 to 200 rubles, you can also get paid services such as X-ray and ultrasound diagnostics, endoscopic and functional diagnostics, surgical treatment, radionuclide diagnostics, chemistry therapy and radiation therapy, hospital stay, plastic surgery and cosmetology, boarding house.

Appointment to the medical center «Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Medical Treatment named after N.N. Alexandrova»

Every day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. you can call the information desk: +375 (17) 265-23-01 and make an appointment with a specialist. If you are applying for free help, then you must have a referral from your doctor with you. In the center, pre-registration is made for all paid medical services