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Medical Centers
Rostislav Yurievich
Dermatovenerologist, cosmetologist of the highest qualification category. Work experience since 1997.
Valentine Sergeevna
Doctor dermatologist, cosmetologist of the first qualification category. Work experience since 2001.
Marina Gennadievna
Doctor dermatologist, cosmetologist of the first qualification category. Work experience since 2007.
Eugene Vladimirovna
Doctor dermatologist, cosmetologist of the first qualification category. Work experience since 1997.
Medical center "Biomedica"
Address Minsk, Chervyakova str., 64
  • +375 17 350-77-44
City Clinical Dermatovenerologic Dispensary
Address Minsk, Prilukskaya str., 46a
  • +375 17 372-73-91
Republican Scientific and Practical Sports Center
Address Minsk, Narochanskaya str., 8
  • +375 (17) 308 10 02
Medical center «Asmedservice»
Address Minsk, Pervomayskaya str., 22/1
  • +375 29 616-39-41

Medical centers of venereology and dermatology

Venereology is the medical field dedicated to sexually transmitted diseases. Discipline looks for the causes of the disease, identifies pathologies and find the correct methods of treatment. Venereal dysfunctions are infectious and require immediate consultation with a venereologist.


This field of medicine studies diseases that, in most cases, are transmitted through sexual contact with an infected person (for example, syphilis, trichomoniasis). But there are a number of pathologies that can be spread through the personal items (a towel, a razor).

Note! The term "venereology" appeared in ancient Rome, and came from the name of Venus - the goddess of love.

In order to understand the sexually transmitted diseases and their symptoms, you can go to the website of clinical dermatology and venereology, there is a magazine dedicated to these intimate problems. The Vestnik of Dermatology and Venereology also informs about interesting clinical cases in the field of venereology.


This science deals with the following:

  • study of the causes and consequences of infectious pathologies;
  • systematization of painful signs;
  • research of diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive methods.

The sooner you contact a venereologist, the sooner you will get the diagnosis and adequate treatment. So, you can prevent infection of your sexual partner and avoid complications.


Dermatology is a science closely related to venereology. Skin venereology studies the structure and functioning of the dermis, mucous membranes, nail plates, hair, and endocrine glands.


Urology is also connected with venereology. Urology studies the etiology, course and methods of treating diseases of the male reproductive system, adrenal glands and retroperitoneal department.


Cosmetology is a branch of medicine that deals with the elimination of minor rashes, peeling, age-related problems on the skin. This specialist in skin defects will not be able to deal with situations that go beyond the "framework" of standard skin care procedures: for example, with eczema, psoriasis, suspicious moles and rashes.

Wide-spread diseases

All venereal diseases are differentiated into 2 groups:

  1. venerial infections - chancre, gonorrhea, donovanosis, syphilis and others;
  2. genital infections - chlamydia, ureaplasmosis, trichomoniasis and others.

Below you can find out more details about each disease.


Infectious pathology caused by gonococcus lat. The disease is sexually transmitted and affects the mucous epithelium of the genital organs. The causative agent of gonorrhea is very resistant to drug therapy, so it is extremely difficult to cure the infection.


Systemic venereal disease, which affects the internal organs and can even lead to death. Symptoms of syphilis are wave-like: initially a chancre appears, then lymph nodes begin to increase, and rashes are visualized on the skin. The disease requires serious antibiotic therapy.


Venereal infection, which leads the appearance of numerous ulcerations on the genitals, which brings significant discomfort. The patient's lymph nodes also become inflamed, and the painful formation gradually increases, turning into a papule.


Venereal pathology, which occurs as a result of the penetration of gram-negative bacteria into the body. Usually this occurs through sexual contact, the pathogen affects the mucous membranes, after which a donovanosis appears on the affected area. Antibiotics are the main treatment.


It is the most wide-spread infectious disease. It causes burning, itching, unhealthy discharge from the urethra. Lack of therapy can lead to infertility and impotence.


It is a sexually transmitted pathology. It is caused by the vaginal trichomonas, which mainly affects women. In men, the disease is asymptomatic.


A disease of a viral nature, which causes rashes of a vesicular type. Bubbles affect the skin and genitals. Herpes is accompanied by genital itching, swollen lymph nodes, and fever. It is impossible to completely cure herpes, but you can suppress the symptoms of herpes infection by taking medications.


This is a defeat of the lymphatic system. Some doctors claim that lymphogranulomatosis occurs because of infectious toxic agents, while others say that pathology is a form of leukemia. In any case, the disease requires medical consultations and competent therapy.

Symptoms of veniral diseases

It is difficult to detect most of venereal pathologies in the initial stages. They proceed unnoticeably for a certain period of time. In order to identify an infection at an early stage you should get an examination by a venereologist. If the disease has started, then specific symptoms appear:

  • increase in temperature;
  • aggravation in well-being;
  • itching, burning;
  • discharge from the genitals;
  • unpleasant smell.

Rapid fatigability and muscle pain occur as well.

Treatment of venereal diseases

Therapy for venereal diseases is based on taking analyses, diagnosing pathology and taking antibacterial drugs along with sulfonamides. You can visit a venereology on a paid basis or take a ticket to a free venereology at your place of residence.

Note! You also have the opportunity to visit anonymous venereology and take analyses for infections secretly.

In venereology and dermatology, nursing care plays an important role. The nurse should conduct an initial nursing assessment, detect painful signs, plan care and prepare patients for medical procedures.


Diagnosis and therapy of sexually transmitted diseases are carried out in dispensaries. Dermatological and cosmetic services are also provided there. In Minsk, you can contact the city dermatovenerologic dispensary, the regional dermatovenerologic dispensary.


There are many clinics of venereology in Minsk. You can make an appointment both in a private medical center and in a state healthcare institution.


The Department of Venereology is represented by the 1st outpatient dermatovenerological dispensary.

How does a venereologist carry out the treatment?

Treatment in venereology is based on the regular intake of medications prescribed by your doctor. During therapy, the patient should give up alcohol and adjust his lifestyle.

The best venereologists of Minsk

There are many experienced venereologists of Minsk such as:

  • Murga Valentina Sergeevna;
  • Mikhnevich Evgeniya Vladimirovna;
  • Shundrik Marina Gennadyevna;
  • Shikalov Rostislav Yuryevich.

All specialists are highly qualified and have considerable experience in professional activities.

Medical centers of venereology, dermatology in Minsk

In Minsk you can visit the following venereology centers:

  • Asmedservice;
  • Republican scientific and practical center of sports;
  • Medical Center "Biomedica".

Treatment of venereal and dermatological pathologies does not permit delays. It is important to contact a venereologist as soon as possible, it will help you avoid dangerous consequences for health.

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