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Day clinic

Day hospital: medical centers and clinic departments

Along with inpatient and outpatient treatment, there is also a day treatment. The duration of stay in a day hospital and in case of a sick leave differs: the patient stays there only during the day, and goes home for the night. Such therapy is necessary for patients whose medical condition does not require round-the-clock medical monitoring. If there are no places in the hospital, patients also can be offered a day treatment. What kind of services are offered in the day hospitals in Minsk?

Treatment Standards in Belarus

The work of day hospitals is carried out according to the certain treatment standards, which include diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation measures for patients who do not require continuous medical supervision. It is impossible to answer the question of how long a day treatment lasts, since the period of stay in a day hospital depends on the prescribed procedures and the speed of its performing.

Therapy and examination of patients on the basis of a day hospital allows to provide a patient with effective care with a minimal chance of side effects. During the period of short-term treatment in a day hospital, a person is provided with immediate assistance in accordance with the established standards of treatment.

What is a day treatment in a hospital?

What is a day treatment in a hospital? Day treatment is provided at polyclinics, medical centers, and in hospitals. If a day treatment is offered at a department of the hospital, then it differs from a day treatment in a hospital because of its mobility. Here the researches and procedures are carried out in a short time. All the manipulations prescribed by the doctor can be performed for you (give an injection, make a dropper, carry out physiotherapy), after which you can go home.

What do the doctors do at the day hospital?

Day treatment services include the following procedures:

  • consultation;
  • examination of the illnesses;
  • making analyses;
  • prescription of adequate medicines;
  • physiotherapeutic procedures;
  • injections;
  • droppers;
  • ultrasound;
  • X-ray examination.

Usually, the treatment in a day hospital does not mean providing a place in the ward, but some centers (paid day hospitals) provide a bed for half a day. The patient comes to the office where a doctor examines him and prescribes the necessary procedures.

Specializations of day hospitals

The activities of a day hospital are differentiated into several specializations:

  • therapeutic;
  • pediatric;
  • surgical;
  • urological;
  • otolaryngological;
  • gynecological;
  • tuberculosis;
  • pregnancy pathology;
  • neurological;
  • dermatological;
  • psychiatric;
  • oncological.

Day hospitals, which offer chemotherapy, take patients for a day treatment.

Adult day hospitals

Adult day hospitals are organized to carry out therapeutic and diagnostic measures in case of diseases of any kind.

Children's day hospital

Children's day hospital is organized as a department in dispensaries, hospitals, specialized medical centers. The day hospitals at children's clinics are the most widespread.

Day neurological hospital

Neurology as a branch of medicine offers patients the treatment both in hospitals and in day hospitals. In stationary therapy, the patients with disturbance of motor functions, motor skills, behavioural disorders, problems with cerebral circulation and memory are treated with effective methods. A day neurological hospital also helps patients after a stroke and patients with the syndromes of various ethologies.

Day psychiatric hospital

A day psychiatric hospital provides a number of psychiatric services:

  • relieves of mental pathologies;
  • helps to adapt in society;
  • carries out a supporting therapy.

In a hospital, doctors offer a comprehensive treatment of diseases, physiotherapeutic procedures and use for these reasons the methods of psychotherapy.

Maternity Day Hospital

A woman expecting a baby should stay in a maternity day hospital in order to prevent dangerous diseases.

Note! Mothers with a high threat of an interruption of pregnancy should stay at a day perinatal hospital.

If the condition of a future mother requires the observation and the therapeutic and supporting treatment, women should stay at a day hospital during pregnancy.

Day gynecology hospital

Gynecology as a medical branch also can be provided in a day hospital. The patients are invited to get an observation by highly qualified doctors and undergo competent gynecological therapy.

Day dispensary hospital

A day neuropsychiatric dispensary hospital helps to cope with emotional disorders, depression, stress, and mental problems. A PND day hospital also treats the consequences of a vegetovascular dystonia: breathing problems, cardiovascular dysfunctions, and problems with sleeping.

Day women's care hospital

Some gynecological surgeries (removal of polyps, papillomas, endometrial correction, opening of the cyst) require only a few hours of bed rest after the surgery. Therefore, such patients are referred to a day women's care hospital. There, patients get the necessary antibiotic prophylaxis. For these purposes, day women's care hospitals are organized.

Day oncology hospital

Oncology is the science of cancerous tumours, the treatment of which is carried out both in hospitals and in the departments of day hospitals. The patients who do not require regular medical supervision are referred to day oncology hospitals.

Day chemotherapy hospital

A day chemotherapy hospital – is a department created for a short stay of patients who need a drug therapy.

Day surgical hospital

In a day surgical hospital, you can be offered the following services: eliminating varicose veins, uterine polyps, ligaments of the knee joint, organs of vision, papillomas, urological dysfunctions.

Appointment and hospitalization in a day hospital

The hospitalization in a day hospital is performed according to the plan. In order to become a patient in a day hospital, you need to have an appointment to a day hospital and the necessary things (shoes, documents).

Medical assistance in a day hospital

Что же делают в дневном стационаре? Дневные медицинские стационары обеспечивают помощь в следующих направлениях:

What medical assistance is provided in day hospitals? Day hospitals provide assistance in the following areas:

  • prevention of exacerbation of chronic pathologies and the development of new ones;
  • therapeutic area, improving the health condition of patients;
  • rehabilitation of some organs.

The main medical manipulations are carried out by a day hospital nurse who completely organizes a day of the patient, performing the treatment that the doctor has prescribed.

Treatment and procedures in a day hospital

Treatment in a day hospital takes place under medical supervision, the doctor prescribes the required procedures for each patient: drip medication, injections, physiotherapeutic procedures. Therefore, if you are interested in how many people are being treated in a day hospital, ask your doctor. Only he knows what treatment course you should take.

Facilities of a day hospital

The organization of a day hospital and its conditions depend on the specialization of the medical institution. The equipment of each day hospital is purchased according to the organisation of primary health care.

Sick leave in a day hospital

In a day hospital, a sick leave is prescribed as well as in case of an outpatient therapy. Every patient who undergoes the treatment in a day hospital must receive a sick leave.

Doctors who work in day hospitals

The doctors who have higher specialized education, certain qualifications and considerable work experience work in day hospitals.

Day hospitals in Minsk

There are the following day medical institutions in Minsk:

  • Nordin;
  • Eleos;
  • Minsk Regional Clinical Hospital;
  • City clinical narcological dispensary;
  • 1st clinical city hospital;
  • 19th clinic;
  • Clinical maternity hospital in Minsk region;
  • 5th city clinical hospital;
  • Lode;
  • 6th city clinical hospital;
  • 10th city clinical hospital;
  • 1st clinic – a day treatment department at the clinic.

In order to eliminate neuropsychiatric problems, you can be prescribed for treatment in a day hospital of a neuropsychiatric dispensary.

The treatment in a day hospital has a lot of advantages; you can stay at home at night and in the evening without changing your everyday.