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Medical laboratory
Medical Centers
Medical center "Ecomedservice"
Address Minsk, Tolstoy str., 4
  • 160
Medical center «Asmedservice»
Address Minsk, Pervomayskaya str., 22/1
  • +375 29 616-39-41
Medical Laboratory "Synevo"
Address Minsk, avenue Pobediteley, 73/1
  • 7766
Center for reproductive medicine «ECO»
Address Minsk, Surganova str., 54
  • +375 17 290-77-01
Clinical maternity hospital of Minsk region
Address Minsk, 16 F. Skaryna street
  • +375 17 267-60-67
Republican Scientific and Practical Center of Pulmonology and Phthisiology
Address Minsk, Dolginovsky tract, 157
  • +375 17 289-83-52
Medical laboratory "INVITRO"
Address Minsk, Briquette str., 30
  • +375 17 222-21-31
Clinic of reproduction and genetics «EVACLINIC IVF»
Address Minsk, Herzen str., 12
  • 409
Medical center «Astra»
Address Minsk, Pobediteley ave., 127
  • +375 (17) 300-90-94
Medical center «Vita»
Address Minsk, M. Bogdanovich str., 6
  • +375 (17) 334-61-81
Medical center «IdealMED»
Address Minsk, K. Tsetkin str., 16
  • +375 29 107-15-84
Medical center "Confidence"
Address Minsk, Pritytskogo str., 39
  • +375 17 363-70-73
Medical center "Biomedica"
Address Minsk, Chervyakova str., 64
  • +375 17 350-77-44
Medical center «SANTE»
Address Minsk, Trostenetskaya str., 3
  • +375 17 342-82-82
Medical center "Kravira"
Address Minsk, Pobediteley Ave., 45
  • +375 17 370-28-61
Medical center «Sedmoe nebo»
Address Minsk, Filimonov str., 53
  • +375 17 269-00-20
Republican Scientific and Practical Sports Center
Address Minsk, Narochanskaya str., 8
  • +375 (17) 308 10 02
Minsk regional clinical hospital
Address Minsk district, agro-town Lesnoy, 1
  • +375 17 265-21-47
Urology Office of Dr. Uelskogo
Address Minsk, Surganova str., 11
  • +375 29 652-82-77
Medical center «RSPC OMR named. N. N. Alexandrova»
Address Minsk district, ag Lesnoy
  • +375 17 265-23-01
Medical center "Horizont"
Address Minsk, Kiseleva str., 12
  • +375 17 288-11-41
City Clinical Dermatovenerologic Dispensary
Address Minsk, Prilukskaya str., 46a
  • +375 17 372-73-91
Medical center "SynLab"
Address Minsk, Akademicheskaya str., 26
  • +375 17 284-16-53

Medical centers: medical and laboratory tests

In modern medicine, laboratory diagnosis is important. Medical tests and their results make it possible to assess the patient’s health status: to study the structure and functions of the objects of the test, and to select adequate therapy. A medical laboratory is a specialized institution where studies of various biological materials are carried out. Laboratory research of analyzes in Minsk is carried out by both private medical laboratories and state institutions.

Activities of medical laboratories

Medical laboratories are health care institutions whose activities are aimed at conducting a number of medical studies. Progressive medical clinical diagnostic laboratories differentiate into 2 broad groups:

  1. general type;
  2. specialized - biochemical, hematological, immunological, cytological.

Note! In order to increase the efficiency of diagnostic processes in laboratories, ready-made forms of biomaterials, reagents, and computer control systems are used.

The structure of laboratory care should be consistent with the needs of healthcare facilities in identifying and monitoring patient care.

Laboratories in medical institutions

Each medical institution has a special laboratory for collection and laboratory analysis. This helps to identify diseases, clarify the diagnosis and follow up treatment results.

Medical bacteriological laboratory

In this type of institution, bacteriological and serological tests are carried out. The medical bacteriological laboratory is characterized by biological diagnostics along with an immune examination.

Medical Diagnostic Center

Such centers are designed for functional, instrumental, computer and other research methods. The main task of medical laboratory diagnostic centers is a quick examination of patients referred by doctors of medical institutions.

Forensic Science Laboratory

The institution is created to assess the prescription of injuries in people, as well as to obtain the necessary information in the study of corpses. The forensic laboratory conducts a number of tests: biochemical, serological, radiological, spectral.

Types of laboratory analysis

Clinical laboratory tests are divided into several groups, on which the technology of medical tests depends. The most common tests are general clinical (urinalysis, feces, Nichiporenko test). Other types of laboratory tests include:

  • serological - detection of antibodies, Rh factor, blood type;
  • immunological - determination of the susceptibility of the body to infectious pathologies;
  • virological - the diagnosis of diseases provoked by viral agents;
  • parasitological - a study for the presence of helminthic infestations.

Laboratory medical analysis can also be histological, microbiological, cytological, pathological and sanitary-hygienic.

Analysis of urine

Medical urine tests are the most reliable diagnostic methods that make it possible to evaluate the properties of biological material and make certain conclusions. Laboratory analysis of urine has several varieties: a Nichiporenko study, Zimnitsky study, a test for diastasis, sugar and bacteriological culture.

Fecal analysis

Evaluation of bowel movements is carried out to diagnose:

  • stomach functions;
  • condition of the pancreas;
  • liver function.

Chemical, physical and microscopic studies are also necessary to detect helminthic infestations.

Microbiological analysis

The microbiological medical laboratory is responsible for determining the resistance of infectious pathogens to various drugs. Spermogram is also included in this category.

Histological analysis

Such diagnostics are used only to confirm certain pathologies. Histology helps detect atypical cells in any tissue of the human body. The results of the study are as reliable as possible.

Cytological analysis

At the level of cytology, specialists detect pathological changes in cellular structures, determine the degree of their malignancy, and also examine the amnions of a dead pregnancy.

Medical Laboratory Services

Modern laboratories provide quality medical care. This is possible due to the well-equipped centers: clinics have equipment from leading manufacturers. The services of medical laboratories vary based on the needs of patients: they will offer you both the delivery of medical tests and the determination of rare diagnostic indicators. You can find out the prices for laboratory tests on the website of a separate laboratory.

Medical tests

Among medical services, analyzes are fundamental. Analyzes in medical centers are a group of physicochemical diagnostic methods aimed at obtaining data on the composition and properties of biological materials.

Laboratory tests

The importance of laboratory tests cannot be overestimated: they allow the doctor to obtain reliable information about the patient’s body condition. In some cases, a laboratory blood test can detect dysfunction at the preclinical stage, and assess the risks of its progression. For this, doctors use generally accepted standards and tables of laboratory tests.

Sampling for laboratory analysis

Sampling for laboratory analysis is an important manipulation aimed at ensuring the validity of research results. A sample is called biological material taken from a patient: blood, cerebrospinal fluid, serum. The act of sampling for laboratory analysis must comply with the requirements of sampling.

Laboratory Sample Analysis

Laboratory chemical analysis is a quantitative determination of endogenous elements in the biological systems of the human body.

Medical Book Tests

A medical book is issued by almost all employees. So what kind of tests do you need to take for a medical book? There is no definite answer, since for each profession a separate list of tests for the medical book is approved. Most people need to pass an urine, blood test, pass a series of instrumental studies and consult with doctors of several specialties for a medical book.

Laboratory Test Results

The interpretation of laboratory indicators of analysis should be done by a doctor. After all, the results of medical tests do not always correspond to the norm, and only a specialist can determine why. This may be due to a number of reasons: from an incorrect act of taking a laboratory analysis to the presence of a dangerous pathology.

Paid Medical Tests

Independent medical laboratories (the rating of which can be viewed on medical websites and forums) offer to take medical tests for a fee. New medical technologies let you know the results quickly. Paid medical tests can be taken at any center in Minsk. The price of medical tests depends on the type of study.

Laboratory diagnostics

Advanced medical technologies allow you to pass the following tests:

  • laboratory tests of a blood test;
  • study of homeostasis;
  • hormonal status testing;
  • identification of tumor markers;
  • identification of autoimmune pathologies;
  • allergic diagnostics.

Medical laboratory centers offer a number of other services.

Medical diagnostics

Medical diagnostic laboratories study pathological symptoms and their diagnostic values. For this, it is necessary to detect specific and non-specific signs that create the characteristic picture of the disease. Diagnostic capabilities of modern medical diagnostics include studies at the subcellular level and processing of the obtained data using a computer.

Addresses of medical laboratories on the map

In Minsk, you can take tests in the following clinical diagnostic medical laboratories:

  • Medical Center for Laboratory Analysis "Astra" - Pobediteley Avenue, 127;
  • Sedmoe nebo - Filimonova, 53;
  • Horizont - Kiseleva, 12;
  • Confidence - Pritytsky, 39;
  • Biomedica - Chervyachkova;
  • medical laboratory "Sinevo" - Pobediteley Avenue 73, 1;
  • independent laboratory for medical analysis "Invitro" - Briketa, 30;
  • Sante Laboratory of Medical Analysis - Trostenetskaya, 3;
  • Asmedservice - Pervomayskaya, 22;
  • Sinlab - Akademicheskaya, 26.

In order to find out which of the medical laboratories is the best, look at the reviews about them in the forums of the clinics.

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