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Center for reproductive medicine «ECO»
Center for reproductive medicine «ECO»
Ultrasound diagnostics
Laboratory diagnostics
Minsk, Surganova str., 54
Mon: 08:00 - 20:30
Tue: 08:00 - 20:30
Wed: 08:00 - 20:30
Thu: 08:00 - 20:30
Fri: 08:00 - 20:30
Sat: 11:00 - 16:30
+375 17 290-77-01

Center for reproductive medicine «ECO»

General information about the center for reproductive medicine «ECO»

More than 9,700 children were born at the Center due to infertility treatment and more than 4 thousand - after conservative treatment. The center specializes in examination and treatment of all forms and types of female and male infertility, their combinations, as well as examination and treatment of miscarriage, endocrine disorders, and sexually transmitted infections. The staff of the Center has 14 doctors of the highest category, 10 candidates of medical sciences, of which 4 are associate professors, the middle staff has only the first and highest qualification categories. The programs involve only specialists of the highest category, candidates of science, their successful, highly productive experience in ECO has been accumulating since 1995. The center is equipped with the most modern equipment. The first children after ECO in Belarus were born thanks to the doctor of the Center S.V. Zhukovskaya and embryologists at the Chicago Institute of Reproductive Genetics. The first children in Belarus after cryo-preservation of embryos were also born thanks to specialists in 1998, after verification - in 2009, after cryo-preservation of oocytes - in 2010.

Since 2010, for the first time in Belarus, we have successfully used the IMSI method for the treatment of male infertility. The center meets the external quality requirements of the regulatory and supervisory bodies of the Ministry of Health of Belarus, the European ISO quality standard, as well as the needs of patients. Here, maximum attention is paid to the processes and technologies that determine the main quality characteristics of the services provided; The center's specialists are constantly improving their knowledge and professional qualifications. The administration monitors changes in legislation in order to promptly and timely make changes to the activities of the Center.

They constantly study the requests of existing and potential patients, improving the quality of services provided. The center's doctors are engaged in the development and improvement of methods of pregnancy management after ECO, reduction of miscarriage and abortion; development and implementation of new methods for preimplantation diagnosis of fetal defects and hereditary diseases; development of methods for typing embryos for the treatment of oncological diseases; development and modernization of modern methods of cryo-preservation of germ cells and embryos.

Services of the center for reproductive medicine «ECO»

The wide range of clinic services includes: infertility treatment, in vitro fertilization (fertilization outside the body) - this is a type of assisted reproductive technologies, in which all stages of conception and early development of the embryo (embryos) before transferring it (them) to the uterus are carried out in laboratory conditions. Mini-ECO is a procedure that appeared with the improvement of ECO techniques and the development of embryology; a few years ago there was a tendency towards the transition to the so-called «soft» stimulation. Specialists began to reduce the doses of gonadotropic drugs used to stimulate follicular growth. At the same time, they began to receive single cells and embryos, avoiding high hormonal loads and its side effects. As a result, treatment has become safer and cheaper. ICSI (ICSI) is one of the methods of assisted reproductive technologies, in which in vitro fertilization is carried out by direct injection of a sperm into the cytoplasm of the oocyte, which makes it possible to achieve fertilization in the presence of even single spermatozoa. sperm in real time at a magnification of 6300 times (new combined optoelectronic magnification method). Intrauterine insemination, Ovulation induction, testicular biopsy, cryo preservation, laboratory services, treatment of miscarriage, surrogacy, specialist consultations, ultrasound diagnostics, study of fallopian tubes patency, treatment of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, prenatal diagnostics, preimplantation diagnostics for compatibility, examination of spouses , pregnancy management.

Appointment at the center of reproductive medicine «ECO»

There are several options for making an appointment or consultation at the center. You can follow the link to make an appointment on the website. The second option is to call the phones listed on the site, but they do not work around the clock, but until 21.00 on weekdays and until 16.00 on weekends. The center also has a single short number - 7896. The address of the clinic is the city of Minsk, st. Surganov, 54 (entrance from the yard).