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Phlebology: doctor phlebologist, clinics and phlebology centers

In Belarus, you can solve any problems associated with varicose veins, as well as consult with a doctor, make an ultrasound, eliminate cosmetic defects in the form of vascular stars and meshes, doctors will conduct sclerotherapy, treat varicose veins with laser, etc.

What does a phlebologist do?


Varicose veins are a disease that thinns the venous wall and increases the lumen of the veins.

When the work of the veins is disturbed, blood begins to circulate chaotically, enters the surface vessels and turns into the characteristic "spiders" - twisting veins that protrude to the surface.

Today varicosity is defined as a real scourge: studies show that it occurs in 30-40% of women and 10-20% of men over 18 years of age. Varicose veins are often diagnosed in middle-aged and elderly people.

Treatment of venous system diseases

If you see a phlebologist immediately, the pathology is completely eliminated. In other cases, the specialist uses conservative or surgical treatment, as well as sclerotherapy.

There are several ways of surgical treatment:

  • radiofrequency obliteration of blood vessels. The structure of the veins is restored from the inside;
  • endovenous occlusion by impulses. The vessels are affected by the flow of steam, which allows penetration into any part of the veins;
  • laser coagulation of the veins. A special laser is used for treatment;
  • venaseal technique. Vascular valves are glued together by means of biological glue;
  • Varadi method. The vessel is removed, which shows 100% efficiency of treatment.

Vascular surgeon phlebologist

A doctor in cases where the veins are deeply affected and the following complications are diagnosed performs surgical intervention:

  • thrombophlebitis;
  • strong visual dilation of the veins;
  • increased swelling and fatigue;
  • other pathological disorders.

Regional Hospital: Phlebology Department

You can turn to the Phlebology Department of the Minsk Regional Clinical Hospital for help. The hospital is located at the address of Lesnoy, 1. The department is located on the 5th floor of the surgical building.

Phlebologist's services

Phlebologist's services include:

  • counseling;
  • diagnostics;
  • phlebology treatment;
  • sclerotherapy.

Reception of a physician phlebologist

How do I make an appointment?

You can make an appointment by phone at the selected clinic or at the place of appointment.

Phlebologist's consultation

During the consultation, the doctor phlebologist identifies the causes of the disease, and prescribes therapy. After the consultation with a phlebologist in Minsk, the operation may be shown. In cases if:

  • a large area of veins is affected;
  • large nodes have formed;
  • the skin trophicity is disturbed;
  • medication treatment is ineffective;
  • there is a risk of thrombophlebitis.

Also after consultation the doctor may prescribe sclerotherapy. This procedure is painless and completely safe.

Prevention of diseases of the venous system

The implementation of simple measures can significantly reduce the occurrence of lower limbs vein disease:

  • use compression knitwear when staying stationary for a long time (in the office, at the wheel, on an airplane);
  • leading a mobile lifestyle, alternating static load with walking, running, swimming;
  • during rest to keep your legs elevated;
  • keep track of body weight;
  • wear comfortable shoes with a heel up to 4 cm, if necessary use orthopedic insoles;
  • routinely perform ultrasound of lower limbs veins with estrogen (oral contraceptives) and in pregnancy.

Phlebology for foreign nationals

Foreign nationals can receive counselling and medical assistance on a fee basis.

Best physicians phlebologists in Belarus

You can find the best phlebologists in the clinics listed on this page.

Medical centres, phlebology department and clinics in Minsk

This page contains the best medical centres and clinics in Minsk.

If you have problems with the venous system, convulsions or varicosity, you should not postpone going to a doctor, especially since Belarus has everything necessary to detect and prevent diseases of phlebology.