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Medical Centers
Alexander Demjanovich
Dentist of the highest qualification category. Work experience since 2001
Irina Petrovna
Dentist of the highest qualification category. Work experience since 1991
Natalya Viktorovna
Dentist of the highest qualification category. Work experience since 1997
Natalya Valeryevna
Dentist of the highest qualification category.
MTZ medical center
Address Minsk, Stakhanovskaya str., 10A
  • +375 17 266-99-38
Medical center «Bullfinch»
Address Minsk, Matusevich str., 69
  • +375 33 358-99-09
Medical center "Nordin"
Address Minsk, Surganova str., 47B
  • 159
Medical center "Eleos"
Address Minsk, F. skariny str., 11
  • +375 17 269-25-33
Medical center «LODE»
Address Minsk, Independence Ave., 58
  • 111
Medical center «SANTE»
Address Minsk, Trostenetskaya str., 3
  • +375 17 342-82-82
Republican Scientific and Practical Sports Center
Address Minsk, Narochanskaya str., 8
  • +375 (17) 308 10 02
Clinical center of plastic surgery and medical cosmetology
Address Minsk, M. Bogdanovicha street, 53
  • +375 17 354-81-04
Medical center "Viamed"
Address Minsk, Burdeynogo str., 6
  • +375 17 254-69-37
Medical center "Ecomedservice"
Address Minsk, Tolstoy str., 4
  • 160
Republican Scientific Medical Center "Cell Technologies"
Address Minsk, P. Brovka str. 15 A-2
  • +375 17 284-18-21
Medical center "Horizont"
Address Minsk, Kiseleva str., 12
  • +375 17 288-11-41
Medical center "Novy Lekar"
Address Minsk, Engels str., 34A / 2
  • +375 17 328-35-45
Medical center «Milamed»
Address Minsk, Bogdanovicha str., 118
  • +375 17 258-39-39
Medical center «Belevromed»
Address Minsk, Chervyakova str., 22
  • +375 29 130-30-05
Medical center «Classical homeopathy»
Address Minsk, Kozlova str., 13
  • +375 (17) 343-67-30
Medical center "Disamed"
Address Minsk, Pritytskogo str., 83
  • +375 29 313-29-29
Minsk regional clinical hospital
Address Minsk district, agro-town Lesnoy, 1
  • +375 17 265-21-47
Wellness complex «CATFW»
Address Minsk, p. Zhdanovichi, Parkovaya str., 26
  • +375 17 511-58-71
Minsk Clinical Consultative and Diagnostic Center
Address Minsk, 10 Semashko street

Dentist in Minsk

Dental practice is one of the important and high-demand branch of medicine. Dentistry in Minsk, as throughout Belarus, provide a high level of services. Foreign citizens, as well as Belarusian who live abroad, are attracted by the professionalism of dentists and relatively low cost of treatment.

Qualified dentists

In Belarus, qualified dentists work in state organizations, private offices and clinics. Belarusian medical education is highly appreciated abroad, as students acquire deep fundamental knowledge.

Our dentists attend international exhibitions, courses and master classes, thereby improving their skills. They acquire new techniques and methods of treatment, prosthetics; tools and materials that are actively used in their practice.

Modern equipment

In order to choose the equipment for a dental office, it is necessary to keep a balance between patient comfort and the work of a doctor. A properly chosen chair will allow a patient to feel comfortable in it, and modern equipment that provides effective sterilization will make a doctor feel confident in the success of the treatment.

Diagnostic video complexes make information easier for understanding for patients, as they provide an opportunity to increase the image of a tooth up to 110 times.

Modern scalers remove dental deposits professionally, thereby preventing the development of caries.

Electronic apex locator is used in treatment of canals. It allows you to determine the top of the root of a tooth, as well as measure the length of tooth canals with an accuracy of hundredths of a millimetre.

Children's Clinics

In Belarus, a number of state children's dental clinics work. Pediatric dentistry services are also offered in private clinical centers. Foreign citizens can apply to them on a paid basis.

At the appointment, a doctor conducts a wide range of procedures:

  • Teeth coating with fluoride-containing lacquer;
  • Sealing fissures and holes;
  • Choosing of oral hygiene products for children;
  • Training in oral hygiene;
  • Therapeutic treatment of milk and permanent teeth.

Family Dentistry

How practical it is to find an institution where both parents and their children can treat their teeth at the same time. There is no such possibility in state institutions, since there is a strict division into adult and children's clinics.

Private medical centres offer family dentistry in two ways:

  1. Parents and children can get treatment and diagnosis at the same doctor;
  2. Parents and children can visit the same center where both adult and pediatric dentistry services are provided.

Aesthetic Dentistry

Healthy teeth and a beautiful smile are the key to self-confidence. The main services that aesthetic dentistry offers are:

  • Tooth restoration - a procedure that allows restoration of tooth tissues at the places of filling;
  • Prosthetics - allows to restore the dentition;
  • Teeth whitening - tooth brightening used for changes in its internal colour.


The loss of one or more teeth leads to physical and aesthetic discomfort, worsening of the occlusion, and development of diseases of the oral cavity. For tooth restoration, a prosthetics procedure is used, as a result of which dental prosthesis are installed.

There are removable (plate, clasp) and non-removable (ceramic inlays, veneers, crowns, implants) prosthesis.

The type and the material of dental prosthesis are chosen individually for each patient.

24 hours dentistry in Minsk

Dentists do not recommend putting up with a toothache. If you feel a sharp discomfort in the teeth area, you should immediately consult a doctor. You can get emergency dental care at any time of the day. On such issues, there are four round-the-clock dentistry in Minsk.

If children have a toothache, you can contact:

  1. The 1st dental clinic at the address: Minsk, Smorgovsky tract 10;
  2. The 4th children's clinical hospital at the address: Minsk, st. Shishkina, 24 (if necessary, tooth extraction under anesthesia with subsequent hospitalization).

For adults there are:

  1. The 3rd dental clinic at the address: Minsk, st. Kiseleva, 5 (carrying out the procedure for removing or anesthetizing a tooth, but without the filling);
  2. The 11th clinical hospital at the address: Minsk, st. Korzhenevskogo, 4 (reduction of the jaw, opening of abscesses, suturing of wounds).

Best dentistries in Minsk

The descriptions of the best dentistries in Minsk, addresses, phone numbers and services, as well as the location on the map can be found here ( ).

The medical center “MTW”

The medical center “MTW” (Minsk Tractor Works) offers a wide range of dental services. To contact you must call the registry and find out about the schedule of specialists.

The appointments are carried out in the registry of the clinic at the address: Minsk, st. Stakhanovskaya, 10A.

Phone of paid services: 80173989356 (from 8:00 to 20:00 on weekdays).

The medical center "Lode"

“Lode” is one of the first medical centers that began its work on the dental services market in the Republic of Belarus. Dentists, both for adults and children, work there. The main services offered by the medical center "Lode":

  • Children's dentistry;
  • Implantation;
  • Counselling;
  • Orthopedics;
  • Therapy;
  • Surgery.

“Lode” has several branch offices, but the prices for services in each of them are fixed.

The Clinical Center of Plastic Surgery and Medical Cosmetology

The State Specialized Clinical Health Organization “Clinical Center of Plastic Surgery and Medical Cosmetology” provides a number of services:

  • Plastic surgery;
  • Laser surgery;
  • Cosmetology;
  • Physiotherapy;
  • Dentistry, etc.

Experienced dentists with the highest qualification category conduct the appointments.

Dental Services:

  • Prevention and hygiene of the oral cavity;
  • Office teeth whitening;
  • Aesthetic restoration of teeth;
  • Treatment of caries, pulpitis, periodontitis.

The sanatory complex "Training Center LES"

On the basis of the sanatory complex “Training Center LES”, therapeutic, aesthetic dentistry services are provided.

Both citizens of the Republic of Belarus and foreigners can apply to the center.

Therapeutic dentistry services:

  • Treatment of non-carious origin diseases (enamel damage, abrasion);
  • Treatment of caries and its complications (pulpitis, periodontitis);
  • Treatment of the oral mucosa diseases (stomatitis);
  • Tooth restoration by filling;
  • Tooth restoration with veneer;
  • Tooth restoration with componeer.

Novy Lekar

The dentistry of the medical center "Novy Lekar" offers a wide range of services. In the center in 2015, technological re-equipment was carried out. The clinic have the latest equipment, which makes it possible to carry out difficult manipulations, for example:

  • Dental microscope, which allows treating canals with surgical precision;
  • Diode laser for teeth whitening;
  • 3D-tomograph provides information about the condition of teeth, jaws, sinuses.


The types of dentistry of the medical center "Horizont":

  • Therapeutic;
  • Surgical;
  • Orthopedic.

The center offers a wide range of services:

  • Caries treatment;
  • Canal treatment;
  • Aesthetic restoration of teeth;
  • Ultrasonic brushing;
  • Surgical care;
  • X-ray of teeth, etc.

Qualified doctors conduct the appointments. The center is equipped with the latest tools, materials, effective anesthetics.

It is necessary to make an appointment before coming to the center.

The Republican Scientific and Practical Center "Cell Technologies"

The Republican Scientific and Practical Center "Cell Technologies" is a modern clinic where qualified specialists work. The center has a dental office, which provides a wide range of services at reasonable prices:

  • Oral hygiene using an ultrasonic scaler;
  • Treatment of teeth affected by caries;
  • X-ray control;
  • Periodontal diseases (diseases of the tissues surrounding the tooth - gums, ligaments of the tooth, alveolar bone).

The Republican Scientific and Practical Sports Center

On the basis of the republican scientific and practical sports center there is a dental office. Appointments in which are conducted by qualified dentists.

Dental services provided by the center:

  • Scheduled examinations;
  • Training or correction of oral hygiene;
  • Removal of dental deposits;
  • Treatment of diseases of hard tooth tissues using modern materials;
  • Endodontic therapy of complicated forms of caries.

The medical center "Belevromed"

In the medical center "Belevromed" a wide range of services is provided, as well as pediatric and adult dentistry. In addition, the dental treatment of special patients (autism, cerebral palsy) is carried out.

Qualified dentists carry out the appointments. In their arsenal are modern equipment and high-quality materials.

Family dentistry service is available at a discount.


The center has been operating in the medical services market for 25 years. The treatment is carried out on fundamentally new approaches.

The medical center "Ecomedservice" offers the following dental services:

  • Children's dentistry;
  • Dental implantation;
  • Orthopedic dentistry;
  • Teeth whitening;
  • Therapeutic dentistry;
  • Surgical dentistry;
  • Teeth brushing with ultrasound;
  • 3D dental tomography.

The medical center “Sante”

The medical center “Sante” offers a full range of dental services:

  • Therapeutic dentistry;
  • Orthopedic dentistry;
  • Orthodontics;
  • Maxillofacial Surgery;
  • Implantation;
  • Teeth cleaning;
  • Teeth photo whitening;
  • 2D / 3D computed tomography.

The dentists in "Sante" assist to both children and adults.


"Disamed" dentistry offers a full range of dental services:

  • Dental treatment (therapy);
  • Aesthetic restoration of teeth;
  • Prevention of dental caries (fissure sealing, tooth fluoridation);
  • Installation of braces;
  • Production of dental cap;
  • Prosthetics of any complexity;
  • Home whitening;
  • Ultrasound examinations.

The center provides a discount program, as well as the opportunity to buy gift certificates.

The medical center “Bullfinch”

At the medical centre “Bullfinch”, the appointments are conducted by specialists with the first qualification category.


  • Implantation;
  • Therapy (treatment of caries, tooth pulp lesions, inflammatory diseases of the gums and oral mucosa);
  • Children's dentistry;
  • Surgical dentistry (tooth extraction, dental preservation operations, surgical treatment of periodontitis).


The medical center "Viamed" provides a wide range of services:

  • Laser whitening;
  • Aesthetic dentistry;
  • X-ray diagnostics;
  • Sinus lifting;
  • Treatment of periodontitis, parodontosis, caries, pulpitis;
  • Prosthetics;
  • Installation of cermets, veneers;
  • Ultrasonic brushing;
  • Installation of braces;
  • Ultrasonography;
  • Laboratory diagnostics.


The medical center "Eleos" presents a full range of the most modern types of dental care using the latest equipment.

Provided services:

  • Prophylaxis (training of oral hygiene, occupational hygiene with a German-quality scaler, sealing fissures of children´s teeth);
  • Diagnostics (using a radiovisiograph, which allows to reduce radiation exposure doses by 90%);
  • Therapy (treatment of all forms of caries and its complications);
  • Surgery (removal of teeth, salivary gland cysts, plastic frenum of the tongue and lips of children (quickly and bloodlessly)).

The Minsk Clinical Consultative and Diagnostic Center

The Minsk Clinical Consultative and Diagnostic Center has been operating for over forty years. It includes both a hospital and an ambulatory department. There ultrasound and laboratory diagnostics are carried out.

You can consult with a dental surgeon on a paid basis.

The Minsk Regional Clinical Hospital

A dental office functions on the basis of the Minsk Regional Clinical Hospital and provide the following services:

  • Therapeutic dentistry (treatment of caries);
  • Aesthetic restoration of teeth (viniring);
  • Endodontic dentistry (root canal filling);
  • Oral hygiene by ultrasonic cleaning.

For painless procedures, modern medicines are used.

The medical center "Classical Homeopathy"

The medical center “Classical Homeopathy” offers a combination of the most modern materials and technologies at a reasonable price.

The center has the latest equipment from brands all over the world (Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Israel, USA, Japan, South Korea). The center provides the following services:

  • Therapy;
  • Orthodontics;
  • Implantation;
  • Surgery;
  • Orthopedics;
  • X-ray diagnostics.

Experienced specialists with the first and highest qualification category, professors and candidates of science carried out the appointments.

The medical center "Milamed"

The medical center “Milamed” offers a full range of dental services:

  • Therapeutic dentistry;
  • Children's dentistry;
  • Aesthetic dentistry;
  • Office teeth whitening;
  • Prosthetics;
  • Neurology;
  • Installation of dental decorations - skies (tiny, thin and flat crystals that are installed on the surface of the tooth).

Experienced dentists with over 10 years of experience conduct the appointments at the center. “Milamed” cooperates with insurance companies, provides discounts for the installation of skies, and also accepts “Halva” credit cards with the instalments for 3 months.


The medical center “Nordin” provides effective dental treatment and a set of preventive measures for a beautiful and healthy smile.

Doctors with the first and highest qualification category using high-tech equipment perform all manipulations. They pay maximum attention to each patient.

The main services offered by the dentistry at the medical center “Nordin”:

  • Consultation with a dentist;
  • Therapy;
  • Professional hygiene;
  • Whitening;
  • Installation of braces;
  • Prosthetics;
  • Veneers;
  • Surgery;
  • Maxillofacial Surgery;
  • 3D tomography (visualization, photo, 2D panoramic shooting, measurement of the size of the skull bones).

Commercial services

The Belarusians usually prefer to purchase dental services at their own expense. For foreign citizens, dentistry is available only on a paid basis.

In order to calculate the cost of the service, you should use the institution's reference sources or its website. State clinics and hospitals create different price lists for Belarusians and foreigners.

You should also pay attention to both the cost of the service itself and the cost of medicines and other required materials. For example, the cost of tooth canals treatment with subsequent tooth filling can be around 300 Belarusian rubles, depending on the medical center and the qualifications of the doctor.