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Medical Centers
Veronica Alexandrovna
The doctor is a pediatrician of the first qualification category. Work experience since 1995.
Alexander Olegovych
Doctor cardiologist, therapist, pediatrician of the highest qualification category. Work experience since 1988.
Inna Alexandrovna
Doctor pediatrician, immunologist of the highest qualification category. Work experience since 1997.
Helena Alekseevna
Doctor pediatrician, immunologist, allergist of the highest qualification category. Work experience since 1982.
Medical center "Dobryi Doctor"
Address Minsk, Pobediteley Ave., 125
  • +375 29 635-03-81
The advisory centre «Professorial treatment-and-consulting center»
Address Minsk, Makaenka str., 17
  • +375 17 265-06-25
Republican Scientific and Practical Center of Pediatric Oncology, Hematology and Immunology
Address Minsk district Borovlyansky s / s, village of Borovlyany Frunzenskaya str., d. 43
  • +375 17 287 10 01
Medical Center "Novoe Zrenie"
Address Minsk, Klumova str., 5A
  • +375 17 14-98-17
Medical center "Nordin"
Address Minsk, Surganova str., 47B
  • 159
Orthopedic center "Ortoland"
Address Minsk, Kireenko str., 7
  • +375 29 699-48-20
Center of aesthetic dermatology «Salve»
Address Minsk, Pritytskogo str., 29-529
  • +375 17 240-08-25
Medical center "Kravira"
Address Minsk, Pobediteley Ave., 45
  • +375 17 370-28-61
Diagnostic and treatment center "OKO"
Address Minsk, Yakub Kolas str., 1
  • +375 29 631-67-54
Medical center «LUBIMY DOCTOR»
Address Minsk, Matusevich str, 70
  • + 375 (17) 325-55-33
Cardiology center «Cardian»
Address Minsk, International str, 10
  • +375 (17) 200-33-45
Medical Department «Metillic»
Address Minsk, L. Beda str., 31/126
  • +375 17 392-24-41
Medical center "Eleos"
Address Minsk, F. skariny str., 11
  • +375 17 269-25-33
Ophthalmology "Dobryi vzglyad"
Address Minsk, ul. Olshevskogo, 1B
  • +375 17 152-07-07
Specialized center «Allergoteka»
Address Minsk, 12-20 F. skariny str., office 301
  • +375 17 336-00-27
Medical center «SANTE»
Address Minsk, Trostenetskaya str., 3
  • +375 17 342-82-82
Medical center "Astarta Plus"
Address Minsk, Moskvina str., 4
  • +375 44 749-60-60
Medical center «LODE»
Address Minsk, Independence Ave., 58
  • 111
Medical center « Bioresonance»
Address Minsk, P. Glebki str., 11
  • +375 17 363-78-95
Orthopedic rehabilitation medical center «K-Active»
Address Minsk, Ponomarenko str., 35A
  • +375 17 207-22-28
Republican Scientific and Practical Center of Pediatric Surgery
Address Minsk, Independence Ave. 64
  • +375 17 290-21-01
Medical center «ARS Valeo»
Address Minsk, Herzen str., 8
  • +375 17 328-38-83

Pediatrician in Minsk

Pediatry is a medical section dedicated to children's diseases, as well as the rules of care for both healthy and sick children of any age. The child's body is absolutely different from the adults, it is characterized by immaturity and increased vulnerability to a variety of pathologies that are peculiar to children. Therefore, there is a separate category of specialists – children’s doctors. In Minsk, they see patients in clinics, hospitals and medical centers.

Who is a pediatrician and what does he do?

Children's Pediatrics is a versatile field of medicine that includes the physical, mental and nervous development of a child. Pediatrician is the most important specialty, because the future of the little man depends on the knowledge and qualifications of the doctor.

That’s interesting! Pediatrics was recognized as a separate medical industry in the middle of the 19th century, when the first hospital for children was opened in Paris and they were able to justify the version about the specifics of children's dysfunctions.


  • examines infants from the first day of life;
  • assesses the baby 's condition;
  • gives recommendations to parents on Pediatrics – on the daily routine , rules of care and nutrition of crumbs ( basics of Pediatrics and hygiene);
  • carries out therapeutic and preventive activities.

The physician studies the healthy and pathological functioning of a child's body , the ways of development of childhood pathologies and their causes, and develops diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic ways to combat painful abnormalities.

Modern Pediatrics

Modern Pediatrics is a constantly improving and developing field. There are many children's clinics, research institutes and hospitals around the world (for example, the multidisciplinary center of Pediatrics in Voronezh, and the research Institute of Pediatrics in Moscow). Minsk also has many clinics and centers of Pediatrics that specialize in the treatment of children and infants.

Treatment in Pediatrics

Any child pathology involves complex, timely, complete and competent therapy. In Pediatrics, the drug-based type of treatment dominates. Pharmacies offer a wide range of medicines for the treatment of children.

Antibacterial agents used to control pathogens must be taken under strict medical control. Antitussive medications, painkillers, hormonal, uroseptic and other groups of medications are referred to pharmacological drugs that are prescribed to children.

Doctors of children's hospital

Doctors who want to become pediatricians are trained in pediatric departments. They are required to study hospital Pediatrics, practical Pediatrics, clinical Pediatrics and outpatient Pediatrics. Children's hospitals employ doctors of different qualification categories, which is what distinguishes one doctor from another.

Categories of pediatricians

The category of a pediatrician is an indicator of their qualification level and competence. The competence of a medical professional is identified in the process of certification procedures. If a doctor is assigned a category, it indicates his personal and professional growth, contributes to further promotion and increase of medical prestige.

Based on their level of theoretical, practical skills and period of service, a pediatrician can be assigned such a category:

Qualification category



Secondary or higher professional education, work experience of at least 3 years .


Employees with higher education and at least 7 years of experience, or doctors with secondary education and at least 5 years of experience.


Doctors with higher education and at least 10 years of experience, or pediatricians with secondary education and at least 7 years of experience.

Children's doctor (pediatrician)

Pediatrician sees both in clinics, hospitals and private medical centers in Minsk.

Pediatrician of a children's clinic

Many experienced and qualified pediatricians work in children's clinics. You can find out the schedule of pediatricians in children's clinics on a website.

Pediatrics of newborns (neonatology)

Pediatrics of newborns is called neonatology. This medical industry appeared relatively recently (at the end of the 20th century). The task of neonatology is to find the best ways to diagnose and treat newborns in the first 4 weeks of life (during this period, the infant is at the highest risk of death).

That is why there is a patronage of newborns, when the pediatrician examines babies at home. Such procedures allow you to preserve the health of crumbs and contribute to its further full development.

Infections, diseases and diseases in Pediatrics

In Pediatrics, diseases are divided into 2 categories:

  • diseases that are prevailing mainly in childhood – scarlet fever , polio, rubella, measles, whooping cough , chicken pox (you get vaccinated from these diseases in Pediatrics);
  • diseases that are diagnosed both in childhood and in adulthood – acute respiratory infections , hepatitis, meningitis, intestinal infections, mononucleosis, allergic reactions.

You may become infected with childhood infections when you come into contact with an infected person. The exception is children under 12 months, when the infant’s body contains maternal antibodies that protect it from viruses.

Responsibilities of a pediatrician

The responsibilities of a pediatrician include the following items:

  • getting information about the baby's health;
  • examination of the patient;
  • sending the child for tests and visiting doctors of other specialties (if necessary).

How do I make an appointment with a child's doctor?

An appointment with a child's doctor is made both via the Internet and by phone. You can make an appointment with a pediatrician by finding out the phone number of the clinic you are interested in. An appointment is made only on weekdays. You can also make an appointment with a pediatrician at private clinics on weekends.

How do I call a pediatrician for home visit?

If your child is ill, it is important to keep them at peace and not expose them to the risk of infection from other children. In such cases, the best option is to call a pediatrician at home. The doctor will examine the baby and provide qualified help. To call a doctor at home, you need to call the medical center or clinic in your place of residence, and inform them about the need for a medical examination.

Pediatrics clinics and medical centers

In Minsk you can visit a number of Pediatrics clinics:

  • Metilik;
  • Lode;
  • Salve;
  • Dobry vzgliad;
  • ARS Valeo;
  • Biorezonans;
  • Lubimy doctor;
  • Elios;
  • Santa;
  • Kravira;
  • Nordin.

The Republican scientific and practical center for children's surgery and in the professorial medical Advisory center will also be happy to see your child.

Appointment of a pediatrician in a children's clinic

You can also see a pediatrician in a children's clinic at your place of residence. You usually need to take a ticket in advance and sit in a long queue to get an appointment with a pediatrician in a clinic.

Best pediatricians

Pediatricians in Minsk are highly qualified, responsible and competent specialists. The best pediatricians are:

Kozyro Inna Alexandrovna;

 Baranaeva Elena Alexeevna;

Gultsov Alexander Olegovich;

Pimenova Veronika Alexandrovna;

 Miritskaya Alina Fabianovna;

 Panferova Tatyana Viktorovna.

Check out the reviews on the forums to choose the right pediatrician. This will help you to avoid a visit to a non-professional doctor.