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Health Resorts

Health Resorts

Belarus is renowned for its green forests, numerous lakes, and rivers, rich flora, and fauna. To spending time in Belarus is to feel the touch of pure nature, breath fresh air and enjoy the greenness of coniferous and mixed forests, and well-groomed fields. The country is also famous for being eco-friendly and forward-looking, taking care of the environment, which in its turn plays a great role in keeping the nation healthy. Healthcare is a part of the strategic policy of medical assistance aimed at making life longer and body and minds healthier.

Health resorts in Belarus are a part of this program, which offers a soothing relaxation by a lake with plentiful beneficial for health pleasures. Sanatoria in Belarus offer various type of popular treatment: mineral water and therapeutic mud treatment, physiotherapeutic procedures, spas and massage, electrotherapy, healthy diet, and physical exercise.
In Belarussian sanatoria, you will be attended by professional medical staff only, who will take care of your health keeping in mind the peculiarities of your body. Modern medical equipment is installed and you may experience the advantages of technology used in treatment. In Belarussian health resorts, medical treatment is combined with entertainment activities such as quizzes, picnics, long walks in the forest, beach volleyball and soccer, and various types of contests. These activities allow visitors not to feel abandoned and relax still being involved in social life.

Sanatoria recreation was popular at the former Soviet Union and most of the operational health resorts in Belarus were built during that time. Although the building and adjacent to it areas have been renovated and redecorated the spirit of those time can still be felt. Along with sanatoria established in the post-war years many new resorts have appeared on the map in the last decade.

If to trace down Belarussian history the residents here were always fond of spending time out, going to forests and sit by a lake. Doctors made an invention in the ways various diseases can be treated. Electrotherapy and electro massage was first introduced and patented by Belarussian doctor Narkevich-Yodko.
Long history, admiration to the surrounding nature and preference to go on holiday to sanatoria have always set Belarussians apart, what contributed to the growth of this industry of recreation and medical care.