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Health Resorts

Health Resorts

Who among us doesn't like to relax? The question is rhetorical - nobody. And if during the rest you can also heal your health, then this is generally a waking dream. Therefore, at the beginning of the 20th century, sanatoriums appeared on the territory of the USSR. A sanatorium is a medical institution in which, for the treatment and prevention of diseases, mainly natural factors are used, such as climate, mineral waters, therapeutic mud, sea bathing in combination with physiotherapy exercises, physiotherapy and rational nutrition, while observing a certain regimen of treatment and rest. There are also boarding houses; they differ from sanatoriums in that, firstly, they are not so large-scale places for recreation. As a rule, the number of sleeping places does not exceed 50-100. Secondly, in boarding houses there is no opportunity for treatment, there is a developed infrastructure for outdoor recreation using the features of the landscape and can offer aesthetic services. Let's analyze in more detail the assortment of all currently offered sanatoriums and boarding houses in Belarus.

Rest in sanatoriums in Belarus

Prices for vouchers to sanatoriums in Belarus for 2020 start at 35 Belarusian rubles. Such prices will offer an extensive range of health procedures in all areas of treatment of disorders of the musculoskeletal system, nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, endocrine systems. There are sanatoriums where patients with general therapeutic and gynecological diseases undergo recovery. Tours to sanatoriums in Belarus with mud baths, saunas, massage rooms, inhalers, reflexology, and aromatherapy, a full range of physiotherapy, cosmetic procedures and dietary meals are very popular. Unique medical sanatoriums surrounded by the picturesque beauty of the Belarusian region offer their services for a day from 137 rubles. Most of the services are aimed at adults, but there are options for moms and their children.

Services in sanatoriums

In the modern world, the offer of additional services in a sanatorium will surprise even the most demanding layman. The set of such services includes: parking, Internet access in each room around the perimeter of the territory, animation for children and adolescents, the presence of children's rooms with a large number of toys, an indoor pool, storage rooms for valuables, air conditioning, an outdoor pool, security. Also for sports and healthy lifestyle lovers, a gym, tennis court with modern artificial turf can be offered; Volleyball Court; playground for mini-football. For entertainment, discos and concerts with live music, karaoke are organized. This is not a complete list of services.

Medical services

In the sanatoriums of Belarus, you can undergo treatment according to several types of profiles: treatment of the musculoskeletal system, asthma, kidneys, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, gastrointestinal tract, hypertension, infertility, rehabilitation after corona virus. You can also get a wide range of services in the field of cosmetology, dentistry, diagnostics. Common treatments in the field of physiotherapy are speleotherapy, baths and mud therapy. For lovers of alternative medicine, some institutions are ready to offer the most interesting methods - reflexology. Also classic acupuncture; the program «Combined acupuncture (acupuncture)», consisting of three reflex therapy techniques performed in various combinations: classical reflexology (acupuncture), superficial acupuncture, impact on biologically active points of the auricles. For those who wish, there are programs «Smoking cure» and «Weight control». Also very popular among visitors is hirudotherapy - treatment with medical leeches. For massage lovers, manual, honey massage, vacuum and vacuum roller, mechanical hardware massage can be offered.


To relax the body and soul, many sanatoriums offer their guests to visit modern bath complexes. It is known that SPA procedures are a way to prolong youth and preserve beauty. Natural ingredients normalize metabolic processes; remove toxins and toxins, excess fat and water. During the procedures, the skin is naturally rejuvenated, the immune system is strengthened, and weight is reduced. For example, the «Priozerny» sanatorium pays special attention to SPA-recreation and is the only one in Belarus that offers full-fledged vouchers with a complex of SPA procedures. Visiting to the pool with mineral water and the sandy room («Sea Breeze»); classes in the gym; gymnastics in the gym or in the water. express wrap. Guests can also visit the baths with salt of the ancient sea, dry air carbon dioxide baths, baths based on sea salt. The range of fillings of various oils is very wide: ylang-ylang, aloe extract, rose, lavender and violet extract, kelp, oats, selenium, celandine, valerian, echinacea, cinnamon and honey extract (Cleopatra's recipe). Visitors are also offered a circular, ascending, jet contrast Sharko shower.

Swimming pool

The immense popularity of swimming in the pool is due not only to its effect on beauty and harmony, but also to its unconditional health benefits. It has a beneficial effect on the entire body as a whole and its individual systems - it normalizes blood pressure, relieves muscle spasms, reduces swelling in the joints and stress on the spine, activates metabolic processes and strengthens the immune system. That is why swimming in the pool is an integral part of the health improvement process and is included in the price of vouchers, including health ones, in many health resorts in Belarus. Pools in the sanatoriums of Belarus are varied - adults and children (or with a children's department), with fresh or mineral water, with hydro massage installations, cannons or elements of a water park. Pools with mineral water in health resorts in Belarus are especially in demand, since such water contains biologically active substances and trace elements that are useful for the body. Health resorts in Belarus with a swimming pool are in great demand among people with a «sedentary job», because swimming harmoniously develops all muscle groups, relieves stress, increases efficiency and energizes. For the elderly, therapeutic swimming can solve problems with diseases of the joints and spine, the circulatory system. For children, a visit to the pool in a sanatorium helps to strengthen the body's resistance to colds and other diseases, to form the correct posture. There are more than 70 sanatoriums in the country that have the opportunity to offer a pool to their guests.


Various types of baths, a bar, a library, billiards, a bowling alley, a buffet, a ski track, a children's educator, a disco bar, a cinema, boat rental, ski equipment, and a gym can be offered to guests in their free time from treatment.

Rest in boarding houses in Belarus

Recreation centers in Belarus are cozy tourist and entertainment complexes in different parts of the country, usually located in natural reserves. They are surrounded by a unique nature, mild continental climate, in close proximity to picturesque water bodies and dense deciduous forests untouched by human intervention. All recreation centers are compact and very quiet towns with bungalow houses, villas or boarding houses, which have all the amenities necessary for living. Each room is provided with hot water, electricity, TV and Internet, communications. In the immediate vicinity of any recreation center in Belarus there are entertainment centers, restaurants and cafes; in the green zone there are places for picnics, barbecue and barbecue. At the bases, the territory and parking lots are protected, all conditions for rest, recreation and entertainment are created. Most of the recreation centers in Belarus are at the same time tourist centers, which are replete with convenient tourist routes, bike routes and horse riding clubs. Yacht clubs and boat stations have been created at the bases located near natural reservoirs for comfortable recreation on the water. Almost all recreation centers in Belarus have been created taking into account full-fledged family and children's recreation. The base management usually offers playgrounds and playgrounds, animation programs and playrooms for toddlers. Each recreation center has its own medical office with full-time doctors and nurses.

The best sanatoriums in Belarus

The best Belarusian sanatoriums are «Sosny», «Yunost», «Priozerny», «Borovoe», «Alesya», «Belorusochka».