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Medical Center "Paracelsus Psychotherapy"
Medical Center "Paracelsus Psychotherapy"

Medical Center "Paracelsus Psychotherapy"

List of services

Paracelsus Medical Center offers a comprehensive service to restore the psychological state and strengthen the mental health of the patient.

The first service will be a consultation with a psychologist, and further therapy is prescribed only at a personal meeting and familiarization with the patient's problem.

In addition to the standard consultation, the center offers a crisis consultation service - an ambulance in the following cases:

• irreplaceable loss;

• unacceptable behavior of another person;

• objective changes in status, financial situation, life prospects.

Services are provided both in person and by video conference. At the consultation, the psychologist learns about the degree of your condition and develops an action plan.

Cost of services

The site contains a detailed price list for services:

• Individual therapy (50 minutes) - 65 BYN;

• Family psychotherapy (110 minutes) - 120 BYN;

• Alarm relief - 31 BYN per procedure, etc.

You can find out more about the cost and description of services on the official website of Paracelsus.

Contact Information

You can contact the medical center:

• By phone +37529 3996103;

• Through social networks (Instagram, Facebook).

Paracelsus Medical Center address: st. Mayakovsky 129A / 1