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New_Drama_Theater New Drama Theater
New Drama Theater

New Drama Theater

History of the New Drama Theater

The New Drama Theater became the successor of the Dze-Ya? Studio theater, opened in 1987. The main idea of the studio theater was to create a society of independent artists and share new art with the audience.

Repertoire of the New Drama Theater

Theater-studio "Dze-Ya?" I was able to adapt my repertoire and make it understandable and interesting for both Belarusian and foreign audiences. This is a unique case in Belarus! The theater shows a variety of performances from immortal national or foreign classics to modern theatrical trends. In addition, the theater is not afraid to attract young directors and playwrights in order to reveal new facets of theatrical art. On the whole, the collective identifies itself as a Belarusian-language theater and directs its efforts towards the development of this particular direction.

Buying tickets

The schedule of performances can be found on the official website of the New Drama Theater. There you can also find current prices and available dates. Tickets can be purchased at the theater box office or on the websites with theater posters.